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  1. DTD has needed a facelift for awhile, great to see Disney taking a "town square" approach to the project...
  2. Wow, the euros still love the Knight Rider franchise..I wonder if Hasselhoff will make an appearance in the attraction??
  3. Not entierly WDW Related, but a new policy is going down for Disneyparks starting this week banning under-14s from the park without parents, thoughts? http://www.nbcnews.com/travel/disney-bans-kids-under-14-entering-parks-alone-1C8910402
  4. Rattler (hopefully) will get the Texas Giant treatment, which is to say rebuild/refurb the ride and make it...fun again
  5. Hey everyone, Wanted to put in a quick shameless plug for my show, saturday afternoons at 4p east/1p west (10p GMT), its a weekly trip into the fun side of nerd life, we call it.. The (Untitled) Super Cool Nerd Show Check it out and tell us what you think! http://deepellumonair.com/portfolio-view/cool-nerd-show/
  6. Robb, Awesome news man, would love to have you on the show to talk about this!! For all those asking, heres our show site, saturdays at 4p east/1p west: http://deepellumonair.com/portfolio-view/cool-nerd-show/
  7. I was there last December during the re-build, I have to say that the final results are looking pretty damn amazing and well worth it..
  8. That is just awesome man...Holy Land Experience, build out a coaster and a "going to hell" dark ride, you'll get more visitors...
  9. Awesome indeed chuck! Makes me want to visit here soon as well..
  10. You guys look like you had a spot of fun...What id give to head to Japan to ride coaster, eat yakatori and drink melon-flavoured fanta
  11. Another awesome TR! I'm already planning a Mid-South/SE adventure for 2013..Dollywood is already on the top of my list..
  12. A) Good news the Magic Show is taking over the Dodgers, they'll need to start rebuilding confidence w/ the public and drop ticket prices ASAP b) The Texas Rangers actually look like they'll win the pennant in October. Seeing that we've been skunked the past two seasons, the team needs to move from getting to the series to actually winning it..
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