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Merry Christmas From Theme Park Review!

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$75 cash

$50 cash

$100 cash

Club TPR Membership (Yes, I'm finally joining the club very soon)


Also, yesterday was the confirmation that I'm re-newing my Six Flags pass for 2013. So, I'm happy about getting my Full Throttle & Superman (SFDK) credit.

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Knott's Berry Farm Pass (Cedar Fair Platinum)

iPhone 5

Dark Knight Rises and Amazing Spiderman on Blu-ray

Lego Batman II for Wii

Getting a kitten


-3 Books: Coasters 101: An Engineer's Guide to Roller Coaster Design by Nick Weisenberger, Theme Park Design: Behind the Scenes with an Engineer by Steve Alcorn, and Holiday with a Vampire 4 by Susan Krinard (this one was a joke gift)


The Steve Alcorn book is a great read! I'ts very interesting.

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A hand made ornament from one of my Daughters

Framed pictures of another daughter and her husband who are back in Mississippi.

A T-Shirt from Point Loma from my third daughter who goes to school there

A K-cup coffee maker for my office from my Mom She also got me a gift Cert to REI.


My wife and I didn't exchange gifts this year. We kind of figured the Cuckoo clock we bought in Germany this year was our present to each other.

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The usual stuff:

> Socks and underwear

> Chocolate coins

> Chocolate pigs

> Chocolate bears

> Lollies

> Popcorn

> Popping candy chocolate spread

> Marshmallow fluff (goes well with popping candy chocolate spread)



> A knitted jumper

> Slipper socks

> A knitted effect Rudolf shirt

> Long sleeved shirt

> Black jeans

> A Sherlock Holmes coat

> Gloves

> Nightwear



> Guinness World Records 2013

> Ripley's Believe It Or Not 2013

> A Top Gear Christmas

> Dave Gorman Vs. the Rest of the World

> Angry Birds colour in book

> Family Guy Annual 2013

> A Japanese phrase book

> Wreck This Journal, basically destroy it

> Coasters 101: An Engineer's Guide to Roller Coaster Design, it's quite good



> The Hunger Games

> The Inbetweeners Movie



> A Nintendo Wii controller

> Just Dance 4

> An Xbox 360, finally.


Fun stuff:

> A Boom Ball (a speaker the size of a golf ball)

> iTunes £10 gift card


Unusual stuff:

> A 3-in-1 clothes brush (brush, lint brush & shoehorn)

> 15 different types of toiletries

> Toilet roll

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* A Sony Cybershot camera with a sturdy camera case/belt strap (so it won't crush my viewfinder while it's in my cargo pocket on coasters!)

* Extra camera battery

* 8 GB memory card for the camera

* Golf shirt

* Acqua Di Gio cologne set

* 1.75 L of Crown Royal

* Lots of stocking stuffers

* Yankee Candle

* Portable alarm clock

* A very large cookbook


Still haven't done Christmas with Dad yet, so more goodies yet to come!

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What I got for Christmas:

Jawbone by Jambox wireless speaker for my MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and iPod

Jack White, fun. and Foster the People CDs

Green Day Uno/Dos/Tre CDs

World Market Winter Brews sampler pack

Sharper Image Chill & Pour wine pourer

Vans shoes

600 count Egyptian cotton sheets for my new bed

Memory foam pillow

Some clothes like shirt, socks, etc...

$100 cash and a bunch of crap from my Grandma (stuff from her apartment she doesn't know what to do with)

The family got a $100 Starbucks gift card from my dad to split when we go on road trips


My birthday was December 21 and I got:

A new Diamond Mattress with memory foam and a new bed from my dad (which is being delivered later this week)

Halo 4

A couple of nice shirts and some socks

$100 cash from my Grandma

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My swag for 2012:

Various gift cards to restaurants

Best buy gift card

$75 AMEX gift card

Bed, bath and beyond gift card

Vegetable chopper

All the missing coaster expeditions I didn't have (10 of them-gift to myself)

Wine(which I don't drink)



Car tag that says "I'd rather be on a roller coaster"

Magazine subscription

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- New Nook (since I can never get my hands on the tablet to read)

- A few shirts

- Some running bottles

- Prometheus and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on Blu Ray


That was really about it.


Our "family" gifts were much more exciting


- New Wii (since our's stopped playing discs ... we now use the old one for Netflix in the Bedroom)

- A few games (Epic Mickey 1 and 2, Lego Lord of the Rings, Lego Batman 2)

- A few movies (Brave, Hunger Games, Dark Knight Rises)


Daughter got a new iPod, son got a 3DS, wife got a necklace and some kitchen stuff.

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I hope every body had a very Merry Christmas!


A good amount of clothes, but my favorite gifts-


GoPro hero 3 (Black)-So pumped for this

Cabin in the woods/Pixar shorts volume 2

Playstation all stars!


My birthday is also on Christmas, best gift of that was from my fiancé...

2 tickets to Europa park, when I go to Europe for the first time next year!

Also a picture of Millennium Force I took, she sent off and got it turned into a puzzle! So much fun!

A light up long board, so sick!


Have a great new year everybody!!!

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My parents are going to order supplies from ziplinegear.com for my future 190 foot zipline. It is replacing the abandoned SBNO 88 foot zipline that is in the edge of my woods. The old zipline will eventually become defunct. I already have the Quicksilver trolley from ziplinegear.com and want to buy a cyclone seat disc swing for my new zipline.

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