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If you could have any flat or coaster in your backyard!

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If my back yard were to have huge rolling hills of wood chips and dirt, I would have a beautiful looking RMC Iron Horse coaster with lots of airtime but no inversions and deep brown colored track. It would take complete advantage of the terrain and be awesome. For a flat ride, I would like an Intamin Looping Starship.

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4 Choices:


- RMC Iron Horse Wooden Out and Back Coaster (Maybe a Rampage Remake? My Inner Child needs closure People!)

- Interactive Dark Ride on Par with Challenge of Tutonkomen (Maybe themed similar to Professor Burp's Bubbleworks?)

- Whoever made the Drop Tower at Waldameer

- Fast Lazy River like Hubba Hubba Highway/Transportation Torrent River like Schlitterbahn South Padre (Enclosed so I can Ride it as long as I want)

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My coaster would be a modernized, Topper Track version of the Crystal Beach Cyclone, with airtime hills under the lift hill, and a heartlined trick-track.





My flat ride would be a massive S&S Screamin' Swing.



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For a coaster, I'd take a chance to buy Skyrider from CW, saving the ONE TOGO that's not a death machine from it's demise, and keeping it's intensity and fantastic ejector airtime all for myself


For a flat, hands down it'd be a zipper! They're relatively cheap, extremely compact, and most importantly, wicked intense & a new experience every ride!

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If I could put a flat ride in my backyard, I'd get a Zipper. Do I have to explain this one?


If I could put a coaster in my backyard, I'd get any type of RMC. Even if it was a drop that goes straight into a brake run, it would be enough to satisfy me.

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My backyard coaster would be a 100' GCI woodie, nothing special, a few drops, a couple crossovers, maybe some airtime. I just love the ride experience on GCI coasters in general.

As far as flat rides go, I'm fairly inexperienced, but I think I'd go with a HUSS Giant Frisbee.

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I thought of a mash-up that I would enjoy in my back yard.

And the whole thing can be re-themed as needed, too.


A Psychodelic Walk-Thru Queue into a

Haunted Swing attraction!


This is the entrance into....


This. With a lot of black light and reflective stuff inside for pure disorientation. (o:

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