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  1. The Freedom Flyer is now standing watch over Fun Spot America.
  2. The 14' tall Freedom Flyer figure is ready for installation. He will sit atop the FF building and hold a 20' tall pole with an American flag. He was fabricated by Dino Rentos Studios. They are also fabricating the dimensional theme fronts for the White Lightning. front view side view concept render
  3. Sorry, It's 48" minimum height required. I double checked in the GCI manual.
  4. Yes, White Lightning is officially open. We're getting great feedback from the riders, lots of multiple trips and plenty of screams. I've heard the word "awesome" used a number of times. Height requirement for WL is 48" tall. Foam seats are just for a cleaner, more streamlined look. Plus they allow for the embossed logos. We don't have any information on how well they will hold up over time compared to upholstery. The current theming of the trains are a temporary graphical representation of the actual dimensional fronts which are being fabricated. You may occasionally see this version if we have issues or need to do work on the trains. Side panel graphics are not installed yet, either. Also look for lots of new railroad theming at the station area in the near future. SkyCoaster and Enterprise are also on line now. Freedom Flyer is having its station cover installed today. When you fly over the station you will see a huge FF logo on top of the cover. Hope to see you out there! It's HUGE!
  5. A couple of things about the trains which are unique to White Lightning. If you notice in the front view photo of the blue trains, the left armrest area is different from the right. We collaborated with GCI to make this design change. The corner of the armrest on the left is cut off at a 45* angle and an additional pad is under a redesigned bar. We think this gives a little more elbow room and is more comfortable. We also used molded foam seats instead of upholstery. If you notice when you ride, the Fun Spot America logo is embossed in the backrest and the White Lightning logo is embossed in the little elbow side pad. Jeff also incorporated a lightning bolt into the side bar bracket flange. We're still working on the themed fronts and graphics for the trains. So, all in all, a number of unique new design aspects to the GCI trains on the White Lightning.
  6. The trains aren't themed yet. The blue ones in the photos are some trains they had at their factory. The coloring had nothing to do with our project.
  7. I think I qualify for the first to be addicted to the White Lightning. Yesterday evening GCI wanted to log some laps on the trains, so I went along for the ride. I now have 35 runs, 25 of them in a row. The more I rode, the more I liked it. You literally float through the right bank at the bottom of the drop. What a great ride! Inspection today!
  8. Great job on the video, Rob. I got to ride it this evening. Twice in the front and twice in the back. What a great ride! I loved every second. Never a dull moment, super fast and super smooth. Great views, perfect ride, tons of fun. I wanted to ride it over and over, and I'm picky. You will love this ride! Thanks GCI, total homerun!!!
  9. Actually the "Big Fun" concept was designed for Fun Spot USA in Kissimmee.
  10. Just FYI, the soft opening phase of the park began last night. The expansion area is open to the public. The relocated and new flat rides are running, although the coasters are not open yet. The Freedom Flyer could possibly be running next weekend. Lots of work still to be done before the official Grand Opening on June 8th, permanent fencing, signage, theming, etc.
  11. It won't be long, we're working feverishly to get everything finished. In case you didn't realize how tight the coaster is against the track, here's a shot to show just how close it is. Much of the "All New Commander Track" is ready for its concrete surface. Nice and curvy. The Enterprise is almost there... So is the Rip Curl! And the new entry building is just waiting for its signage.
  12. Here's another small update with a few new tidbits. Turn around is being flown Here's another shot of Joe from Great Coasters. Notice the next bents to go up behind him. The bottom one is the one right after to the 90 degree bank, very close to vertical. The supports for the station roof are in. Side scenery for the Rip Curl Part of the middle panel of the front Rip Curl scenery Lamp posts, landscaping and fencing (to be painted) along the main path are going in. Supported roof paver tiles on top of the SkyDiner/SkyCoaster building. There will be a large observation/hang out area up here with a great view of the WL turnaround and the rest of the park. Entry building paint job is almost done. Last but not least, a never before seen image of the Freedom Flyer. A 14' tall figure which will be installed on top of the FF mech. building overlooking the park.
  13. That was an initial concept proposed by a water park design firm. Since then we have purchased additional acreage, so it is unlikely that this design would be utilized. We were trying squeeze a water park into two acres, but we don't have that limitation now. Definite plans have not been made as to future development. The performance of the current expansion will influence those decisions.
  14. Here's a quick photo update. Rear of the entry building White Lightning White Lightning Enterprise base in its new home Larson Tilt-A-Whirl is installed
  15. This rendering shows the park as it will open initially. The only differences will be minor, slight rotation of a ride or two, maybe. There will still be room for a number of additional rides in the future. Down the main path you will have the Chance Double-Carousel, Scrambler, Paratrooper, Larson Tilt-A-Whirl ( which will probably finish being installed today). Other side has the Schwarzkopf Enterprise Type III and the Wisdom Rip Curl (Himalaya). The Rip Curl is basically the same ride as the Cosmotron in Knoebels, except we have extended the height of the track to 10'. It's a larger ride than the Arctic Circle, bigger diameter - more cars. Of course there are the two large coasters, kiddie coaster & kiddie rides, and we think the new go-kart track will be the best one we've ever built. We build those in house, by the way. Also, The Rip Curl will begin to be installed next week. The first bridge and the double up double down bents will be complete today on the GCI, down to the restroom building. Park rendering
  16. You are correct, our Enterprise (used to be the Wheelie) will have a brand new, state of the art LED package along with its bright new paint job.. Also, our Rip Curl ride has started to show up on site. It is a brand new, custom designed Himalaya style ride with a surfing theme. It will be housed in a new permanent structure shown here. Our owner's wife is showcasing the ride base, which is slightly taller than normal for a little more extreme ride. Rip Curl structure Ride base showcased by Lois Arie Testing the scenery lighting at the Wisdom factory in Colorado First shipment arrives First shipment arrives
  17. They finished hanging the rest of the figure 8 on the Freedom Flyer yesterday.
  18. It's the Miler Sea Serpent we bought from Playland's Castaway Cove.
  19. Here are a few shots from Friday evening. Personally, I think the engineering has an artistic bent to it. Nice complement to the Freedom Flyer, which should have the rest of the track up next week. Trains going on soon, also. Part of the return is in. Nice curves. Should be some nice interaction between the two. Looking up the lift hill. From the station. From the sidewalk near the park entrance.
  20. Right, we don't have any plans to add the other flight line. We think the additional multi-level track is a better use of the space than a second flight line. It's also expensive and a lot of work to put in the other tower and the launch extension on the building. Each tower footer requires 3 pilings which are 60' deep. While it is a bit asymmetrical, we don't think the average guest will give it much thought. The concept was to incorporate a spectacular event ride with an iconic, highly visible landmark for the north I-Drive area; and basically take up almost zero footprint in our small park. We've studied places like Morey's Pier, which is very efficient in its use of space. Our goal is to pack a lot of fun into a relatively small area so you don't have to walk your legs off to have a good time.
  21. Thanks for posting these. The lights on the SkyCoaster are the ones that came with it. Same as when it was at MGM. At some point in the future, we'll probably do an LED package on it.
  22. The arch structure is capable of handling two flight lines, but we are only going to utilize one. One reason is to save space for the new go kart track, it will pass right over where the other back tower would have been. We would have also had to build another launch extension atop the restaurant building. The rooftop configuration allows maximum usage of space in that area. Also, our experience in Kissimmee tells us that a SkyCoaster of this height doesn't necessarily have enough demand to warrant 2 lines. While quite a few people fly in a year, the wait times are not that long even on busy nights. Plus, we think it is more of a unique event with only one flight at a time.
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