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If you could have any flat or coaster in your backyard!

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If I didn't have a limit on space, I'd really like a Morgan Hyper like Wild Thing or Steel Force. Very re-ridable are reliable.

As for flat rides, I really like Huss Giant Frisbees.


If I was constrained space-wise, I think I'd really like a Eurofighter...

...Or an S&S El Loco.

And for small flat rides, I absolutely adore Tilt-a-Whirls.

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Since I have a small backyard I would go with the one follwing rides



.Giant Wheel from the 1982 World's Fair which is now at Darien Lake

.Turtle from Kennywood

.A Scrambler

.A Huss Ranger


.Space Spiral from Cedar Point



.Big Spin/Joker formerly from SFDK now at Six Flags Mexico


.A Vekoma Boomerang

.A Schwarzkopf Wildcat

.A Zierer Ladybug kiddie coaster that's made for bigger people

.Top Thrill Dragster

.A Schwarzkopf loopscrew coaster (like Zonga was)

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I actually have room for a Tilt-a-whirl or a ride with the same foot print in my back yard.


Flat: Definitely a Tilt-a-whirl. (LOVE the one at Cedar Point!)


Coaster: (If space is not an issue) A clone of BGT's Kumba with 2 trains so I could rotate them out.

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I actually built a small roller coaster-ish thing back there once! It was a rig similar to a zipline but we put a pulley on the cable and attached it to a seat. To this day I'm not sure if it's a credit, but it was a lot of fun! It was just a straight shot but the cable would actually oscillate a bit after the initial drop with the wait tugging at the elasticity and because it was built really close to the ground on a hill and you felt like you were going to hit the ground (and a few people actually did when we first tested it ) Sadly it had to come down because one of the trees supporting the top cable got infected by the emerald ash borer (invasive beetle that kills ash trees) had to be cut down before it fell and hurt anybody, but it was a lot of fun! It was a huge hit at my graduation party!




Well, on my property, I could maybe see us cramming a MACK Wild Mouse in if we were to remove our deck, or maybe the most epic PVC coaster ever, since our backyard is built on really hilly terrain. There's also a spot where we could MAYBE cram in a Polercoaster right outside my window.


The thing is, my house backs up to a nature reserve, which really isn't our property, but there's a lot of really hilly forested land back there. I'd really like to maybe have the neighborhood buy an L-shaped plot of land back there from the city and we could get either A. an epic wooden coaster or B. something like Cheetah Hunt (my favorite!) but in the woods with more terrain action. That forest is epic, though, there's a few small storm creeks, a large cliff, and a 25-foot deep ravine complete with a waterfall into it, if we had permission and money we could easily put a world class coaster back there.


Final answer:


Propety- GCI kids wooden coaster along the perimeter of the forest that turns and does something (lift hill, I don't care, something) along this big epic hill in our side yard. I'd KILL to have those minilennium flyers in my yard! That and maybe a small slingshot in the crook of the layout.


Viscinity- Polercoaster in the yard, Intamin LSM like Cheetah Hunt in the woods that dives into that ravine, has the same barrel roll but over the cliff, and has a helix around a giant ancient oak tree. And a windcatcher.


Yeah, wishful thinking but it would be SO cool!

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