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If you could have any flat or coaster in your backyard!

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I would like a Schwarzkopf Silberpfeil. Never get tired of those things, and it would fit perfectly.


EDIT: As for the flat, I would go with a Huss Top Spin or a 410-foot Star Flyer. Actually, I'd make it 411 feet, just to piss off SFNE.


No, 386 ft.

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Definitely a giant frisbee (i.e. MaXair) for the flat, but I'd make it bigger if possible.

As for coaster I'm not sure. Possibly a giga just for size and length, but something tighter and faster (e.g. Maverick) would be a good choice, too.

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THIS one V V V


This version of it, was on the 2007 TPR Japan Tour,

and the ride op was insane! And I rode it four times

in a row! And others, several more times! Wierd.


We all loved it, and the cycle was perfect for really

flipping those seats over and over and.....


Yes for my back yard - any time, LOL!


Called the Paratrooper - awesome ride, it was!

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Oh gosh,

Coaster: Maverick would have to be the one...though I would like to split custody with El Toro. Maverick on weekdays and El Toro for the weekend.


Flat: Demon Drop. I always start laughing after it drops and I'm on my back. It just puts me in a good mood afterwards!

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