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Merry Christmas From Theme Park Review!

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Here is my take for the year:


- Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

- Cash from parents

- iTunes Gift cards

- Target Gift card


At this point, it is much more about the kids than what I actually get, so I really enjoyed watching them opening their presents this year!

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I got

-iPhone 4s (I got it in November)

-iHome Speaker/Alarm

- Domo Calender <3 (I got my self that ahah) It had stickers too!!

-Apple Soda

-A wall clock

- $$$$$$$$$

- Starbucks Card!! Yummm

- 70$ of iTunes cards!

- and A GREAT new Jacket I been wanting!

I had a great X-mas

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The rest of the goods I got today:

Sonic Generations (PS3)

Dead Island (PS3)

Driver: San Francisco (PS3)

Mario Kart 7

Awesome Link breaking master sword shirt from shirt.woot


And because I'm a yoyo addict as well, especially during the off season:

Duncan yoyo "Freakhand" shirt (mummy yoyoing, looks awesome)

"Magic Yo" T9 metal yoyo (Seriously, this yoyo should cost much more than it does)

"Aoda Littles" metal yoyo (about the size of a 50¢ coin, it's tiny but plays really good)


Rest of the stuff:

$75 in Target gift cards

$25 Gamestop card

$20 Walmart card


Only game I got to pull out so far was Mario Kart 7, it is awesome! Can't wait to whip out Sonic, Driver, and Dead Island.

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Happy Christmas right back at ya Rob and Elissa and to all the TPR readers out there.


I got a membership in D23, socks, undershirts and bottle of "champagne" salad dressing.


I got my partner tickets to the "Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review" for next week along with a book of "Dirty Japanese" phrases he can learn before our trip to Japan in May.

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Wads of Cash (so originial )

Bag of Reeses Big Cups (yum)

New Vic Firth drumset sticks and practice drum pad

2012 Rollercoaster Calender


And of course my family always gets us practical gifts:


Hair/facial hair trimming kit (who wants to pay $15 for a haircut anyway)

New Gillette Fusion razors


All in all a very good Christmas.


And Merry Christmas TPR!

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Happy Holidays everyone!


In my stocking I got:

Six Flags Magic Mountain 2012 Extreme Pass

Little Known Facts about Well-Known Places: Disneyland (Book)


A new HD Video Camera (Pocket Sized)


Under the Tree:

The new Steve Jobs book

A Wool Coat from H&M

Neff Watch (I'm 13, leave me alone)

2 Flannels

2 pairs of Jeans

A Vinylmation Collectible from Disneyland


Last but not least an ACE Coaster Calender...great day :]

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Merry Christmas Robb, Elissa and all of Theme Park Review.



Smencils (pencils that smell), colour pencils, socks, underwear, chocolate , Mr Men book and Marshmallow fluff .



Dinoshark , top secret laptop sleeve, Zelda for Wii, a watch, Guinness World Records 2012, Ripley's Believe It or Not 2012, Lego Rockefeller Centre, aluminium fibre wallet, and gig tickets to Enter Shikari.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!


I got:

- $420 Cash

- $100 iTunes Giftcard

- $50 Amazon Giftcard

- $40 Starbucks Card(s)

- Klipsch Headphones

- Knight and Day blu-ray

- Modern Family Season 2

- New Pajamas

- Steve Jobs biography

- Coca-Cola mug

- Candy!


And... My Santa Claw T-Shirt! Clawsome!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!



I got:

-Canon 50mm 1.8f prime lens

-Slik Pro 700DX tripod (it's huge I'm 6' and at full height it's 5 inches taller than me)

-Caselogic SLR-206 Laptop/Camera backpack, holds all my gear, with like 10 pockets still open, plus the tripod fits on the side

-VersaEmerge (band) Jean Jacket

-iwrestledabearonce t-shirt

-iwrestledabearonce hoody

-iwrestledabearonce's guitarist's clothing line t-shirt

-Paramore tshirt

-Axe shower gel/deodorant kit

-iTunes gift cards

-300 in cash

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Underarmour sweatshirt

Laptop case, mouse, and USB drive-thingy

A whole cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory

A huge poster of a monkey on it

Modern Warfare 3

About 10 cards from a bunch of family members

2 board games I forgot the name of



Nothing to do with theme parks or roller coasters. Although I found out I'm going to Branson (Missouri) for a week in June (it's like a tradition that we didn't get last year or the year before). So yeah, thats pretty nice. I'll get to hang out with my cousins some more and shoot some RAW footage.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!


I was beyond excited to get the gift that will forever be considered one of the greatest stocking stuffers ever in my eyes, My parents are taking all of us kids (4) and grandkids (4) to Walk Disney World!! Im so excited its going to be amazing to see the faces of the kids for the first time in the parks!


I also got surround sound, clothes, and a $50 visa gift card!


Hope everyone here on TPR had a great Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas, everyone!


My haul this year:


Cash (the greatest gift of all!)

“The Garner Files” by James Garner and Jon Winokur

“The Epcot Explorer’s Encyclopedia” by R.A. Pedersen

“Four Decades of Magic,” a series of essays on the first 40 years of Walt Disney World

“Love to Love You Bradys,” a behind-the-scenes look at “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour” by Susan Olson and others

An original illustration by artist Mark Cline

An illustrated book on the history of tobacco and caramel baseball cards

“Rolling Stone” music trivia book

Back issues of “The Wrapper” card collecting magazine

Box of random Disney animated film promotional items (which were mostly reprints and DVD inserts, but included a theater-used 1976 “Dumbo” re-release lobby card)

Rocky Glen Park DVD

Idora Park DVD and unused ticket

“Tripoley” card game

“Munchkin Zombies” game (from TPR Secret Santa)

Mickey Mouse pajama pants

Various neckties

Monogrammed handkerchiefs

Cell phone car charger

Tape measure

Barnacles snack mix

Peanut M&Ms

Lemon-cranberry pound cake

Famous Dave’s gift card

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Around 925 USD

Skyward Sword (Wii)

Space Invaders Extreme 2 (DS)

Some assorted candy and food items


I feel spoiled! I asked for Twilight Princess, but my Dad must have picked out the first Zelda game he saw... Lucky me!


And, I'm building a computer with the money. So excited to get started!


I also got Europa Univeralis III from my friend Daniel on Steam

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--Nike 6.0 Zoom Air Shoes

--6 Sweatshirts (Purdue, Adidas, UNC, Alabama, Boise State, U of I)

--Mtn. Dew, Duke, Purdue, Villinova Shirts

--4 pairs of jeans


--NBA 2K12

--Green Hornet and Tropic Thunder movies

--Candy and Giftcards

--Purdue Pennant and Cup


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Let me start with the 15" MacBook Pro my wife and I bought for our selfs 3 weeks ago.


2 Chicago Blackhawks Tickets

$50 in Scratch off lottery tickets

Incase MacBook Pro case

English Toffee

Season 6,7,8 of Two and a Half Men

$30 Jersey Mikes Gift card

$50 Target Gift card

$20 Kohl's Gift card

$20 Best Buy Gift card

$20 Starbucks Gift card

A toy for the Baby coming

Picture frame with our last name on it

Godiva Dark Chocolate Pearls

Hickory wood for my smoker

Apple wood for my smoker

And some things to be named tomorrow

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