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Merry Christmas From Theme Park Review!

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I got-

from my husband:

an external hard drive

a japanese cast iron tea kettle and fresh tea leaves

peanut butter pretzels


crazy, stupid love movie



from our roomie:

ryan adams-ashes and fire cd

nightmare before christmas dvd


from my family:

$200 cash


from co-workers:


a digital picture frame

a record player(that you can turn into mp3's)

gift cards


for myself:

Maverick statix model (bronze)

Millennium Force statix model (blue)

TTD statix model (red)

2 books

Gleaming the Cube dvd

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iPod Touch!



Two Sidney Crosby Shirts-Pittsburgh Penguins

Kris Letang Jersey-Pittsburgh Penguins

Ben Roethlisberger Jersey-Pittsburgh Steelers

Roller Coasters in the Raw! Vol. 6

TPR Drawstring Bag

Grown Ups DVD

The Hurt Locker DVD

Saving Private Ryan DVD

Wii Games (Mario Sports Mix and Ghostbusters)

Mass Effect for PC

Pittsburgh Steelers Trash Can

Penn State Slippers

ACE 2012 Calendar

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- Doctor Who season 2 DVD

- Doctor Who Visual Dictionary

- Simpsons Season 13 DVD

- Dalek poster

- Simpsons Chief Wiggum Book

- Simpsons 2012 calendar

- $100 for Ebay

- $100 for whatever

- Atari shirt

- Big Bang Theory shirt

- $10 Target gift card

- Lots of chocolate

- Jeff Dunham DVD


And the best thing..


Over two pounds of Sour Patch Kids.

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I enjoy giving also! Sure, it's not stress-free, but I come up with well-received ideas...like food.


So here is what I gave:


-Milk chocolate almond and dark chocolate Kisses

-Chocolate Orange


-Almond Roca

-Brandy candy (...I mean brandy-filled chocolates)

-Summer sausage

-Mason jar of buttons

-Empty spools of thread

-iTunes gift card


-Ann Taylor Loft sweater (great brand for multiple age groups!)

-Isotoner gloves

-Trader Joe's lotion (somehow they do it right)


I also played a hand in hiding a vintage sewing table and preparing it for gifting to my mom.

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Merry belated Christmas TPR!!


This year, I got:

A new guitar amp

Super 8 (DVD)

Battle: Los Angeles (DVD)

a DVD of 1001 commercials

Personalized guitar picks

An Angry Birds (black bird) throw blanket

Chocolate covered cookie dough

$100 worth of Best Buy Gift Cards

a couple of funny graphic t-shirts

An Angry Bird plush

Pajama Pants (one this year, last year I racked up 4 )



An ammunition carrying case for snowballs!

And a Magnalite flash light from a grab bag.


My family has quite the sense of humor, but that's why I love them.

Merry Christmas TPR and (in case I miss it on the actual day) Happy New Years!

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Guess I'm a bit late on this, oh well, haha. Here's what I received:


- A "new" record player, my father's well maintained Kenwood KD-51F (which sounds fantastic!)

- A few new records to go with it: The Strokes - Angles, Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (My fav!), Radiohead - The Bends

- $300

- $100 Best Buy gift card (To help pay for an iPhone 4S)

- Socks

- Undershirts

- Work pants

- $100 in gas gift cards

- Getting to see my 3yr old nephew open his presents

- Getting to spend my 5th Christmas with my partner


It was a nice holiday.

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Special Edition Legend Of Zelda 3DS with Ocarina Of Time


Mario Kart 7


Super Mario 3D Land


Starfox 64 3D



Lego Architecture: White House


Santa Fe train Ornament


Crystal Mickey Mouse Ornament


Various Gift cards and money.



THE 3DS IS AWESOME! Especially when GameStop sells the Special edition one for the same price of a normal one.


Adding on...


Super Mario 3D Land


Tetris Axis


Special Edition Jules Verne 7 Novel Volume


more iTunes Money and more gift cards.

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Merry Christmas to all the fine folks here on TPR!! It has been a great holiday season visiting and spending time with our families and friends, which is definitely one of the best parts of Christmas for us.


My wife and I tend to keep the gift exchanging rather subdued, which is nice. We'll fill up each other's stockings then exchange a couple "bigger" gifts. As for this year:


Got from the wife:

- A remote starter for my Subaru Forester!

- A Kennywood book

- Steelers hat

- Daughtry CD


Gave to the wife: (my favorite part)

- A new purse she really loved (but would otherwise never buy herself)

- Tickets to see "Beauty and the Beast" in April

- Glee CD Vol. 7/Live concert DVD

- Harry Potter 7 (Part 2) DVD


We got plenty of other things from the fam, but I won't get into listing all that. Hope you all have a great New Year's!

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Here's what I got


$75 worth of Best Buy Gift cards

Givenchy "NEO" cologne

A soft serve ice cream maker

A griddle

and the most random gift of the year goes to a Domo Onesie pajama set. If I get enough people bugging I MAY be willing to post a photo of me wearing it, but only maybe


Very laid back Christmas this year.

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Well, I got some things for myself 1st during Black Friday sales:


---Ultimate Matrix collection on BluRay

---Season 1,2, and 3 of The Muppet Show

---West Side Story on BluRay

---Jurassic Park Trilogy on BluRay

---North by Northwest on BluRay

---2 new HDTV's for my roommates bedrooms (since I own the house, they are sort of for me!!)


From my partner:

---an awesome Harry Potter sweatshirt from WWoHP

---fuzzy fleece Angry Birds sleep pants!

---the best gift of all: two autographed posters from the Broadway musicals Follies and The Book of Mormon for our piano lounge


And we went home to Ohio to see my family for Christmas for the 1st time in 10 years!


OH! How could I forget! We (my partner and I) both did a 21 day boot camp/workout challenge prior to Christmas. He lost 10 pounds and I lost 15! Woo hoo!!!

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This may seem like a lot, but it's spread out quite a few family members, so I'm not that spoiled...


Bones Season 6 Blu Ray

Inception Blu Ray

Source Code Blu Ray

Chess in Concert DVD

The Cadets "Between Angels and Demons" DVD

Matt Nathanson "Modern Love" CD

Bones Soundtrack CD

House Soundtrack CD

Child of Eden Xbox 360 game

Forza 4

Rayman Origins

Black Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS camera (and case)

A traditional fountain pen set and a leather bound notebook

Fossil Cuff Leather Watch

American Eagle slippers

And 2 tickets to see Matt Nathanson and Kelly Clarkson on January 28!

(Not going to specifically list the clothes)


and some iTunes gift cards.

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So far, I got:

RC Helicopter (Almost gave myself a haircut)

$25 Gamestop gift card

Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii)

ZombiU (Wii U)

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3)

Resident Evil 6 (PS3)

Spintastics "Blizzard" bearing spin top (Sad, kids don't even have the patience to learn these neat toys these days)



$20 Walmart gift card

Rubber/silicone jacket for my Wii U tablet controller

$20 cash

Gloves (good for those cold mornings I ride my bike to work)

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