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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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CBeebies Coaster


Captain Barnacles and the Octonauts are set to join CBeebies Land as it has been confirmed that Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure will be joining the rides and attractions from 21st March 2015.


Located on the former site of the Beastie, the new attraction will see young guests exploring the Octopod – discovering fascinating sea creatures and learning about the Octonauts’ exciting missions, before boarding the GUP convoy to dive in and explore the Octonauts’ underwater world. With Captain Barnacles in the driving seat the coaster will navigate a range of interactive theming elements – from helping Peso rescue a baby whale, to finding intriguing creatures on the sea floor.


This won’t be the first time Merlin have used the Octonauts theme, with characters from the popular CBeebies show regularly appearing at a number of other attractions – from Sealife Centres across the country and the National Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, to Chessington World of Adventures Resort. As with all the other attractions featured in CBeebies Land there will be a focus on learning as well as fun, with Octonauts promoting a message of conservation and helping children learn about the underwater world the Octonauts explore.

Source: http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/blog/2015/02/07/octonauts-rollercoaster-adventure-confirmed-for-cbeebies-land/


Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure - Concept Art


High Ropes Course Given Go Ahead


The proposed new high ropes course – Enchanted Village Tree Top Quest – has been given the go ahead to swing into Alton Towers Resort by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.


Located on the site of the former Nicklin’s Farm to the north of the Alton Towers Hotel overflow car park, the new attraction will be available all year round. Designed in conjunction with J M Adventure, it will feature two courses – one for juniors, and a more challenging course aimed at adults. Amongst the obstacles to negotiate will be rope bridges, tyre swings and nets, culminating in a zip wire finish.


As with the majority of planning applications submitted by the resort, permission has been granted subject to a number of conditions. Full details of all the features to be included across the course will be required to be submitted to the council to ensure the visual appearance is in-keeping with the surroundings. Details will also be required to be submitted of the equipment to be installed in the play area. The council will also require the resort to submit a fully detailed scheme of the repairs to Nicklin’s Farm and boundary walls. Alongside these are also a number of environmental conditions, including conservation measures to preserve woodland species, including birds, bats, and badgers, and to ensure that the biodiversity of the site – including any planting – is maintained.


The plans submitted state that tickets will be available either separately, or in conjunction with theme park tickets. It is anticipated that the facility will attract 250-300 people per day, operating during daylight hours (no additional lighting has been planned due to the existing farmhouse being home to a colony of bats). It is not yet known for certain when the course will be open to the public.

Source (incl. plans): - http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/blog/2015/01/29/high-ropes-course-given-go-ahead/


Enchanted Village Construction


The Great British Winter might have been throwing everything it has got at the Enchanted Village construction site at Alton Towers Resort, but that hasn’t stopped steady progress being made on 2015’s new accommodation.



08/02/15 - As construction continues at the top of the site, the landscaping has begun towards the bottom.


10/02/15 - Back on the ground, an example of one of the cluster of lodges.


10/02/15 - Work continues on the tree-houses

For more photos - http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/blog/2015/02/10/enchanted-village-construction-update-3/

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Even though the layout is super simple and rather short, this ride will fill the gap that's been left open ever since the Beastie was removed. It'll be super popular with visitors to CBeebies Land too. Can't wait to see it fully completed.

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Gothic Prospect Tower

Planning permission for the restoration and refurbishment of the Gothic Prospect Tower, located at the edge of the Gardens near the Forbidden Valley Skyride Station, was granted last week. The work will see brand new ironwork, restored timber doors and paintwork returned to the red and cream colour scheme used previously.

The area around the Tower has some of the best views of the gardens in the park at ground level and an even higher vantage point should provide even greater ones.


This graphic shows how the tower used to look (thanks to Alton Towers Memories), it's recent state and the design from the planning application.

Source: TowersStreet on Facebook


Enchanted Village

The short break brochure for 2015 has been released. It contains a map of the accommodation side of the resort (see below) including the Enchanted Village, showing the botanically inspired names of each lodge cluster and individual treehouses, as well as revealing a dedicated shop for the new accommodation nestled amongst the lodges.



The Alton Towers Resort Facebook page, today posted this sneak peek trio of images from the construction site.





Enchanted Village - Tree Top Quest

With planning permission granted a month or so ago, construction of the Resort's new high rope course has begun in earnest, with promotional materials in the themepark over Half Term stating the attraction will open in May.


Source: Theme Park Worldwide


Source: Theme Park Worldwide

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Really great to see that Prospect Tower is getting a good renovation. The views over the gardens from there are amazing. The Enchanted Village should get a good atmosphere during the summer months too and the TreeTop Quest should give some good afternoon fun for families.


I drove past the TreeTop Quest site last week and it had a fence around it but no work had started so that's started very quickly!

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The Enchanted Village looks a little like the Shire from the Lord of the Rings films... It will be interesting to see how this development looks when it is completed and accepting guests.


(Edit: That popular franchise sounds even better with the updated title...)

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Wow. It all looks pretty trippy, (my word) with the look of the buildings close up, and how really generic they all appear to be, but some still have distinct silhouettes and key elements added, etc.


And it will all look even better when all of the landscaping really - GrowS IN, lol!


(And those zip line, whatever poles I ain't even going to chat about. )

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