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Ever Been The Only One On A Ride?

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Rides I've had solo rides on:



Road Runner Express(SFKK) - solo as in the only person in the car and going through the course

Dark Knight


American Eagle (I think, another rider or two might have gotten on at the last second, or that might be another ride)

Tig'rr Coaster(Indiana Beach)

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That is a very good question, but in all my years of riding rides, there was only one time I was the only rider on a roller coaster, and that was the SWAMP FOX at Family Kingdom in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The coaster was just opening up and I was the only one in line. Later that night, the lines would be so long I wonder why they don't run another train.


"Err . . . maybe that train wasn't in proper order to run that night. Still, one train is better than none at all"


For water rafting rides, I did ride alone on Bluto's Rat Barges at Island of Adventures. I guess I was the only one crazy enough to ride in the rain.


"Say 'Good-bye to dry'!"


Now as for flat rides, my favorite ride at Six Flags America is the Pirate's Flight and I've ridden that ride a few times as the only rider.


"What can I say? That ride spins me round and round and round!"


Then there are other rides like the Wild Mouse, the Log Flume, and various dark rides in which I'm the only rider in the car.


"And don't forget about me, or maybe I'll let other people ride me too."

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I was on ROTM at USF by myself with a totally empty queue. My family was there and we kept trying to get our own car for a picture but after 3 or so rides they gave up. I went on again to my own car! I might have been on an everest ride by myself at a special event also Volcano at KD I don't remember if there was anybody else on the train.

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Early on in the day last New Year's eve, me and a friend had two back-to-back solo rides on Terminator, front row then back row. And no, we didn't have to go back around and watch the preshow!


As for being the only one, I've done solo rides on Speed:The Ride, Canyon Blaster, Splash Mountain, Boomerang at Knott's, Comet at the Great Escape, and Dueling Dragons (Both!).

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Off the top of my head, I've only been on Batman @ SFMM alone, HOWEVER, my group (Not TPR) has been alone on plenty of rides; SFMM: Tatsu, Superman, Riddler's, Ninja, Gold Rusher, Revolution, Canyon Blaster. Knott's: Xcelerator(1st and 2nd trains of the day), Jaguar, Boomerang (1st train of the day). I love walk-ons!!

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Been alone on Revenge of the Mummy and Rockit (USO), Viper (SFMM), the travelling Black Hole and Euro Coaster (Hyde Park Winter Wonderland), Pirates of the Caribbean (DLP), Splash Mountain (WDW), and a travelling Wacky Worm/Big Apple at the O2 in London.

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Several coasters....Orient Express at Worlds of Fun many times (I used to work on the ride, and no one else at night wanted to ride around to park the train) , Timber Wolf, Roller Coaster at Joyland, Hi Milern (when it was set up at Santa's seasonal theme park south of Phoenix), Bronco Buster (Wacky Worm - I'm a dirty whore) and Wild Mouse at Wild West World, The Legend at Arnolds Park, Avalance (now HellCat) at Timber Falls Adventure Park in WI Dells, Runaway Ore Cart at Silver Dollar City (whoring again), Zingo at Bell's, Twister II at Elitch's (worked there too), Cyclone at Lakeside (Denver), Meteor at Little America, Tree Topper at Upper Clements Park, Nova Scotia, High Roller at Valleyfair, Flyer Comet at Whalom Park, and I think that wraps it up.


Man, I've actually ridden alone quite a bit But no more, now that I'm married....wait, a few of those rides my spouse sat out...but it's all good, I get waved at as I zip by.

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Two events come to mind here:


The first, at BGW in 1992, during ACEDay- A friend of mine and I were the only two people on Nessie for almost an hour- while everyone else invaded the 'new' Drachen Fire (I'd already ridden it earlier that year during it's opening day; and spent more valued time on Nessie). We were the counterweights to keep Nessie going- and it was great- There was even hangtime in the second inversion!


The second, many years later, was at KD on Volcano during the early morning walkback era. Being handicapped, I rarely got to ride Volcano in the front seat, and arriving at the ride early enough to be able to go into the handicapped access pathway, I found that the platform was -empty. The operators gave me a one-off chance to ride in the front seat- something that to this day was an amazing experience. No screams, no waits, and some intense me-only ride time.


(I give a big round of applause to the operators on Volcano that day- as for me it was one of the greatest rides I've ever had on any coaster anywhere- and letting a handicrapped person such as myself do it- that was even better!)

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I'm not sure if you want to count a wild mouse as those at max seat 4 riders per car. But I've done CGA's Psycho Mouse solo, Invertigo (my cousin was riding next to me, good enough for a solo ride), Orlean's Orbit (completely solo), Drop Tower, and Wipeout at SCBB with a fellow TPR member (we were the only 2 on the ride). Many of the CGA solo rides (Invertigo, Drop Tower) were due to running to the back of the park first during Haunt while everyone was still up front doing the whole Overlord thing. Glad the buffet thing gave us a head start and alternate entry into the park.

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