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Fun Spot America Discussion Thread

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Right, we don't have any plans to add the other flight line. We think the additional multi-level track is a better use of the space than a second flight line. It's also expensive and a lot of work to put in the other tower and the launch extension on the building. Each tower footer requires 3 pilings which are 60' deep. While it is a bit asymmetrical, we don't think the average guest will give it much thought. The concept was to incorporate a spectacular event ride with an iconic, highly visible landmark for the north I-Drive area; and basically take up almost zero footprint in our small park. We've studied places like Morey's Pier, which is very efficient in its use of space. Our goal is to pack a lot of fun into a relatively small area so you don't have to walk your legs off to have a good time.


This quote from a park representative should explains why there is only one flight line on the SkyCoaster. Yet people still ask.

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^^Pretty sure we mentioned that back in December when we did our first tour of the construction area. I know that facility does a lot of kids parties and a kiddie coaster will round out their kids area really nice!

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Ah, nice to see the kiddie coaster re-confirmed. I'd been getting a little worried (okay, not really).


Seems like this will be (or continue to be) a well-rounded family-friendly park. I know enthusiasts hate on the older rough ones, but I've always figured a smooth Vekoma Jr. Suspended with a decent height requirement would make for a good "in-between" coaster for kids. This one is really photogenic too!

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Robb teased an update on Fun Spot earlier on Facebook, and here you go!


White Lightning's tallest support and bent went up today, and I was there to capture it all! It's been pretty amazing watching this all get built from the ground up, especially considering it was still just a big grass field as recently as five months ago. Lots left to be built, but it marks another big milestone for Fun Spot and the expansion!


First off, we'll start with Freedom Flyer progress. This is basically all that's left for track construction.


The helix was finished in the last few days.


Once, just once, I want to send a train flying off a track to see if it really explodes like they do on RCT.


Anyway, enough of that Vekoma crap, let's check out the shiny new GCI going up!


That's as tall as it's going to get, but as most coaster enthusiasts know, size doesn't always matter! ;)


As the lift hill goes up, so does the end of the layout.


Now that's some twisty goodness right there.


Not quite as terrifying as standing on top of the Skycoaster.


The view from the other side.


Getting everything tightened down at the top.


Prepping another section of supports to be lifted into place.


Now we pause to talk about how lovely the weather was today. Hi, Northeast!!


Moving around the other side, they've installed safety fence around most of the artificial lake. I think they should train sharks with laser beams attached to their heads to target Brazilian tourists and put them in this lake. Then Fun Spot should have a "free rides for Brazilians" day. Orlando's biggest problem would be solved in one glorious afternoon!


The entrance building is also coming along nicely.


Down on the very end of the White Lightning layout, they've finished up the footers for the turn around.


Here's the launch platform for the Skycoaster.


Given my affinity for Skycoasters, you can probably expect a picture of this in every update from now on. :)


Looks like they have also started laying down wood for the go kart track expansion.


There's what the extra track will look like.


Nice view from the other side of the park.


Here's a nice little reminder for those of you who think it's ok to just drive right into a construction site.


And now another section of supports has gone up!


It seriously blows my mind how quickly they've gotten this all up.


Tightening bolts, pretty important step in the construction process.


These guys are definitely earning their paychecks.


It's a wonder we don't see more steel-supported woodies, it just seems like it makes the process so much easier.


Starting the climb to connect everything together.


Moving on up......


I feel like the guy in the neon shirt should have screamed "I'M KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!"


Another section about to go up.


And there it goes!


There were a few uneasy moments because of the wind, but it all worked out in the end.


We have liftoff!


I sure hope the guy driving the crane doesn't have Parkinson's.


Almost there.......




This will be the first bent of the first drop.


And there it is.


At this point you just hope nothing goes wrong with those straps holding the giant steel contraption above your head.


Ok, time to leave and let these guys work.


I have a good feeling about this ride!


We'll see you again in a few days!

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Great update. Is it wrong that I think the flyer looks totally fun!!! Oh and the woodie looks cool too.

Not at all! We rode this version at Grona Lund, and it was quite fun! And honestly, if it ends up having the new style Vekoma trains, it will be full of WIN!

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You know, I don't get why more wood coasters use steel

supports. They're stronger, last longer, and faster to assemble. If you still want that classic wood coaster look, paint the supports brown! I don't think anybody has done that before.


But wow this looks like a killer GCI!

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Thanks for the updates guys small woodies can be great fun.Think Blackpool's Roller Coaster and Zipper dipper (blue flyer and Nickelodeon streak). 224 sleep till Orlando for me think this is going to be one of the biggest surprises for 2013.


Also has and other park done an extension on this scale? The has more doubled its size.


Stu K

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Stopped by Fun Spot today after class to get a couple of pics of White Lightning...Looks like they're about halfway done with the first drop now, and have also put up some new bents for the return run right next to the drop.


Will try to stop by after class more often for updates!


Here are a couple of pictures.



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