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Fun Spot America Discussion Thread

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This is great news. There's reason we don't have many woodies in Florida (at least, uber-intense ones like Mine Blower). The climate and 365 operation just doesn't bode well for them. The layout is already great so as far as I'm concerned they can make the entire thing steel, and I may actually go and ride it more often now!

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I made my first trip to all three Fun Spot parks last week.


White Lightning became my 400th credit

I survived both Hurricanes.


ArieForce One!!!!

I've only been on eight RMC's (no single rails) but this is certainly in the top tier for me.

Missed out on Mine Blower but it sounds like it should be in a better state next time I'm in the area.

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Went to the Orlando Fun Spot yesterday.  My observations as a first time visitor:

- White Lightning is awesome.  I don’t care if it’s not 100% a “wood coaster”, but for a ride this size to have such speed and surprising airtime (that double up/double down is crazy!) makes it a winner in my eyes.

- Freedom Flyer was much jankier than Dragonflier at Dollywood.  I know it’s an earlier model and different layout, but I rode twice and both times there seemed to be a lot of rattling and shaking.  Still though, it’s a perfect ride for the crowd that Fun Spot is targeting. 

- I was able to ride the Ferris wheel solo, which was nice to see at a park these days.

- The cleanliness was very surprising considering that staffing was at a minimum.  The employees were also very nice and cheerful.  

- If anyone goes up on top of the Johnny Rockets to take pictures, be aware of one of the concrete tiles.  It felt like a fun house stunt and I thought I was going to take a bit of a tumble!  

If you’re in the area, I’d recommend a visit.  Just be aware that all rides may not be operating on a weeknight in non-peak season, and also note that ride ops do rotate where applicable.  And since you’ll also be relatively close to ICON Park, you have to ride the Orlando StarFlyer.  Sweet Jesus that ride is terrifying. I swear I was facing backwards a few times as the wind pushed my swing around several times.  I also think I left imprints on the lap bar!  Well worth the $16.

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^ the article on other news sites says the child was found unresponsive under the tracks. . but nowhere does it say he was ON the ride. 

It's a safe assumption he was on the ride, but the parents haven't spoken, and nowhere say he fell from the coaster. . only where he was found.

I mean. . weird.

FunSpot has closed the ride, until investigation has completed tho.

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Just got a nice $12 ride on Mine Blower, and seeing as no one has said anything since it was partially retracked I figured I'd add my two cents. I would say from a smoothness perspective it's definitely improved as what were the worst spots on the ride are now totally smooth. A couple of the transitions to and from the new track cause a bit of a jolt and then obviously there still some areas of old track that it still kinda jackhammers through. But overall when the ride was over I wasn't checking various body parts to make sure they weren't broken in half like I used to do.

That said, when it goes through the new steel track it squeals like crazy and it definitely slows the train down a bit, so the insane ejector in the back half of the ride isn't quite like it once was. So the speed and airtime was kind of sacrificed for comfort. Still a really awesome coaster but a bit tempered down from its heyday. Keep in mind there were four people on the entire train so maybe it runs better with more weight. 

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