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  1. I have no words to express how happy I am after these two days of WCB! It was my first time on both parks, and it couldn't have been better than visiting with TPR! Thank you Robb, Elissa and everybody who was involved in the creation of this awesome event! I still can't believe that I rode Xcelerator 14 TIMES today! I'm sure this was one of the best weekends I've ever had! Now I'm going to sleep with a big smile on my face. Thank you very very very much, guys! And I hope to see you again real soon!
  2. Great to know that they're not giving up the Boomerang. The press created a horrible situation for the park regarding the accident here in South America.
  3. I've never heard about this boysenberry thing here in South America before, but with all the buzz about it, I do need to eat at least one slice of this pie at Knott's
  4. Two weeks until WCB 2015!!! \o/ Let the sleepless nights begin!
  5. As a Brazilian, this list makes me really sad... That's why I stopped spending my money here and started traveling the world in 2012 to ride REAL coasters! In fact, one park of this list is closed (Tivoli Park) and another one hasn't even open yet (Aventura Selvagem). We're losing parks and rides instead of getting new ones. It would be great to have you guys here to know our country, culture etc. But our coasters, meh... what a shame Brazil! Well, I've just read this entire thread and I must say that I agree with everything Robb said... I realized that a couple of years ago when I was in Germany and decided to ride some kiddie coasters, while having Colossos, Krake etc with a 0min-wait by my side. Anyway, I did that again last year in Florida, and I was planning to do that next month in California (including at WCB). Now I see that I was "enjoying" theme parks only AFTER riding all of their coasters, instead of having fun from the beginning until the end. I was desperately planning what to do to ride all the coasters (including the kiddie ones) that SFMM and KBF have to offer between the two ERT sessions, instead of enjoying everything and hanging out with all the TPR members. See? It was something more stressful than enjoyable. I have a photo album on my Fb page showing all the coasters I've ridden so far, and it gives me nothing but "wow comments" and "Nina Kleppe's likes". I'm not saying that I'm gonna stop counting coasters... I like having this data base, but now only for personal use, not to show off or to have an extra BJ. Thanks for clearing up my mind.
  6. So far... 1) Montezum @ Hopi Hari (Brazil) 2) Bandit @ Movie Park Germany 3) Gwazi @ BGT I really thought the train was going to break and fly off the track while riding these three... Oh my!
  7. ^^^ It's gonna be my first time there too! I have the same feeling... I dream about SFMM since I was a child!
  8. ^ Maybe they could open it just for us during this WCB Photo Tour...lol But it's okay, I can wait until another visit to KBF to ride Ghostrider in its new form. This is NOT gonna ruin WCB 2015 in any way. It's my first opportunity to have a closer look at a rollercoaster this big! Sounds awesome!
  9. Xcelerator is one of my most anticipated coasters for the whole WCB weekend! Thank you so much, Robb! Can't wait!
  10. ˆ YOU need, you're the one who is going to drive us to SFMM!
  11. Well, thanks for the info! I think I'll just invert the order of the parks, visiting DCA on Thursday and DL on Friday (with everything open there). I'm really gonna miss California Screamin', but as Robb said, we have so much other things to do there. I'm sure it's gonna be amazing! Now I'm just worried about leaving DL at midnight and then off to SFMM the other day before the sun rises... lol
  12. ^ I'll be at DL and DCA the same days as you, but I've just seen that Space Mountain and California Screamin' will be closed for refurbishment on these days, according to Disneyland website My first time there, and probably I won't get these credits... I hope things change till there!
  13. Amazing news, Robb!!!!!!!! Now we just need FOUR HOURS of ERT on KBF's Log Flume singing "We are on a log flume...", lol This is gonna be an epic event!
  14. Great TR! Looks like it was an amazing trip... Thanks for sharing! The fireworks pictures are awesome too! I really wanna visit these parks one day...
  15. The last two years of the event did not include any fast passes, but to be honest, there isn't a need for them... the parks are moderate at best, and if you just save the ert rides until ERT time, you should have no problem hitting everything multiple times at both parks... I never have an issue getting in the rides That's what I was going to ask, if it's necessary to purchase Flash Pass / Fast Lane in advance... This is my first time in California, and I'd like to get all the credits at both parks (credit whore here ), even if that means just one ride on each coaster. I wasn't sure if that would be possible, even with the ERT. Thanks for the explanation!
  16. Yaaay! Just got three tickets for me and my friends for both days! First time in California, my first TPR event! Can't wait for that! And yes, we are Brazilians, but we are not members of "Florida groups" or "screaming b**ches", don't worry!
  17. I thought I would never see Dan in a water park update! Is that part of a Photoshop contest or what? The updates are awesome, guys!
  18. That pic almost killed me! Anyway, I'm from Brazil and I'm really embarassed with this creepy name! .__.' Just a side note: the park also confirmed today that the coaster will only open in 2011! Maybe they could change the name and logo till there
  19. ^^^ In fact, it was affiliated with Mirabilandia Italy until a couple of years ago, but then the partnership came to an end, and a Brazilian group called "Peixoto" acquired the amusement park. But they have the rights to use the name, characters etc used in the Italian park. I've just found a new random pic of the coaster in the seaport:
  20. Hey everyone, I'm here to tell you that the former Déjà Vu from SFOG has finally arrived here in Brazil! In fact, the coaster is here since March 5th, but it only started to be transported to Mirabilandia last 18th. The park chose a new name and made a logo, but it's all secret by now. The coaster will be repainted, but the color scheme will be the same. They still don't have an exact date for the grand opening, since the park is too small and they could be waiting for a government approval for a possible expansion. So we can't expect to see this coaster running in 2010... More news and pics as I find out! Here you have the first picture of the coaster in the seaport!
  21. OMG!!! I can't believe... Yeah, I'm really happy with that news! *-* This is awesome for us Brazilians! Thank you Elissa for your solicitude... We need good luck right now! lol
  22. Hey everyone, I don't know if you remember that, but I posted it here on March 13 and I have great news: Two-Face arrived here in Brazil yesterday!!! The coaster is in the Port of Santos, in São Paulo (Brazil southeast), and it's rumored that it will go to Hopi Hari theme park (in São Paulo too). Some Hopi Hari employees confirmed that the coaster IS going to the park... Hopi Hari management doesn't reply any message about that. I decided to post it in this thread, cause we still don't have any image of the coaster. Hope to have some ones to send you soon. Two-Face will be the second inverted coaster in Brazil. And in less than one year! Hopi Hari is clearing this area next to the drop tower and the ferris wheel, where they had a circus. They also have a large space in the Wild West area next to the parking.
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