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Merry Christmas From Theme Park Review!

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First off, To everyone at TPR, wishing you, your families and everyone close a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for an awesome year!


So far it's been a great Christmas! We open our gifts on Christmas Eve before doing the church stuff. This is the first time that no one other than immediate family was over, making us just four for the first time ever. It was actually really nice! That changes this afternoon lol


A got a gift from the family of a Panasonic HDCTM 900K camcorder.....sweet! The porn will come out crystal clear I'm sure.


To add to the Apple stuff - got the software to re-wrap the 1080p content into something my iMac can edit.


I was a Windows guy who converted to Mac and became just a 'little' bit addicted -- organizing and editing content was just so much easier without all the troubleshooting and crashing. So, the family got me the big honkin' Steve Jobs bio hard cover edition. Because that's what Steve wanted. To have us not buying the iBooks edition....


Some clothings for work and life...no one needs to see everyone naked I say, without being pre-approved


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas everyone! This year we had to make multiple sacrifices due to an accident and my daughters epileptic issues. We did not do gifts this year due to budget requirements. We will have a great Christmas dinner. My 4 children have been troopers about this. I told them I would make up for this next Christmas (or sooner). I have really enjoyed reading the posts here and seeing such wonderful gifts. Just remember, it's not about the gifts, hold your family close. You don't need anything else.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season Greetings and Happy New Year


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(It should be noted that many of these gifts could have come from Hannukah Harry's South Pole Emporium, where you can get great gifts at holiday bargains, year round!)




I, too got gifts from Hannukah Harry's this year- but a short list:


Under the "Airline Geeks and entrepneur's category":

Sir Richard Bransons' latest book "Screw your way to innovation"

Sir Richard Bransons' previous book "business Stripped Bare"


Under the "Elissa friendly" category:

Coca Cola sleepwear and a t-shirt (I could have used THAT in Atlanta!) as well as THREE new Ikea Ratta (Black, Grey and White


Under the "Disney Geeks will be green with envy category: E-Ticket Magazines' first CDROM featuring the early issues, plus a copy of the "Disneyland's Mine Train" issue (YES! My BF KNOWS what I like!)


Under the "I went to culinary school, and all I got was this lousy Coffee Filter hat" Category:

A new Shun cleaver (Be afraid, be very afraid!)

A copy of the new Deen Brothers' cookbook


A three rib (Low-number count) prime rib of beef, which will soon begin the long, slow journey into tastyland.




Under the

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Since my birthday and Christmas are under a week from each other, here's what I got:

A Silver Maverick Coaster Dynamix Statix model

$70 of gift cards for Best Buy

$25 gift card for Sheetz

$25 gift card for Turkey Hill

$25 gift card for Subway

$25 for McDonalds

Diamondback T-shirt

Maverick Poster

A toolbox for household repairs

$210 of cash (and still growing)


Under the TPR category:

A TPR t-shirt with a luggage tag holder, pencil, and a KI and SFGadv park map.

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Here's what I got:


Angry Birds calendar and stickers

Dunkin Donuts coffee

Coffee mug from Walmart


GIANT new bulletin board and funky push pins to go with it

American Pie

Office chair (that "lets my butt breathe!")

$100 from my grandparents

Two t-shirts

Gray Camouflage pajama pants

And a black t-shirt that says "Got roller coaster?" Easily my favorite of the gifts

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Special Edition Legend Of Zelda 3DS with Ocarina Of Time


Mario Kart 7


Super Mario 3D Land


Starfox 64 3D



Lego Architecture: White House


Santa Fe train Ornament


Crystal Mickey Mouse Ornament


Various Gift cards and money.



THE 3DS IS AWESOME! Especially when GameStop sells the Special edition one for the same price of a normal one.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!


This Christmas was my best ever! I got:

-iPhone 4S (had this for a bit now, but it was still my biggest thing )

-Six new hoodies (I'm obsessive)

-Tons of British and Japanese food, drink, and candy imports

-A Metric Ton of Top Gear Merch

-Uncharted 3

-$30 of iTunes credits

-Maverick Statix

-Scale Models of a Pagani Zonda F, a Bugatti Veyron, and a Bugatti EB110

-Two CD's (Rise Against's "Appeal to Reason" and REO Speedwagon's "Greatest Hits"


-A (when funds are available) ticket to the SFMM day of WCB!

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Happy Holidays to everyone!


Hannukah Harry brought me a good deal (of stuff) for my combo Hannukah/21st birthday...


I got a PS3/Move combo with lots of accessories

A set of heavy duty kitchen knives for my new apartment

New clothes

A light up USB Star of David (not kidding here)

An upgraded camera courtesy of Sony, moving from my HX5V to the HX9V

My Blue Streak height limit sign from the TPR Christmas Party

A Paradise Pier/Mermaid Grand Opening sign from California Adventure

Money from the family

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol movie posters

And the icing on the cake, the full Star Wars Blu Ray set, complete with first-day-of-sale lithographs, blinking ewoks and more "NOOOOOO's" from Darth Vader!

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Merry Christmas!


Let's see if I remember everything I got.


From my Mom:

-2 movie scores (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1 and X-Men: First Class)

-Knott's Berry Farm Season Pass (or the equivalent value toward a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass)

-Lord of the Rings PEZ Dispenser set

-Minor presents/Variety of Candy


From my Dad:

-2 Hot Chillys (thermal shirts for skiing)

-Plane tickets to Buffalo (for LeviaThon)

-Minor presents/Candy


From my Sister:

-Random book (can't remember the title, but I'll probably never read it)



From my Brother:

-Pokemon: Black for Nintendo DS


From my maternal grandparents:

-Mini Texas Hold'Em set

-Roller Coasters in the RAW 6

-See's Candy

-Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7


-Minor presents


From my paternal grandparents:

-Sherlock Homes: A Game of Shadows score



Despite intending for this to be a "light" year in terms of spending, I ended up getting quite a bit. Maybe my grandparents didn't get the memo.

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A few of my favorite things:


-Ceramic hand crank coffee grinder


So I can be a coffee snob with my Kona/Costa Rica beans and stovetop espresso pot.


-Chinese 24/7


Mandarin book for beginners, to help me out in my study of foreign languages, and maybe know a little something for that TPR China trip!


Those are pretty much the two things I'll be playing around with the most. I also "got" a family trip to Maine this summer, a little Chinese travel guide, and my mom apparently had to get me a k'nex coaster set (another, as they used to be my obsession), in efforts to just have my play with roller coasters at home instead of traveling everywhere.

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Well, my Christmas was pretty light on spending, but was one of the best (gifts and seeing family-wise). Let's see, here's what I got:

-Rainbows Sandals (Rainbows is the company, lol)


-Steve Jobs Magazine


-Target gift card

-iTunes Gift Card

-CASH! (gonna buy an white iPod touch )

-annddd... my family and I are leaving for Vegas in an hour. Hoping to get as many credits, even though there's only like four.

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Merry Christmas!!!


Here is what I got (and gave) for christmas:



I got a second copy of Forza Motorsport 4 (which is good because I wasted the Top Gear tracks on my friends XBOX!)

A 1TB external Hard Drive

An XBOX 360 wireless adapter

Some kickass Bose noise cancelling headphones

Lots of underwear and socks

A Shark Pillow from the TPR Christmas Party

750ml bottle of Grey Goose Vodka!



Speakers, head unit, and keyless entry system for my moms E320 (which I installed all day today)

Speakers for my woman's Acura

Head Unit for my dads Eurovan


I only give away car related presents!

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