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If you could have any flat or coaster in your backyard!

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(I found this idea on another coaster forum.)


Hey! imagine if you had unlimited land in your backyard/garden and you wanted at least 1 flat and 1 coaster, what would it be?


For a coaster, I would love to have a B&M Wingrider because I think they look so sleek.


Lastly for a flat ride, I would love to have a Huss Frisbee 55.


I would charge the neighbours £10 for 2 rides, gotta keep up with the electric bill!



Sorry if this is the wrong forum to put it in as this is my first thread on here.

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For my backyard, Storm Runner. So I could easily plop myself on there and wake myself up a bit more


And for flat ride, S&S Screamin' Swing.


Edit: Actually, maybe Sky Rocket. I don't want something that thrilling in my backyard.

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Coaster? Would be something custom with a dark ride section. No less than 5 minutes long.


Flat ride? Call me old fashion but I would love to have a zipper!


ain't that old fashioned, since this is exactly what I would say too!


Zipper rules!


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Flat? A 400+ foot Intamin Drop Tower, something along the lines of Lex Luthor. I'm absolutely in love with CGA's Drop Tower and wouldn't mind doubling the height.


Coaster-wise, perhaps something simple like S:UF at SFDK as it seems to provide a mix of everything being inversions, launch, airtime, and forces. Or, I would kindly take something similar to Outlaw Run, being a woodie that thinks its a steel coaster

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Given that I have a heavily wooded lot, it would be most practical for me to have a terrain coaster, but for most people having a coaster in their backyards wouldn't at all be practical (depending on the type of ride it was, imagine your neighbors' lights flickering every time you fired it up! That, and the noise of some coasters and rides....).


But if I had an unlimited space (and of course money) I'd probably have Millennium Force (or even go for a good B&M hyper like Apollo's Chariot or Nitro instead) and an S&S screamin swing. Both of those I could ride over and over again!

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