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Merry Christmas From Theme Park Review!

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WWE '13 - Wii

Marvel's the Avengers - DVD

The Other Guys - DVD

Big Bang Theory - Seasons 1, 2, 4, 5 (Already had 3)

Roller Coasters in the Raw! Vol. 7 + 2 Coaster Expedition DVDs

Family Guy - Seasons 1-4

K'nex Vertical Viper


I did get more, but this is the stuff I was happiest to get. It was a great Christmas!

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My tickets to parks in Orlando on my recent trip were my main presents... but also got some small stuff.


Coffee Maker (It was a gag gift for my mom who wanted a Nespresso, so when she got that I asked for the cheap one and got it).

Gift Cards - Starbucks, iTunes, Arco

Lottery Scratchers - Won $5!

Giants World Series Hoodie


Starbucks Cold Coffee cup

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My 2012 haul:


--Early 1950s "Jolly Caterpillar" ride sign from Euclid Beach Park

--Other random Euclid Beach stuff (tickets, T-shirts, photos, books, a catalog, a VHS documentary, etc., most of which I already had, but which came as a package with the sign--I will say that the photos, which were original 8X10s taken circa 1969, were especially cool)

--Lots of vintage trading cards from the 1930s-1970s

--"From Dreamer to Dreamfinder" autobiography by former Disney cast member Ron Schneider

--"Epcot" vintage 1982 coffee table book about the making of the park, rare first edition (found at Goodwill, no less)

--"Card Collectors Bulletin" book, 1960 edition with original dust jacket (in the vintage trading card hobby, this is a fairly big deal)

--Trivial Pursuit "Bet You Know It" edition

--"Life in the Analog Age" comic book set

--Vintage DC comics from the 1970s

--Portable power station/jump starter

--Staple gun

--Swimming trunks and a surf shirt in my new size (a none-too-subtle hint from Kelly that now that I'm over 100 pounds lighter, I'm running out of excuses not to go to the beach with her)

--Travel steamer (for when I'm away at work conferences or traveling with Kelly for weddings and other formal affairs that require stuffing dress shirts into suitcases)

--Lots of "odds and ends" collectibles, including Disney park memorabilia, World's Fair memorabilia and a vintage holiday matchbook

--Lots of various foods, including Barnacles snack mix, a Hickory Farms gift pack, exotic cured sausages, German and Polish mustards, pickled watermelon rind, cookies and candy (Andes Cherry Jubilee, all-cherry Mike & Ikes, Pretzel M&Ms, Russell Stover marshmallow Santas, etc.)

--Budweiser barbecue sauce set

--Two ties

--Gift cards to Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse

--$150 in cash and Visa gift cards


Jolly, jolly, jolly!

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Just to mention a few things here....


~ Pesos for my upcoming TPR Mexico Tour.


~ Coffee table book on the creation of

V "The Book of Mormon" Brdwy musical.


~ Candy and chocolate.

Way - too - much of it.


Lots of photos, the entire libretto and the score and interviews with everybody involved with it. (o: (Clicking not possible HERE.)

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So this year I received......


- lots and lots of GB Packers apparel - I'm ready for a game next year. Just have to get tickets to one.

- Aaron Rodgers calendar (now I can look at him all year round )

- This awesome hat of a cow wearing a GB Packers helmet. I should probably take a picture of me wearing it.

- Michael Buble Christmas CD

- Coach perfume set (mini size)

- new toiletry bag

- OPI nail polish set (again mini size because it would take me forever to go through a regular size bottle)

- $25 iTunes gift card

- Two new purses and wallets. Mom totally surprised me on these. I knew I was getting one wallet (I did pick it out and was there when she bought it).

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Aside from my Secret Santa gift:


Cedar Fair Platinum Pass

I Am America (And So Can You) and America Again by Stephen Colbert

A guitar capo/tuner

A device to plug a guitar into an iPod/iPhone

A Colbert Report shirt

Star Wars Pajamas

A geek book from Popular Mechanics

A pair of gloves

An emergency flashlight/charging station

A multi-purpose mug shaped like an expensive camera lens

About $335 in gift cards and cash

And underwear


The first two items were the only things on my wish list, so this was a successful Christmas!

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My main gift this year was a laptop. Kind of unplanned but I picked it out. (just lost my job so I needed a laptop so I could potentially be a contractor.)


Gift cards: target, old navy, Panera bread, Barnes and noble

T-shirts with cool sayings

A tardis hat, the grinch hat, and a couple other winter hats.

doctor who yahtzee

Printer ink

Doctor who throw

Gag gift: a game called doody head.

A poster of the beekman boys. (winners of this seasons amazing race.)

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This year was a pretty good year, I got:


-32" Samsung LED TV (Got on Black Friday but counted as a gift for Christmas)

-Many books (Killing Lincoln/Kennedy, Civil War ones, No Easy day, etc)


-$50 Dick's gift card, $15 itunes gift card, and $30

-Clothes (Nike, Adidas, Under Armour hoodies)

-New Blu-rays (Documentaries on Civil War and Space Race, Dark Knight Rises, MIB3, etc)

-Need for Speed: Most Wanted (PS3)

-Calender of skyscrapers

-NYC poster thing

-Statix roller coaster models (also got on Black Friday)

-K'nex coaster

-Art magazine

-New headphones (lost my others somehow)


So not a bad year. By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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This year was really good. Probably the best in the past three.


-2 Video Games: Pokemon Black 2 and Lego Lord of the Rings

-2 DVDs: Roller Coasters in the RAW 7 and The Dark Knight (need to exchange this for Dark Knight Rises as I already have it)

-3 Books: Coasters 101: An Engineer's Guide to Roller Coaster Design by Nick Weisenberger, Theme Park Design: Behind the Scenes with an Engineer by Steve Alcorn, and Holiday with a Vampire 4 by Susan Krinard (this one was a joke gift)

-5 Movie Scores: The Amazing Spider-Man, The Bourne Legacy, Skyfall, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

-Skiing Gear: New gloves, goggles, and ski socks, a balaclava, and a glove warmer

-2013 Knott's Berry Farm Season Pass

-Techvac keyboard duster

-Digital coin bank

-Sorry! Revenge card game

-Toy Weapons: NERF Revolver and plastic grenade (joke gifts)

-$645 in cash

-Candy: 1 giant Santa, two marshmallow trees, a Bordeaux treat (all this from See's), 2 York Peppermint Patties, a king size Sarburst, a king size Skittles, a canister of Life Savers, and a small box of Hershey's Kisses.


This includes everything from my mother, father, both sets of grandparents, and my siblings. For the record, the DVDs, Video Games, and Movie Scores were on my list (along with money in general), and everything else was a surprise. Also somewhat amusing is that due to a running joke my mom and siblings have (they like to address presents using various historical and fictional people to hint at what is inside), I recieved gifts from Abe Lincoln, Bilbo, Cheren, Edward Cullen, Helen Keller, Katniss Everdeen, Ronald Reagan, and Sad-Eye Joe.

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iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Case

Screen Protectors

4GB of RAM for my Macbook

Laptop cooling pad

PJ Pants/Shirts/Clothing

A Winter Hat

Care Box (Deodorants/etc/stuff like that lol)

Ke$ha's new CD Warrior and her bonus Acoustic EP

Vans Slip On Shoes

Calvin Klein Wallet

Hells Kitchen Season 1 DVD

110 in Cash

200+ in cash for the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention in February.

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Bose Soundwave bluetooth speaker

iGrill Digital grill thermometer that syncs to my iPad

Bourbon Decatur

Eliptical machine for the house (wife's present kind of but I use it too)

Tickets to see Tenacious D this spring

Some new tools (drill, mitre saw, etc) to finally get some projects done around the house

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