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TPR's Official Australia Trip Update Thread!

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Scooby Doo looks really neat! Did you get a video with the lights off too? Looks like the Scooby "AA's" in the ride are modeled after the Scooby from the more recent movies instead of the animated one.


Can't wait to see more!


Yeah it is based on the Scooby movie with Sarah Michelle and Freddy Prince as the movie was recorded on the sound stages in the park


Cartoon Network also did a live action movie called "Scooby Doo and the Curse of the Lake Monster" last year, in which they recast all of the parts. The CGI Scooby in that also looked like the one in this ride. The story itself was kind of stupid, but in many ways it was VERY faithful to the original show, even more so than the movies, with TONS of in-jokes for fans. They also kind of made fun of attempts by other remakes to modernize their shows by making fun of how they try to bring new relationships into old concepts. It's at the same time fairly badly written and a complete hoot.


(Am I officially old when I call something a hoot?)


On the sea viper, How WERE those Kubak trains? they look soo cool yet so uncomfortable i've been curious about those trains for a while. How did they ride as far as comfort goes? from the sound of the pov, it sounds like an improvement to the arrow ride, even in the backseat


I haven't been on the Aussie versions, but the ones at Gardaland in Italy were quite comfortable. I mean, yeah, I'd rather have nothing over the shoulder, but if they have to have them, then these were tolerable. On the ECC Italy trip, most of us actually wanted to ride several times during our ERT. That's more than I can say about just about any other Vekoma looper!


I greatly underestimated how jealous I would be of this trip. I'll have to make up for this by visiting Australia someday.


I know what you mean. I was seriously considering going on this trip. But then they decided to make it later in the month (which is understandable because Robb said they'd heard that some of the bigger coasters might be in rehab.) A friend and I have been sort of planning to hit Australia for their Gay Mardi Gras some year (supposedly the biggest Pride celebration anywhere,) so the reschedule made me decide to do Aussie in the future.


Currently, I'm looking at 2013, and that trip may well expand into a crazy 5-6 week round the world trip hitting something like 10 countries on 5 continents (not counting a layover in the States.) So, I'm actively watching this thread to see what's worth seeing and what are the "don't miss" attractions. Also trying to get a sense of which parks can be done in half a day. If I end up only doing Aussie, then I'd spend a day at each park, but if it ends up being a huge trip, I'll probably pair up some of the Gold Coast parks. I'm also definitely going to take in some snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, which is a must for me!

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Glad to see you guys are having fun on the trip...I am currently placing the blame for not being able to come along on work. But it may have an upside with a future USA trip next year fingers crossed.


I am waiting for the review of the death machine that lives at Dreamworld to see what you thought of it, (Cyclone) and how it compairs to some of the others you have riden around the world.


Are you guys going to Aussie World as part of the tour, as they were trying to open two new rides in time for Easter and I have yet to hear if they are finished, so maybe a bonus ride there for you.


Enjoy the rest of your trip and I will keep the fingers crossed for joining you guys on a tour next year.



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Tower of Terror II at Dreamworld is like Superman at SFMM although ours still goes forwards. LOL


TOT has been launching backwards since September...We were first!


The also built a tunnel around the launch track, added some lighting effects, and did some bits of extra theming in the queue too.

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Sea World used to be the king of the Gold Coast parks back before Movie World was built, but now Roadshow owns them both so seems to have less interest in keeping coasters and dark rides at SW.


Sad that you guys have missed Bermuda Triangle and the Pirate Ship swing, but their closure/removal is said to be so that they can build a new attraction.


I went on 'Lassiter's Mine Ride' which was recycled into Bermuda and it was pretty wild with a lot of flooding and fireball effects inside the 'Volcano' structure before a huge flume drop. Back then they also had a wild mouse style coaster, and the Viper was known as 'The Corkscrew'. They also had a waterpark included in SW.

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What a shame you missed out on Bermuda Triangle. The narrated storyline was hilarious when I rode in 2010. The whole scientists looking for aliens plot was a so ridiculous it was just too funny, especially the part when the female scientist 'comes out" as an alien and the splash boat has to be 'blasted' (OK hauled [slowly] to the top of the lift hill) out of the volcanoe into the final drop.


A fairly mediocre ride made special by the over the top storyline. Good enough I did it twice with friends and the 2nd time round the speakers in our boat stopped working so we acted it out ourselves. A classic theme park moment......for us at least


You TRP folks would have had a blast. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

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After visiting Sea world TPR's day in Australia continued at:


Wet n Wild


followed by some evening entertainment at:


Australian Outback Spectacular




The next stop on our Australia tour was Wet n Wild.


Of course one of the reasons we are here is because they have a coaster, but the other reason is...


The Flowrider! And if you know TPR, we love these attractions!


The park has a ton of slides...


They had four Aqua Loops and one of the mini drops, but unfortunately they were all closed


While the slide makes a "loop", you don't really go upside down.


The half-pipe slides were really cool!


KidTums had fun playing in the kids area.


"Hi there...please get me the hell out of here!"


Te rest of us got our credit.


It's time for ERT on the Flowrider! (Wow! That's a lot of man boob!)


Elissa shows TPR how it's done!


Elissa's moment of zen.


Domo makes a guest appearance!


Nolan starts off ok...


But then goes into mega fish tail action


Doug also starts to fish tail...


He got good at the "kick the wall" trick.


Edward was very confident...


Bob popped his Flowrider cherry!


TPR members young and old were loving the Flowrider!


The Flowrider is one of the most awesome water park attractions ever! It's not as hard as it looks!


Chuck looks evil!!!


"Damn you, board!!!"


Amy looks like a pro!


Board...meet face!


Down for the count!!!


Kathryn even tried the Flowrider...


She did great!!!


The stand up board came out and now things get interesting! :)


"Hey Nolan! Show us how its done...oh wait!"


"Jes! You're Australian! You can do it!"


Guess not...


Miles looks a bit nervous...


That's why.


Doug is ready for launch.


Didn't even make it past "go..."


Josh was showing off...


But not for long!


Doug did a little better the 2nd time.


And Amy rocked the stand up board! Go Amy!!!


Well, at least for 5 seconds! :)


Nolan goes for the five second challenge...




Jes was able to surf without the rope!


Which of course killed him! :)


Pull him in!!!!


Beached David!!!!


Our evening was completed by the Australian Outback Spectacular!


"Hi...I'm wearing a cowboy hat...and I'm going to eat with horses..."


It's like Medieval Times Austalians style...but at least there is a bar...


And the free beer was flowing all night long!


KidTums looked awesome in her cowboy hat!


Yup...there was country music...and a LOT of it! :)


The best part is that they let TPR participate in the show!!!


They had KidTums come and out chase pigs!


TPR got to face off in the boat race!


The yellow team is trying to look all bad ass.


The red team wins!!! (And yes that's the yellow teams boat in the background falling apart!)


An awesome day ends with a ridiculous group photo!

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For nostalgic Aussies or peeps interested in how Sea World looked in its 'bigger days', I discovered a promo video circa 1990.


You've just got to make it past the dancing pirates song at the beginning - LOL! Water ski acrobatics used to be the signature performance back then.

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^ Hey I love the Pirates of Paradise song And you gotta admit, the ski shows they had were better than the Pirates Unleashed high dive show!


Those who enjoyed that last old school promo vid may also enjoy the other one I uploaded from a few years later:


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Can people please do me a huge favour and stop hijacking this thread with posting links to other stuff? This thread is about TPR's visit to Australia. The next time links to other random stuff is posted, they are going to be deleted. Thank you!



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