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  1. Had to pull up my old account to chime in here! Old guard (before the company sold) soft opened Drachen Fire, Alpengeist, Apollo's Chariot opening weekends with media day usually weeks later. New guard ... well, the results speak for themselves. This! The lack of even basic easy promotion (Facebook, etc.) is a crazy decision, but given the new guard's behavior (across the chain) it's actually not crazy at all. I have nothing against the new guard, but I do question if they actually enjoy the amusement industry (i.e. their jobs and what it all represents), because they really don't get it right now. This is what happened to Paramount Parks and Six Flags for a while. Even Universal and Disney had their low moments. It's just SW/BG turn. In this case, SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. made things far worse all on their own (Blackfish had very little to do with it ... just trust me on this! The decline was happening BEFORE the film). In the last few years I truly believe, even more today, Seaworld and Busch Gardens parks have yet to fully realize their core potential. They made mistakes, some very preventable, instead of magic. They could've profoundly changed the U.S. amusement park game, but that wasn't the clear focus of the new guard. I don't think *most* of them truly love their own brand and it's just a job. It showed many years ago. It continues to play itself out today. If I'll say one thing about the new coaster, it's not very BG in every possible way. That's why I said the new guard's decisions aren't so crazy when you look at the modern big picture. Still, great to see a new addition. Yes, I really love BGW and the brand, but it's different now ... different in that New Coke way. Sea Dragon was so much fun! I miss that ride. Good memories. Thanks for that.
  2. Hmmm... *They designed the restraint to fit the seat and not the rider* ... look at an empty seat. If the restraint was flat across the surface of your thigh as it is with an empty seat; you'd have a perfect ride. I thought those restraints were a bit odd when the trains were first shown. It secures a very small area of your thighs vs spreading the force out over a larger area. They took into account rider arm / grip comfort based on the angle, but it's not a fully thought out "lap" bar. Easy fix if willing to invest in an add-on "pillow" mod (cheapest way to go), but it could limit access for a few more riders. Example: Look at Blue Fire or Manta West restraint for the difference in surface contact / design.
  3. DL footprint is a benefit in this case. Real estate supply vs demand is more valuable when you have little to none. Spending per guest is far more profitable than total attendance anyway. Expect larger price increases than normal at WDW and UO when their respective new lands open.
  4. Agreed. I didn't see a lot of these built in the U.S. until this design. Based on space, minimal yet effective theme, and the layout, it's prime for cloning around their parks. It doesn't have to be intense, but pushing the thematic elements & playing to the seating style gives a better experience. It's all about the overall experience - on AND off-ride. This ride has it.
  5. Technically speaking they may not soft open rides (saves face, complaints, etc.), but nearly all their new attractions opened before official opening dates as far back as I remember (considerable long time; grew up there & KD). Granted, it was pre-current ownership. Speaking of, attractions have *consistently* opened much later versus the past. I find that's an interesting difference.
  6. Wow! That proposed map just screams “Really?” Why not extend it up to the HolyLand Experience and down to Legoland while we’re at it? No? Florida Mall … not unless there’s some major investment / casino (not in central FL) / Downtown Disney / CityWalk type deal; bigger than shops & a hotel Medical City … huge growth area, but it’s close enough to the airport that hybrid vans / busses / shuttles would be more efficient & a better ROI for now versus the investment SunRail … yeah, just research almost any similar project (non-street car) The only stops that matter are OCC and WDW for something like this. That would destroy toll revenue, so … yeah … no.
  7. Just throwing this out there too... taking into account what Rob liked about the other brands (i.e. simplicity). Photo from TPR Index (and fuzzy due to resizing). Simple concept Test color Test black & white
  8. So much talent around here. I really just wanted to get the imagination kicked up a notch @ILoveRides ... nice stuff. Think Fibonacci spiral with your design. It helps with balance & flow. You're close (but you don't have to take it literally). I may have some time this weekend to incorporate the general consensus.
  9. All photos taken from TPR Index "We love theme parks and roller coasters." helps new visitors understand the foundation of TPR. The idea is a "Ride Photo" where and when appropriate, you can insert a relevant group picture, person or event. With picture insert, you still have the main graphic as a border showing theme park rides (just like a ride photo). Black & white allows the color of true focal points to stand out: 1. the logo 2. the photo content (color of personalities) Color could be used if muted (maybe?) or possible a 2 or 3 color palette such at the TPR logo. With color, the logo and updated photo content could get lost. I had to pimp Rob out like O Magazine, because I couldn't quickly find a hot chic in a star flyer pic. Just throwing it out there. Critique away! "Ride photo" main image "Ride photo" insert image Test main image Test insert image
  10. @DarkStitch626 I actually agree the track layout is more similar to Rita and Desert Race than an original design ... they were inspiration maybe. This is more an upgrade to that base design. Skyrush will shock a lot of people next year. A lot of attention is going to other new hyped & bigger projects, but this one is the dark horse.
  11. Then you'll hate the replacement. It has to stop completely ... twice in two directions.
  12. This ride really pays tribute to BBW. The track profile (track plans side) tells the story. Not just the end; but also the beginning gives a nod. Very cool.
  13. Hehehe, it's B&M's version of Millennium Force. Here's why this ride will be popular, but a Class B 300' (can you believe we're debating 300' coasters?). B&M: solid thick box track, Sequoia thick solid supports, bulky trains vs Intamin: lattice "see-through" thin track, smaller and streamlined supports and trains By default Intamin has a visual advantage the higher they go. The old school B&M hyper cars are also bulky versus Intamin style trains. The ride will be a winner, but B&M at 300' will "feel smaller" because of a reversed forced perspective. Their bulk hurts in this case. It will still look fantastic. *** Wing rider trains (they could engineer for the G-forces) would've been the icing on the cake to separate this ride from all others. *** Putting this thing in now after Behemoth (I agree; very similar) ... interesting & odd decision, but no further comment.
  14. On a completely random note, Mach Tower looks good. I remember when I said it was "carny" and some justified it. I spoke too soon, so I was wrong about the final product, but right about the clunky look. So glad for those cover plates! It's a beautiful tower structure now. Umm ... 2012 theme - again speaking early here, it's probably the most un-BGW-like atmosphere since Wild Izzy The ride will be a family winner regardless, but man is this a departure.
  15. @flizt ... awesome detail find! I usually catch those things. This isn't a flyer. Wingrider track is slightly wider to accommodate the train. Mini-dive machine like Krake ... final answer. Expect a splash brake since Behemoth doesn't have it.
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