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  1. Checked the live cam just now. Raptor seems to be stuck on the MCBR with riders inside. Interesting.
  2. I have never had a less enjoyable ride then on Gwazi.
  3. Wicked Twister was posted as an hour wait, plus we were just on a tight schedule. But thanks!
  4. Sorry but, Montana Infinitum, La Feria. Whoops, thanks for the fix.
  5. There is no Schwarzkopf looping coaster with more than 2 loops in an amusement park. All multi-looping Schwarzkopf coasters are on the European funfair circuit.
  6. Finally got up to Cedar Point today! We got there around 10 minutes before opening. Awesome day. Got on Magnum first with no wait. Awesome ride with crazy airtime. The drop in one of the tunnels caught me off guard. Next was Gemini. No wait. They were only running the red side at the time but the blue side opened up later in the day. Fun ride which was smoother than I expected. Then we headed to Maverick. 10 min wait. This was my 2nd favorite at the park. It was crazy awesome and more intense than i thought. The launch in the tunnel actually surprised me. We did Skyhawk next. Swing ride that was just pure fun. Next was Mantis. This was one of the weirdest rides. It was really fun, but it made my legs tingly and it just gave a weird feeling. No problem with headbanging or anything. Then we headed to WindSeeker. That was one of the most relaxing ride of the day (minus any of the "mild" rides.) It was really cool. Then I got on Gatekeeper. That made it my favorite wing rider. I liked it better than X-Flight. It was so cool to be going over the park entrance. MaXair was next. Man oh man, what a great flat ride! You would be floating in the air then come swinging down at 70 mph with huge g-forces. Then we got on Blue Streak. For a ride that was 50 years old, it was a pretty good ride with awesome airtime. Raptor was next. That was an awesome ride. I had no problems with headbanging or roughness. Loved the first loop. Then Iron Dragon. Really fun little suspended coaster. I enjoyed it. Finally we ended with Millenium Force. OMG, I have never experienced like that before. It was so awesome I had no clue what was happening. Definitely #1 currently on my top steel coasters. We were not able to ride Mean Streak, Dragster, Wicked Twister, or Corkscrew due to time constraints. But I will definitely be coming back here soon. One note about the park, compared to the Six Flags in Gurnee, the dispatch times here for the rides were phenomenal. The staff was doing an excellent job at getting the trains out. At Gatekeeper half of the switchbacks were being used and the wait was posted as 45 minutes. I got on in 10 minutes. A big thanks to all of the awesome staff at the park.
  7. I'm heading to Cedar Point for the first time tomorrow. How will the lines be on a Friday? And we were looking to park in the parking lot near Gemini. Is it worth it? Finally, I'm a little hesitant to ride Mantis due too all of the hate it gets. Should I not worry about it? Is it a good ride? Thank you to whoever answers.
  8. I'm going to the park tomorrow. Anyone have an idea on the crowds? I don't expect much because the fact that it's still the school year and it's supposed to be colder tomorrow. I can't wait to see Goliath in person
  9. Thank you for letting me know. Good to know they aren't putting seatbelts on EVERYthing
  10. Random question, but are they going to be adding seatbelts to Raging Bull? I heard a few B&M hyper's are getting them installed like at Diamondback at King's Island.
  11. That looks awesome. The paint looks super cool and the lighting is gonna look really bada$$ at night. I got to get out to Sandusky soon!
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