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  1. Chances are, they will get sold off to other parks. Don't be surprised if all those RCDB entries get updated within a year.
  2. ...Uhhhhhhh What am I looking at? The top picture specifically.
  3. Knightmare really did not deserve to die. From the POVs I've seen, it looked just as fun as most any other Schwarzkopf. As someone who's ridden two Schwarzkopf coasters plus one of his flat rides, it's always sad to see these coasters go. Even if left abandoned in a field for about eight years. I hope today's parks will treat their old Schwarzkopf rides coasters with utmost respect. And from what I've seen, they have been for the most part doing just that. Rest in peace, Knightmare. The coaster community remembers you.
  4. You know? I actually think maybe an RMC Raptor would be a good fit for a place that wants an extreme coaster but isn't an amusement park. Like a water park, a zoo, or maybe even a shopping mall.
  5. Oktoberfest may very well be my dream park. Olympia Looping is only the tip of the iceberg.
  6. So far, this park very much reminds me of the kind of rides I would build back when I used to play RCT2 and the desert theme is nice too. The "what if" scenario of Meisho building a coaster into the United States is very interesting, can't say I have thought of it before. And finally, Rustler is a really nice looking Arrow Suspended coaster! Really think you did a great job with that ride.
  7. Excellent report. It's safe to say this is the first park I'm gonna give a go at assuming I can make it to the United Kingdom.
  8. Justification? Universal thinks the GP does not have the time or energy to be responsible, so the parks will take charge instead. Or so I think. Would be nice if an employee could shed some light on this.
  9. If I remember correctly, that was nothing official. Was a fanboy that was ambitious during TTD’s construction. We need a ride like that in a Florida park.
  10. 2017 will forever mark a paradigm shift in Florida's theme parks in general, but perhaps Universal has been most affected. Many classic attractions are leaving this year as we speak. Disaster in particular did not need to go. That being said and all........ I think it's time for Florida's parks to change, even if only to a small extent. Dark rides in general get stale for me very fast, and in many cases they do not age well with time, unless they are by Disney. Even Disney has trouble keeping their dark rides from being stale. But I feel like the classic Universal attractions for the most part did not age well with time, and in a whole state's worth of parks that evolve at such a rapid pace this is not a good thing. Of the myriad of classic attractions leaving this year in Florida, many of them are either very dated (Disaster) or have been more or less butchered by the park at some point in time (Dueling Dragons). Think about it. Was Disaster really "educational?" When was the last time the Dragons dueled each other 'till bitter defeat? I think it's time for us to move forward. Universal's Florida parks are not exactly targeted towards enthusiasts, sacrificing things the general public does not like seems logical. As for why Universal would scrap Dueling Dragons rather than send it to a park in Vietnam or something? Actually I have no idea. Surely at least one person working there knows they will be upsetting scores of coaster enthusiasts across the globe, right? And for sure they do not wish to carry the dubious honor of being the first park to scrap not one but two classic B&M inverts, right? Really, I think Universal needs the money to build whatever will be replacing Dueling Dragons. Why else would they scrap a functional B&M invert?
  11. Even then, they would never dare to list a Larson Superloop.
  12. MACK always makes amazing water rides. As a result, I was excited about Pulsar as soon as it was announced.
  13. A payphone themed to a mercury capsule? Neat. And I thought DisneyQuest was the last place in central Florida to have active-service payphones.
  14. Who would even dare to put a Vekoma invert in the same league as a B&M Floorless?
  15. It's annoying but the world isn't coming to an end. The ride never had lines, it's likely that they'll still be manageable and you don't need to wear them. Plus there's a cool new Dolphin Nursery. True, but...still. Kraken just happens to be my all-time favorite coaster Really? Have you been like... 90 minutes West on I-4? I mean, to each his own, I liked Mean Streak but... really? Actually, yes. Busch Gardens is an amazing park. ^^
  16. It's annoying but the world isn't coming to an end. The ride never had lines, it's likely that they'll still be manageable and you don't need to wear them. Plus there's a cool new Dolphin Nursery. True, but...still. Kraken just happens to be my all-time favorite coaster, and to see such an amazing ride get VR'd makes me sick. Save the VR bull$#!t for rides that have no other reason to exist.
  17. 2017 is gonna suck for one reason. VR goggles on Kraken @ Sea World Orlando.
  18. I am declaring September 27th International Anti-VR Coaster Day. What the F%@# are they doing to my darling Kraken?
  19. As I always ride any ride defensively (even when uncalled for), I would normally take the older restraint style, unless I'm riding a flying coaster or wing coaster. Headbanging has simply never been an issue for me on any B&M. ...Then again, this is coming from a hardened flat ride junkie who can ride a vekoma looper and not bang my head even once....
  20. In terms of ride quality, this is by far the worst I've ridden: Pinfari RC-48 This rare Pinfari coaster came to my fair from 2008-2014, and I loved it for all the wrong reasons. The ride's layout is okay but nothing to brag about. The transitions are mostly fine, and probably the only good thing about this ride. Why is this such a poor-quality thrill ride? I'll just list it all out for you: [*]The trains. You are crammed in a fetal position with a large body collar that more or less restrains your ability to move around, see out of the train, or even breathe without much effort. And forget about "leg room." As you rocket around the badly-designed coaster, your whole body slams against the body collar hard. I got off with aches every time, no exaggeration. [*]This ride has serious flaws with its track design. Almost every segment of track is misaligned, not to mention the whole coaster makes a ton of noise as the riders ride the coaster. [*]Apparently, prior to traveling with wade shows, a cable lift hill was added for whatever reason. This life hill is without a doubt the worst I've dealt with, and it can barely get an empty train to the top. [*]Again, prior to when wade shows purchased this ride, it had went through a long period of refurbishment from Interpark. I'm sure it did nothing. [*]Pinfari is known for producing hundreds of the same types of coasters. Only one RC-48 was ever built, showing that even Pinfari wouldn't dare to produce another one of these horrible rides! I am an experienced flat ride junkie, and I know how to ride a coaster defensively. Ninja @SFOG was not an issue for me at all. But this ride, while I love it (to an extent) out of sheer irony, I will warn most anyone to never ride it.
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