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TPR's Official Australia Trip Update Thread!

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Robb I've very much enjoyed reading all of your exploits throughout all these cool places, but I'm just concerned with one question I simply must have answered...


What did you think of the Wooden Mouse at Luna Park compared to the other Wooden Mouse and how does that compare to other wooden mice you've ridden previously? Also will you be doing a compilation pov video of all the wooden mice?


sorry couldn't resist

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To MichaelD, rub it in why don't ya. I must admit I'm fairly cynical about Australian parks myself.


Familiarty breeds contempt. I felt the same way before the trip, but it's because we have been looking at our parks through jaded eyes. To first time visitors, even hard-core enthusiasts like those on this trip (most were 400+ credit whores), our parks are GREAT.


Yes, they aren't a Cedar Point or a Six Flags, but the stuff we take for granted (like the huge free range zoo areas) is unique, the parks themselves all look really great, and we do in fact have some great rides as well (Superman, Scooby, Claw, Giant Drop, TOT2, Jet Rescue, the Rotor at Luna Park Sydney, Coney Island at Luna Park Sydney and more).


Any Aussie that chose not to go on this trip because they thought our parks were crappy missed out on a phenomenal trip. Kathryn reckons this has been her favourite TPR trip to date, and I'm not far behind her.


Our parks did us proud.

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^I've always appreciated that Movie World has quality rides but not enough quantity, Wet and Wild is up there with the best water parks, and Sea world has some very cool stuff - what marine park has a tank full of Bull and Tiger Sharks, genuine man eaters.


Unfortunately I simply wouldn't have had time to go on the Australia trip anyway. You never know I might get up there for Movie World Halloween, which is looking better every year.


It was nice to see the Arrow Looper POV - Cyclone, I watched that coaster go up in Sydney, every day I could see it from the train going over the harbor bridge. Sigh, I don't think we'll see anything of any magnitude going up at Luna Park again.

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Update time! Luna Park Melbourne, and BONUS CREDIT!


First, POV of Luna Park Melbourne's Scenic Railway!



TPR is always known for little surprises on our tours and today we got Wonderland Fun Park to open up a BONUS CREDIT for our tour!


Ok, sure, it might only be a Wacky Worm, but it's a CREDIT!!!






Best credit of the trip?


Wacky Worm POV!!!


Oh noes!!! Big drop!


TPR was very happy to get this bonus credit!


Next was our dinner at Grill'd.


It was sort of like Subway meets gourmet hamburgers.


Elissa played server for the evening.


TPR was very happy with Elissa serving them meat.




Oh Noes!!! More creepy face park entrances trying to eat TPR members!!!


Luna Park's stat attraction is the Scenic Railway!


We got a great backstage tour of the coaster!


We got to check out the cable lift motors while the ride was running.


Then they took us around the maintenance area.


The trains were in great shape, and they told us they had recently sent their blueprints to Margate so they can build replacement trains for the ones lost in the fire.


Here is where the brake man sits.


And it's even a credit for KidTums!


TPR is ready to take on this really classic woodie.


Built in 1912, Scenic Railway is one of the oldest operating wood coasters in the world!


Old woodie POV!


TPR loves it!


The ride travels right over the front entrance to the park.


The Scenic Railway is still controlled by the brakeman who sits in the middle of the train and controls the speed of the ride.




You can see how the Scenic Railways runs the perimeter of the park.


After the Scenic Railway, the park let us do something REALLY cool... Walk trough the Ghost Train!


Today the role of scary props will be played by TPR!


Nolan finally found someone who would accept his freakish size.


The ghost train had some quite disturbing props.


TPR member or prop...you decide!




The Ghost Train loading station is very old school.


The control panel is equally as amazing!


Following the Ghost Train walkthrough, we got Carousel ERT!!!


They even took us inside their classic PTC carousel to show us how it works.


Dan and Jes enjoy this recently restored Carousel. The park brought it back to it's former early 1900s glory!


KidTums is in a Carousel trance.


As there is another credit at the park, they opened that for us too!


We took over most of the park!


They also gave us ERT on the Ferris Wheel!


At night the park looked amazing!


Creepy face got even creepier! :)


All the rides had cool lighting packages.


Thank you Luna Park for a fantastic day!

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Though I appreciate everything it stands for and I hope it operates forever, that scenic railway has to have the SLOWEST turns I've ever seen on a roller coaster. Hahaha.


Love the updates, love that you guys are documenting basically every notable theme park in the world, love the fun!

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I've been checking out the trip reports and just love seeing all you guys have so much fun. I've certainly wanted to go visit sometime, even if Australia seems to filled with all manner of creatures that want to hurt you. Even some of the plants, but, you can't beat the accent. Nice to see some familiar smiling faces. I just know there was so much more than even the pictures show. You just can't beat a TPR trip.


Very cool to have TPR on the news. Very cool.

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That news report was awesome, so glad to see you guys had a great time in my home country. And even more so glad to see the parks giving you ERT and extra perks.


I must admit I was in the group of been there done that, half day parks at the best. I really should have know that Robb and Elissa would have pulled out all the stops.


Makes me extra sad that I had to pull out of the North East trip, well four bashes left for the year ( so far that I can make it too )

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