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  1. Wow!What great news! I hope they are still as lenient on the reverse brakes as Astroworld was.
  2. Amazing! I still don't think any one of these will be more incredible than dollywood's, but WOW.
  3. I think this may beat your Tokyo Disneysea update in 2011 as "most epic update ever"
  4. 1. They wanted a giant hyper coaster 2.There is a giant vacant plot of land they own behind Dragon Khan 3. Placing the lift over Dragon Khan was the best way to keep the station near an existing area of the park and the best way to use that land to accomplish the first two points.
  5. My sources tell me this coaster is the beginning of a grand plot to copy all of busch gardens' coasters. You should expect to see copies of Shiekra, Scorpion, and Gwazi in the coming years....
  6. This would be great as long as they don't replace the trains. Those beautiful four benchers are almost signature of that ride now. There one of the last operating examples of four bench trains today as well...
  7. It's amazing how fast these GCI's go up. This thing is looking amazing too. Looks like it will be in people's top 10 list next year easy.
  8. Wow, that thing's hauling ass even without people! Hopefully they don't trim it down within the first month like they did with montu . But knowing montu, it probably will still kick ass anyways
  9. Bout time they use that empty plot of land. I always would design coasters for that section on No Limits for fun. Never thought they would actually use it soon but that's cool. Dragon Khan will be a little dwarf no though! Not that i'm complaining about some hypercoaster that will probably rock Dang, there's almost too many projects to follow now
  10. The blue paint looks awesome on California screamin'. I remember my first ride in 2004....Ahhh what a great coaster. That rock work looks really amazing too
  11. Millennium Force. I was waiting in line about five minutes to park closing. The whole queue for the front row was filled and the yellow train was in the station. All the sudden i heard, "we need a single rider in the front row". And nobody in front of me was a single rider! I jumped through the line and got right on the yellow train on a beautiful night right as the fireworks were going off. Ahhh...what a great ride. Didn't think much of it during the daytime but after that night ride.... Definitely a #1 coaster there. Photo belongs to Joe Schwartz/www.joyrides.com
  12. I love the idea for the Beavis and butthead theme! also, @Roco...HELLYEAH!
  13. ^Holycrap! A Morgan with and elevator lift???? can't wait!
  14. Thank god my hip stoped hurting. Hurt like a bitch for 2 days. I think it was a piched nerve. Really love the new tremolo arm on my guitar.
  15. This will be a good addition i think. It's not new, but whatever. SFA has kind of taken the role as the red-headed stepchild of the six flags chain anyways. I like the B&M standups. Don't see much point in the stand-up feature still, but the layouts are good at least.
  16. Yeah, i'm thinking the statistic on schwarzkopf.coaster.net was an older one. So mindbender really had six-car trains? Wasn't aware of that because the oldest photo i've seen of it was the one i posted was the one with the four-car trains. Mindbender is always such a boggeling coaster though, it seemed like it had quite a history, it still seems like one of the oddest ones produced. Schwarzkopf really knew how to use speed though, the traveling coaster's layouts were so tight. Even olympia only goes 50 mph. It reminds me in early articles for riverview park's bobs said it went 90 mph even though it was only around 80 ft tall! The best example of schwarzkopf creating that illusion of speed is really the "Baviarin Mountain Railroad" model coasters that were produced in conjunction with Zeirer and BHS i think. I still can hardly belive jetline only goes 45 Mph! Anyways, intamin pre-fab woodie discussion thread, so moving on... Cheers
  17. Actually Mindbender had 4-car trains before the accident. And the max. positive g-force is 6.78 and has been. That was hardly altered by the train switch. And actually, Grey-outs and black out are dependent on the level of positive G's and how long they are sustained. B&M coasters most of the time (i think Nemesis is the exception) don't exceed 4.0-4.5 G's but they cause grey-outs still because B&M delivers positive g-force in a long-sustained wave form. On schwarzkopf coasters, blackouts occur because the positive g-force is higher (usually in the range of 5.0-6.0 upon entering a loop). Those high-g's only occur for a few seconds though and not nearly as long as on a B&M coaster. The traveling rides are alot faster than his earlier examples of loops, but on the early looping models he aimed for 1.0 positive g's at the top of the inversion. 0.8+ g's is what is need to hold passengers in the coaches without needing the restraint. Out of the realm of steel coastering now, Intamin pre-fab "woodies" can only go up to around 4.5+ g's. Although they use steel rails, they still have a wooden structure, and wooden structures can't take the same amount of g's as a steel coaster or it will become too punishing on the wooden beams. Intamin woodies can handle more positive g's then a traditional wooden coaster because their steel rails, but even their limit is below that of a steel coaster. Traditional wooden coasters should only have a max. positive g-force of 3.0-3.5 for a good ride. When they step up around 4.0-4.5 (Boardwalk Bullet, The Voyage) you notice their is an increased amount of wear and tear on the track an structure, and the rides become rough...unless the park wants to spend $1,000,000 every season retracking it (The Voyage). Intamin woodies wouldn't become rough, but the wooden structure still isn't as strong as a steel one, as far as positive g-force go. 7.0 is also far too high, around 8.0 is where people will pass out from the excessive g's. I apologize for being a little ranty by the way, i don't mean any disrespect, just giving some information about g-forces. The original 4-car trains in 1985. Diagram of the original trains from schwarzkopf-coaster.net
  18. There's a website with around 70 pictures of the model on it. http://nettsurfer.pytalhost.de/?incvar=bilder.php&path=news/2012/2011_08_20-coastermodell/ It was posted a few pages back, but there it is.
  19. That's definitely going to be a transfer track/maitnence shed. You can see the transfer tracks in the model.
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