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If you could have any flat or coaster in your backyard!

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No idea if I posted before or not. But I would take the bumper cars from California Great America (formerly PGA) pre center island. They are rather zippy for bumper cars and it's a very large floor.


Wouldn't want to think about the electric bill though, yikes!

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There are so many choices for a backyard roller coaster. I would have to say a mini B&M Floorless. They are reliable, compact, and definitely thrilling. For a flat, I would say an S&S Double Shot. They are only about 90 feet tall, and the loading platform is...what...30 feet x 30 feet? That could realistically fit in my backyard!


Edit: Actually, I would want a knock-off SLC. Hehehe!

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For a coaster, I'd have to take a good old BM Invert! Specifically, Raptor from Cedar Point because well... it's the only one I've ridden.

And for a flat, I'd take Tomb Raider: The Ride from Kings Island when all the effects were working back in the good days. Oh how I miss thee.

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Nothing would bring people together like a




It could be opposite our hot tub in the backyard.

The perfect party flat!


I would have as a coaster, a mad mouse-type thing

that I could wind all around the house and mostly

in the back yard - around the Tagada!


"Put your hands up!" Best shot I got of the Tagada on last year's TPR China Tour, but you know what they look like - and do.

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So, I figure it's only appropriate to make my TPR debut here, considering my username and signature. >< {"hey y'all!"}


Without hesitation, I would love to resurrect both XLR-8 and Black Dragon from my former home park, AstroWorld (I deliberately do not include the SF at the beginning of the name, since I'm still pretty bitter about what happened back in 2005). If I could have two currently operating rides, I'd be pretty darn happy with The Hustler from SFFT, and the Grizzly from KD.

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The flat ride could be a huss giant frisbee.

As to the coaster: I would have a floorless B&M with these elements: straight 90º drop; immelman loop; loop; diving loop; zero-G-roll; cobra roll; overbanked high G turn; batwing; airtime hill; helix; interlocking corkscrews; airtime hill; Cutback (very rare); twisted airtime hill; helix and heartline roll.

It would have no trims or MCBR, it would be a giga coaster and, therefore, the immelman would be the world's tallest inversion. It would also pull the most Gs on any coaster (think the record is 6.3) and, obviously, the track wouldn't be filled with sand.

(Oh and the chain wouldn't slow down on the top of the lift hill like it does on some coasters).


I think that's about it.

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