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Merry Christmas From Theme Park Review!

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Not a lot, but oh well. It's not what I get that counts.


- $50 towards a new guitar (Possibly a ukulele)

- iHome adapter (which I found out it wasn't the adapter that was out, it was the iHome)

-Thermal Socks

- Two books

- The Office season 4

- Swedish Fish

- Tim-Tams

- a Flashlight

- Headphones

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Here's my line up of stuff-


Skyword Sword

Maverick Statix(Gold Train)

Cedar point T-Shirt

Big City Slider Station

A dart bow

Battle of Nabo lego set

Perplexus Epic

Rubiks Twist

Rubiks Ice

A bunch of candy as well as this awesome Asian drink literally named Pop Soda


$75 Amazon card

$25 Walmart card

$25 Target card


The funny thing is, all the gift cards/money is from my relatives, and the real items are from my parents/brother.


Merry Christmas!

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Ho ho ho! I got:


-2 LEGO sets

-A Spinbrush

-Another Tootsie Roll bank

-Hershey's bar

-PlayStation Move bundle

-3" Sackboy (from LittleBIGPlanet^TM series


-The Lion King Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack

-2 T-Shirts

-Cars 2 Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack

-Laffy Taffy

-Electric guitar ornament

-Barnes & Noble gift card

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I finally got a Mac! I got the MacBook Pro 13" & am now all Apple (I have a iPod video, iTouch 1st generation, iPad 2, Verizon iPhone 4, & now a Macbook Pro)! I enjoy all of my Apple products! My brother got the iPhone 4S. I've noticed there are a lot of Apple fans on this site! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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I got:


-Sony wifi Blu-Ray DVD player

-a bunch of DVDs (Harry Potter 7 part 2, Muppet Show season 3, The Great Muppet Caper, Newsies...)

-Samsung HD waterproof pocket video camera

-gift cards (Panera Bread, Sephora, Dunkin Donuts, Kohl's)

-Nile Rodgers' autobiography

-a Beatles book and the recent issue of Life magazine remembering George Harrison

-a Tampa Bay Rays print of the first pitch of Game 1 of the 2008 World Series (which is extra special as I was at that game)

-Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection CD

-a knit panda laplander hat

-a bottle of Philosophy Toasted Marshmallow shower gel/bubble bath

-loads of candy


It was a good day.

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Memory foam slippers

Non-iron pants for work

Toiletries (Shaving supplies, Toothbrush, etc)

Wonder by Robert Sawyer (3rd book in trilogy)

Game of Thrones book

Hangover 2 Blu Ray

Captain America Blu Ray

Batman Arkham City for PS3

Wile E. Coyote 'Super Genius' t-shirt

Muppets Abbey Road t-shirt

Bazinga t-shirt

Season 1 of Arrested Development

Tampa Bay Lightning Stamkos jersey

Popcorn maker with seeds and 3 flavor shakers

Cash, gift cards


But, the best gift of all:

Job offer from engineering company. My first actual career job!

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The only present I took a picture of was my most EPIC present eva!!!!



Not the real dog! The "Original" Slinky Dog :)


Although I did then open up the following:


50mm Canon f1.8 Prime Lens

Harry Potter Complete Collection Blu-Ray Pack

The Inbetweeners Movie Blu-Ray

Rio Blu-Ray

Cokin P Series ND Grad Filter Kit (More camera geek stuff )

Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod - Love It!!!

Loads of Cycling Clothing

Shed load of Chocolate (Probably should have written this line before the cycling one )

Loads of other small bits and bobs and a bit of Cash.


Merry Christmas for yesterday from AndyUK!

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* Gift certificates

* Tix to go F1 go-kart racing

* Lots of candy


My favorite though is the Blu-ray player I got, and I christened it with my brand new Roller Coasters in the Raw vol. 1 & 2 discs (also a gift)! It was soooo good! Total HD coaster porn greatness.

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This year I received almost exclusively items I specifically asked for, including a small number I purchased for myself.

I'm surprised how long the list looks when written out.


-A pretty bracelet (very close to what I wanted, but different enough that I still have an excuse to buy another!)

-Avon shower gels that mysteriously fail to list the scent

-Two bath puffs, one plain and one in clowny multi-colors (I'm always in need of a good scrub!)

-6-pack, YAY! Oh wait, of socks. Oh well.

-Black opaque tights, just what every woman needs (seriously, they're a staple)


-Nail polish


-My traditional bag of Dutch goodies

-Bus tickets (I'm a poor person)

-TWO nail buffers (four-sided and seven-"sided")...I highly recommend these for pretty nails, painted or not

-Fair trade necklace and bracelet made in Nairobi from magazine paper (stuff made out of magazines is always fun!)

-Dark chocolate bar with almonds

-Box of hard candy

-Necco roll! (Love these, and I can buy them again now that they brought back green!)

-Billfold/clutch purse-style wallet (red in a studded pattern). But now I want a purse that goes well with it...

-New Isotoner slippers with PillowStep...I LOVE Isotoner; inexpensive but endlessly comfortable, and they last!

-Neutrogena moisturizer

-A snowflake pin (packaged with a dreadful "special snowflake" message)

-Most of my favorite Ray Bradbury books, plus some new short story collections. Have read: Fahrenheit 451, Dandelion Wine, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Illustrated Man, The Martian Chronicles. Haven't read: The Cat's Pajamas, From the Dust Returned.

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I was really more excited to see my family get the gifts I bought them this year since this is the first year I've spent my own money for every gift I bought for people, but I got some nice gifts too.


--Several different perfumes. I really wanted perfume this year and I got perfume from several different people (including a box of 4 different ones) so I now have enough to have a different scent pretty much every day of the week instead of the same every day.

--Clothes: jeans (which actually fit!), a few shirts, a hoodie, a sweater, fuzzy socks, shoes

--Two CDs I've been wanting for a while and finally have.

--CANDY! (always nice to have even though it'll probably all be eaten before New Years)

--Eye makeup and brushes

--A bunch of other random small things

--Knee pads that I'm going to have to return. I needed new knee pads for roller derby but I didn't think anyone was actually going to get me some so I wasn't very specific about them, but my mom got me some and they're not the right kind I need.

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I figured for christmas I'd do something for my house! I started rennovating my "informal sitting area" (basically the "room with the computer") into a safari style area! The highlight, for me, was a brand new very thin lcd/led 40 inch hdtv! And I took the extra step and had it framed like the T.V.'s in the child swap area on everyones' favorite ride, forbidden journey!


Sampling out some paint colors...went with the first shade.


Got some new cool/funky "safari" chairs. Still looking for an african inspired love seat. Any suggestions let me know! also gonna line the wall in this picture with fresh cut and stained bamboo! Im going all out for this one!


The highlight of my christmas! A brand new TV situated in a custom frame. Not as "gaudy" as the ones in forbidden journey but I had to go with something that would blend in with the safari theme.


With a gold rope "holding" it on the wall!

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