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Fun Spot America Discussion Thread

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I should lose two credits for even going to New Jersey to get it in the first place!




You should lose two credits for going to Jersey and even thinking about counting this coaster twice.


Now, to get back on topic, Fun Spot is coming along nicely.

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Just stopped by Fun Spot real quick, and I come bearing a couple more pictures...


Overview of what is done so far. More return run supports have been added, as well as the turn after the first drop.


Working on the first turn.


They were installing the second to last support for the first drop when I was there.


More first turn and return run fun


Another overview of the construction site.


One last picture of the first drop, where if you look closely you can see them installing that second to last support.

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Yup, clones count as new creds but not relocations!

And I LIVE in NJ so how about I get quad cred per ride?


Yeah, this looks like a sleeper hit for 2013 IMO. I think it'll pack quite a punch and should have some decent airtime. Looks really nice too < 3 GCI is upping their game, and glad to see the traditional woodie hang around while they continue to be closed/remodeled!

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