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Merry Christmas From Theme Park Review!

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I got...

Masters of the Universe Classics Orko figure

Goonies T-shirt

Smurfs DVD

The Lorax DVD

Hello Kitty DVD

Betty White calendar

Peanuts chess set

Cookie Monster stuffed animal


Epic Mickey

A whole slew of bobbleheads from my mom?

$50 barnes & noble gift card

$50 iTunes card


I got my boyfriend...

An Aladdin genie watch replacing one that got burned up as a kid

A quilting book

A Monster High stuffed doll

A fushigi ball

A very nice ink pen

The Fire Within Cirque de Soleil DVD set

A bunch of little magic tricks

A new laptop

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A great Christmas!


First of all, I'd like to thank Robb and Elissa (and my partner) for getting my Club TPR membership processed and all the goodies in the mail so I received them by Christmas!


* Club TPR t-shirt

* 'In Dog Beers, I've only had one' t-shirt

* Rick Steve's guide to Italy (hoping to go in 2011)

* Taylor Made golf balls, Callaway golf gloves and tees

* Golf's most difficult holes 2011 calendar

* Two gift sets of Crown Royal w/glasses

* Dress socks

* SNL seasons 1,2 & 3 on DVD

* Cheers seasons 2 & 7 on DVD

* Pandorum - DVD

* Buffalo Bills t-shirt

* Snow scraper

* Car roof snow rake

* Roof snow rake (yep, we have tons of snow here!)

* Ryobi 4 cycle weed trimmer

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- A 2003 Hyundai Sonata (Was my Parents, they got a new car and gave me their old one)

- 3 Months of Car Insurance paid for by the parents as well!

- 1 Year AAA Membership

- Cars on Bluray (Collecting all the Pixar Blurays)

- Legend of the Guardians Bluray

- iTunes Gift Card

- MUSE Concert Guitar Picks (Used by MUSE) from the concert I attended in October

- Kenneth Cole Black Cologne

- 16"x20" Canvas Print of THIS PHOTO

- $50

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Dell Inspiron laptop

Nightmare Before Christmas DVD

Disney Vinylmation yeti

DJ Lance vinyl figure

Toy Story Mania TV plug and play game

Kohl's gift card

Old Navy gift card

Carrabba's gift card

Lots of random candy

And half of the lease on my new Honda Civic

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I got:


Goldeneye 007 + Special Edition Gold Classic Controller Pro For the Wii


Several Lego Atlantis Sets, I asked for them, and I'm using them to attempt to create an omnimover Lego Atlantis Ride.


$50 iTunes Gift Card


Numerous Novels


MexiCoke (Bottled Coca-Cola for Mexico) They use cane sugar instead of processed sugar so it's twice as good!


And the Ultimatum,


Airplane Tickets To Florida Next Summer, with the promise of four parks,




I'm really excited! Chetah Hunt here I come!

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-2 belts

-Various movies on DVD

-Mini refrigerator

-5lbs espresso beans Christmas blend and 2 bottles vanilla syrup(can you tell my daughter works for Starbucks?)



I got my wife an iPad, bring on Angry Birds!

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I got a new telly and I even managed to set it all up by myself this afternoon (this is a big achievement for a blondie like myself!)


Piers and my Dad fixed Piers' old Wii for me which was really unexpected and a really nice surprise.


My Godsons got me all the Jaws films - shark shark shark shark shark


I also got some cash, chocs, nail varnish, the usuals.


A great Christmas!

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This is what santa brought me this year....


A complete set of ginsu knifes

A vast collection of porn(including Ron jeremy's greatest hit's)

A leopard skin thong


Pet shop boys greatest hit's cd

Something called "for when she is away"

A shake weight

White castle gift card

A case of busch beer

A kazoo

Mega pirana on dvd

A hair brush

A bottle of maple syrup

Knitted oven mitts


What I really got....


Lot's of clothes

Some gift cards

Lot's of blank dvd's and cd-r disks

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Merry Christmas everyone!


I got two lenses from my hubby.. (well, I got them early, but they were a combined birthday/Christmas present)

-Sigma 24-70 f2.8

-Sigma 105 f2.8

-all the house stuff that I asked for from my MIL


We don't do adults anymore otherwise since there are so many in the family to buy for, and still this is one of the best Christmases in awhile.

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This is what I got.


-Air heads



-Ear buds

Tree presents:

-Epic Mickey (Wii)

-Epic Mickey paint brush nunchuck

-Mario Cart (Wii)

-Cobra's Curse K nex' set

-Coaster calender for 2011

-Mouse Trap board game

- 3 long sleeve shirts


-Madden NFL 11

-Yahtzee Hands Down card game

-Shrek Forever After DVD

-The Soecerer's Aprentice DVD

-Game storage tower (Wii, X Box 360, PS3)

-Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth

-$25 cash


Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!

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Sorry this looks so long, it can pretty much be divided into food, stuff i can wear, and entertainment! My list includes a number of items I bought for myself...after all, people don't know my tastes quite as well as they think they do...


--$50 iTunes gift card (should go towards a couple rap albums and maybe a sampling of pop & classic rock)

--$200 to be sent to my account

--Bag of Dutch goodies

--Dutch chocolate coin

--Roll of minty thingies (kind of like my beloved Necco, except all one flavor...)

--Box of coffee-flavored chocolates (my breakfast this morning)

--Bag of Ghirardelli milk chocolates (my snack last night)

--Body wash (I guess I must be dirty...)

--Owl pajama pants!

--Soft fleecy pajama pants

--Romper, summery shirt, casual dress, black long-sleeve shirt

--Colorful socks

--A new blankie!!! (micro-fleece throw)


--Pretty colors of nail polish (blue and purple!)

--Body lotion

--Scented candles (after all these years, I am finally trusted with fire???)

--RAW 2-5

--TPR MINTS!!! (total surprise for me)

--Magical TPR pen! (another surprise)

--Of Course I'm for Monogamy by Marilyn vos Savant (very WTF title, but great read!)

--Big Money Hustlas, starring Insane Clown Posse (finally I can watch a legal version!)

--Big Money Rustlas (TERRIBLE movie, but enjoyable nonetheless)

--Dead Flowerz by Esham

--A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows by the 77s (incredibly underrated rock band!)

--Ninety Nine by the 77s

--Mutant by Twiztid

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