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  1. Most of the 1st drop is done, and the pictures do it no justice, It looks SO steep. Tried to get photos today, but security was stalking me from the minute I got on property
  2. When I have time to go over there, I get on top of that hill and use a 300mm lens, that helps with not having to crawl through the brush.
  3. Sidewinder - Hershey Park Tidalwave - Trimpers, Ocean City MD Boomerang - SFFT Two Face - SFA
  4. Time for my weekly update. Things are coming along nicley, still no changes to the rest of the ride Thats a big pile of track Another nice surprise First time all season, that I have seen the globe on skyscreamer lite up
  5. No it isn't, that is all just employee rumors. Unless your friends are higher ups (park manager, ect) I'm not buying it Believe what you want, I really could care less. Just giving a scoop from what I've been told. Could it be rumors? Sure, I can't deny that possibility. I personally would consider what I have mentioned to be a possibility. The park issued a statement on billboards throughout the grounds which clearly stated that the Rattler is no longer going to be at Fiesta Texas. Those billboards unfortunately did not tell us whether the coaster is being moved, or taken down for good. Either way - it's not a renovation project. With the debt situation that has taken control of Fiesta Texas along with other Six Flags parks (i.e. Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags New England, Six Flags Great Adventure,) it wouldn't surprise me if my friends on staff are correct and Fiesta Texas has actually sold the Rattler. It's like I said though, believe what you want. I really could care less. Its obvious that you do care, because you responded to his post. No park would be dumb enough to buy The Rattler(with the amount of complaints riders give), it is the worst coasters(in its current conditon) that I have ever rode on. But just for fun, lets play the "what if" game for a minute. If they were taking the ride down to sell it, why would they start on the helix(the middle of the ride)? Also why would the close down in the middle of the season and not wait till the end of the year? Ride opps don't know shit, thats why they are ride opps and not management.
  6. I am just waiting to see a Rockey Mountain Construction sign some where around the park
  7. The helix is just about gone, the rest of the ride looks untouched so far.
  8. They are coming, they are coming, its a bit too dark to go over there right now, give me 3 hours.
  9. I went by Monday, and another section of the helix was gone, Didnt bring my camera though. Ill be able to go again on Saturday, so expect some pictures then
  10. Another vote for The Rattler, although Mind Eraser as SFA is up there as well.
  11. I would expect it to be ready around June, our winters here are usually very mild, but even Skyscreamer didn't open until then, or it may have been very late may.
  12. I got up a little earlier then expected so I made a trip over to La Cantera. Deconstruction was starting early today
  13. Entire sections of the track and structure is gone. like the post above me said, looks like they are seperating the Helix from the main coaster so it makes it easier to remove it safely.
  14. Drove by today, and can confirm big sections of the helix are gone. Just got off work so I didnt get any pictures, Ill swing by Sunday morning and creep the best I can.
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