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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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Visited the park yesterday, first and only time this year. Firstly, now £49.50 for 1 adult!!! ($80 or €63.50). The Merlin parks must be the only ones in the World where you pretty much always visit using 2 for 1 vouchers (coupons) readily available throughout the year, a strange arrangement but if you're from outside of the UK I'd strongly recommend visiting a supermarket before your visit and you'll be guaranteed to find at least 2 things doing the 2 for 1 offer like cereal or crisps. I don't have too much issue with the £6 parking fee after paying $25 for Six Flags parks, then again you get a nationwide annual pass for about £50 depending on the first park you visit.


The food options at the park are pretty drab and expensive now that they have assumed control of everything, I greatly miss the days of McDonalds and Pizza Hut! The toilet facilities throughout really need to be gutted and fully replaced for next year rather than just patched up, very old now. That's a bit of a critisism of the park in general, too much cover up paint everywhere and not enough actual replacment, I suppose it adds to the historical feel but it's pretty tatty really. On the plus side, staff were noticeably friendlier which was really appreciated.


As for the rides, Duel was in fantastic condition over all with most indoor effects working very well and actually worthy of repeat rides, as bizzarre as this sounds it was almost like I had rediscovered this gem. Thirteen was still fun but that trim brake on the drop is frustrating and the sound effects weren't working for the drop which was a shame as it really does add to the "moment". Oblivion as short but great as ever, Rita also as good as always although understandably a bit of rattle going on, still don't get why they didn't just change the name and theme rather than "cover it up with weeds and evil branches". Nemesis and Air, same as! Didn't do Sub Terra this time but I do think it's better than most people say, for what it is.


The Smiler is getting much rougher, especially one particular transition, the one out of the final cobra roll (before the final 2 inversions) is particularly brutal. It's not good after just 2 years of operations to wonder how much longer the ride can go on for before it needs track replacement/modification. A very amibitous coaster and great to watch but lacks the height required to properly appreciate and enjoy the inversions. I also wish they'd followed through with the Asylum theme a bit more as teased by the marketing, it's all a bit modern-trendy-random, but I suppose it works. If you have to listen to the queue "music" for more than 15 mins you have my sympathies.


The other thing I noticed whilst in line for Oblivion was that there was significant tree removal going on just behind the service road at the back of X Sector (behind Oblivion and where Submission was), anything to get excited about?


Overall not a bad day but I think it'll be a while before we return, time to focus more on what Germany and the rest of nearby Europe has to offer methinks!

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I have to agree with the above. Whilst I really love Alton Towers, some parts do need changing. As stated above, the toilets across the park are in desperate need to total replacement.


One thing that really annoys me with Alton, is they build their new attractions/areas and put in a great effort to theme it etc but then it seems to deteriorate over the following years with very minimal upkeep and it's such a shame. A lot of the Smiler area is looking quite dilapidated now and it would be sad to see CBeebies Land go this same way.


The food is very expensive and it would be great to see some of the high street brands return to the park but I can't see it being likely.


The trim on 13 really does hold you back very noticeably but it seems like that helps keep the trains running constantly and on-time. Would be nice if this trim was reduced but I won't hold out hope.


I'm hoping the station of Nemesis gets a slightly refurbishment for it's 21st birthday as it really does need it.


Thanks for posting your report!

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Looks like the park is finally going to replace their kiddie coaster, which closed in 2010.


TowersStreet has noticed construction work ongoing where The Beastie was located in Adventure Land. The park’s former children’s coaster closed in 2010 and remained in it’s location fenced off from guests until its removal before the 2013 season kicked off.




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It can't be anything other than a small family coaster, if it is even a coaster at all (nothing has been confirmed yet). There is talk of Sonic Spinball being either removed or re-located so if they were going to build a large coaster there it would be as a replacement for that, and that isn't being taken down yet (as far as I know).

There is the possibility of this being a flat ride, we haven't seen a planning application go in for anything yet so who knows.


There have been rumours of it being a Zamperla family coaster, with the "Speedy Coaster" or "Mini Mouse" models being the most likely. But who knows?

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Not sure what RCDB are talking about, or if they are in the habit of posting jokes! It can't be the shortest or lowest in the world.

What about "the most average coaster in the world?"


Or possibly the world's first non-hyper rollercoaster Alton Towers have installed?

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