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TPR's Official Australia Trip Update Thread!

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Sweet, our old Wild Mouse on TPR.


It still looks just the same as it did when it was here in Perth years ago at our Royal Show.


I hope you guys are getting the royal treatment in Australia, your much bigger celebs than Oprah imo.

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Thanks for showcasing this! I think it's time GG or GCII stepped up and made a modern wooden wild mouse just like that! Talk about instant hit for the whole family. What park in the U.S. is willing to take this bet?


I bet this small modern investment would be as or more popular than some mega-millions tech machine. Dark horse.

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So did you guys add the beetroot to the burger? Wouldn't be an Australian Burger without beetroot (or egg).


The Redback at Aussie World sort of snuck up on us...I only discovered it was coming when I was driving past the park and saw the components in the car park...A flume is reportedly coming later in the year too. I'll have to head up and give it a go over the Easter break.


And while I'm here (Since nobody has asked)...How did you rate Motocoaster, and how was it compared to Jet Rescue?


The Wild Mouse is one of very few (three?) wooden mice left in the world!

Aside from the pair in the UK, Australia originally had 4 of these mouses, at the capital city royal shows (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide)

Sydneys got moved to Luna Park, Perths is at Aussie World, Adelaide's got moved to the Newcastle showgrounds and only operates a few days per year, and Melbourne's is believed to be in Indonesia.

Sydney's is the only one I've yet to pick up....

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Can people please do me a huge favour and stop hijacking this thread with posting links to other stuff? This thread is about TPR's visit to Australia. The next time links to other random stuff is posted, they are going to be deleted. Thank you!



I'm not sure why this is such a difficult concept for people to understand. If you want to discuss something that is off-topic from this thread...Hey! Here's a great idea! START A NEW THREAD!!!!

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Just thought I'd add my 2 cents to this thread - it may be of interest to others in a similar position to myself.


I am one of the (only) 3 Aussies on this trip. Prior to this trip, I had mixed feelings about going, given I had already been on essentially all of the rides (apart from Tower of Terror II and Surfrider) and visited all of the parks multiple times.


I have NEVER had SO MUCH FUN at these parks as I have had on this trip. My expectations have not only been met, but been wildly exceeded. The incredible perks (eg lights on Scooby-doo and many others not yet posted about on this thread), the great friendships both renewed and freshly made, the great food, the shared experiences - I would not have thought it possible to enjoy MY home parks as much as I have.


To the Aussies (and others) that didn't come along because of our "crappy" parks and our "only 18 coasters" - the parks have all treated us like royalty and have all been overwhelmingly welcoming and hospitable. Australia has been overwhelmingly hospitable to the group. I am proud of how all of our parks have presented themselves - they have truly "punched above their weight" and shown themselves to be world-class with nothing to be ashamed of. Anyone not on the trip - you missed out on an amazing and wonderful experience.


Thank you, Robb and Elissa for bringing your special breed of magic Down Under.


and ps - IMHO Giant Drop is much better than Blue Fall.

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^ Thank you Michael! I felt really bad for not being able to open any of the trip days up to the locals, but none of the park days worked out for us to be able to do that. We simply were just not able to do what we did as a small group with a larger group. So the perks were only available for those on the tour.


Glad you're having such a great time!


--Robb "I did enjoy my 2nd ride on Giant Drop with a full car more than my first..." Alvey

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TPR's Australia Tour 2011 Continues:


The Australia Zoo!


It's was time for a TPR nature stop!


The cool thing about the Australia Zoo was thousands of huge lizards roaming around freely!


Turtles are awesome!


Of course you would expect the crocodile hunters zoo some giant crocs!


I learned something today!


The amount of weird Australian animals at this zoo was amazing!


Fierce Creatures!!


Although they don't look THAT fierce. ;)


This may be my favourite new image to post when someone says something dumb!


Steve Irwin certainly loved his crocs!


The Crocoseum was actually quite impressive!


Wow! Absolutely NOTED!!!


If there was any doubt that evolution from dinosaurs occurred, just look at this thing!


Of course it wouldn't be a zoo in Australia without Koalas.


The Australia Zoo had a TON of Koalas!


The koalas here were actually quite active!


Here you could walk up and pet a Koala.


This guy was totally posing for all of us!


There was three Koala areas and they must have had about 100 of them!


Ok, so quite a few of them were being pretty lazy...


And where there are Koalas, there must be Kangaroos!


"Do not touch Joey..."


Dan found a diabetic kangaroo.


KidTums loved this!


"Yo bitches...I'm a kangaroo...wassup?"




The kangaroo area was huge! This was no petting zoo, but more like wandering around their actual habitat.


Along with the koalas and kangaroos, the zoo had tigers...


Lots of cool snakes...


Awesome Aussie animals like Wombats....


Some of the biggest reptiles I've ever seen!


And you can even feed an elephant!


TPR had a great time hanging out with the weird Aussie animals!


Be sure to get your limited edition Steve Irwin bronze statue! On sale now!


CRIKEY! You can look at my creepy face while you drink a beer!

Edited by robbalvey
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Looks like an absolute blast. Just a couple of potentially stupid questions...

How large is the zoo? Is that a tent peg in with that snake? So you are able to just walk around the kangaroo habitat? Did you get to see a show (or feeding or whatever they call it) at the crocoseum?


Oh and the Steve merch you took pics of is kinda creepy for sure.


Robb and Elissa it looks like you two put together another amazing trip.

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I could only dream of a place that has Joey's and StingRAY's!


Awesome report. That zoo looks amazing, especially the Kangaroo exhibit! It totally looks like what you would see from behind a fence in an American Zoo. I really hope there is video of someone getting kicked in the nuts by a kangaroo, but if there was, I'm sure it would have already been posted. One other thing, was the Elephant's name Bimbo!?

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How large is the zoo?

They said they own about 400 acres but have about 75 developed acres that make up the park...so doesn't that make the zoo larger than Disneyland?


Is that a tent peg in with that snake?

No idea what that even is.


So you are able to just walk around the kangaroo habitat?

Yes. It was ginormous! Imagine if there was a petting zoo, but it literally was a few acres to walk around.


Did you get to see a show (or feeding or whatever they call it) at the crocoseum?

We didn't see the feeding at the crocoseum, but we did see another one of the feeding shows.

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Australia Zoo apparently uses a lot of it's land for animal habitats that are not open to the public. As much as Steve Irwin liked annoying animals in front of the camera ("I'm going to let you go now little fella, oh no I'm not"), he was a fairly passionate conservationlist which I have a lot of respect for.


Koalas are the laziest animals on earth, I'd love to see version of the film Black Sheep with koalas, that would be the funniest movie ever made.


To MichaelD, rub it in why don't ya. I must admit I'm fairly cynical about Australian parks myself. I've never been to the parks in Melbourne, Perth (albeit not on TPR's itinerary), and Caloundra (Aussie World) - even though I've been to all those places in the last couple of years. Other than a visit to Luna Park (more as a social outing) in 2009, I haven't been to an Aussie park since 2007.


I'm interested to see how you go at the other Magic Mountain, I've been told Merimbula (the town) is supposed to be a real fun place.

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