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Merry Christmas From Theme Park Review!

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Not a lot, but oh well. It's not what I get that counts.


- $50 towards a new guitar (Possibly a ukulele)

- iHome adapter (which I found out it wasn't the adapter that was out, it was the iHome)

-Thermal Socks

- Two books

- The Office season 4

- Swedish Fish

- Tim-Tams

- a Flashlight

- Headphones

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Here's my line up of stuff-


Skyword Sword

Maverick Statix(Gold Train)

Cedar point T-Shirt

Big City Slider Station

A dart bow

Battle of Nabo lego set

Perplexus Epic

Rubiks Twist

Rubiks Ice

A bunch of candy as well as this awesome Asian drink literally named Pop Soda


$75 Amazon card

$25 Walmart card

$25 Target card


The funny thing is, all the gift cards/money is from my relatives, and the real items are from my parents/brother.


Merry Christmas!

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Ho ho ho! I got:


-2 LEGO sets

-A Spinbrush

-Another Tootsie Roll bank

-Hershey's bar

-PlayStation Move bundle

-3" Sackboy (from LittleBIGPlanet^TM series


-The Lion King Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack

-2 T-Shirts

-Cars 2 Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack

-Laffy Taffy

-Electric guitar ornament

-Barnes & Noble gift card

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I finally got a Mac! I got the MacBook Pro 13" & am now all Apple (I have a iPod video, iTouch 1st generation, iPad 2, Verizon iPhone 4, & now a Macbook Pro)! I enjoy all of my Apple products! My brother got the iPhone 4S. I've noticed there are a lot of Apple fans on this site! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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I got:


-Sony wifi Blu-Ray DVD player

-a bunch of DVDs (Harry Potter 7 part 2, Muppet Show season 3, The Great Muppet Caper, Newsies...)

-Samsung HD waterproof pocket video camera

-gift cards (Panera Bread, Sephora, Dunkin Donuts, Kohl's)

-Nile Rodgers' autobiography

-a Beatles book and the recent issue of Life magazine remembering George Harrison

-a Tampa Bay Rays print of the first pitch of Game 1 of the 2008 World Series (which is extra special as I was at that game)

-Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection CD

-a knit panda laplander hat

-a bottle of Philosophy Toasted Marshmallow shower gel/bubble bath

-loads of candy


It was a good day.

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Memory foam slippers

Non-iron pants for work

Toiletries (Shaving supplies, Toothbrush, etc)

Wonder by Robert Sawyer (3rd book in trilogy)

Game of Thrones book

Hangover 2 Blu Ray

Captain America Blu Ray

Batman Arkham City for PS3

Wile E. Coyote 'Super Genius' t-shirt

Muppets Abbey Road t-shirt

Bazinga t-shirt

Season 1 of Arrested Development

Tampa Bay Lightning Stamkos jersey

Popcorn maker with seeds and 3 flavor shakers

Cash, gift cards


But, the best gift of all:

Job offer from engineering company. My first actual career job!

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The only present I took a picture of was my most EPIC present eva!!!!



Not the real dog! The "Original" Slinky Dog :)


Although I did then open up the following:


50mm Canon f1.8 Prime Lens

Harry Potter Complete Collection Blu-Ray Pack

The Inbetweeners Movie Blu-Ray

Rio Blu-Ray

Cokin P Series ND Grad Filter Kit (More camera geek stuff )

Manfrotto Carbon Fibre Tripod - Love It!!!

Loads of Cycling Clothing

Shed load of Chocolate (Probably should have written this line before the cycling one )

Loads of other small bits and bobs and a bit of Cash.


Merry Christmas for yesterday from AndyUK!

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* Gift certificates

* Tix to go F1 go-kart racing

* Lots of candy


My favorite though is the Blu-ray player I got, and I christened it with my brand new Roller Coasters in the Raw vol. 1 & 2 discs (also a gift)! It was soooo good! Total HD coaster porn greatness.

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This year I received almost exclusively items I specifically asked for, including a small number I purchased for myself.

I'm surprised how long the list looks when written out.


-A pretty bracelet (very close to what I wanted, but different enough that I still have an excuse to buy another!)

-Avon shower gels that mysteriously fail to list the scent

-Two bath puffs, one plain and one in clowny multi-colors (I'm always in need of a good scrub!)

-6-pack, YAY! Oh wait, of socks. Oh well.

-Black opaque tights, just what every woman needs (seriously, they're a staple)


-Nail polish


-My traditional bag of Dutch goodies

-Bus tickets (I'm a poor person)

-TWO nail buffers (four-sided and seven-"sided")...I highly recommend these for pretty nails, painted or not

-Fair trade necklace and bracelet made in Nairobi from magazine paper (stuff made out of magazines is always fun!)

-Dark chocolate bar with almonds

-Box of hard candy

-Necco roll! (Love these, and I can buy them again now that they brought back green!)

-Billfold/clutch purse-style wallet (red in a studded pattern). But now I want a purse that goes well with it...

-New Isotoner slippers with PillowStep...I LOVE Isotoner; inexpensive but endlessly comfortable, and they last!

-Neutrogena moisturizer

-A snowflake pin (packaged with a dreadful "special snowflake" message)

-Most of my favorite Ray Bradbury books, plus some new short story collections. Have read: Fahrenheit 451, Dandelion Wine, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Illustrated Man, The Martian Chronicles. Haven't read: The Cat's Pajamas, From the Dust Returned.

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I was really more excited to see my family get the gifts I bought them this year since this is the first year I've spent my own money for every gift I bought for people, but I got some nice gifts too.


--Several different perfumes. I really wanted perfume this year and I got perfume from several different people (including a box of 4 different ones) so I now have enough to have a different scent pretty much every day of the week instead of the same every day.

--Clothes: jeans (which actually fit!), a few shirts, a hoodie, a sweater, fuzzy socks, shoes

--Two CDs I've been wanting for a while and finally have.

--CANDY! (always nice to have even though it'll probably all be eaten before New Years)

--Eye makeup and brushes

--A bunch of other random small things

--Knee pads that I'm going to have to return. I needed new knee pads for roller derby but I didn't think anyone was actually going to get me some so I wasn't very specific about them, but my mom got me some and they're not the right kind I need.

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