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  1. No it's from RES (Ride Engineers Switzerland). According to this article the founder worked for 15 years for Intamin though.
  2. Some more construction update from the park's official website:
  3. Sky Dragster now has a new opening date, it's the beginning of the new season in 2017. Test runs are announced for the next weeks though. There are also some new renderings showing the bikes, the cockpit and the station. Most interesting the information about the top speed: Sky Dragster may reach 60 km/h (37 mp/h)! Source
  4. Wave Swinger is already open, well "soft" open apparently. Without theming. Source
  5. Maurer AG doesn't exit completely, instead all their coaster stuff will be managed by Maurer Rides in the future while they still produce track and cars. There are four new coasters in the making. Source
  6. Actually the first parts already arrived according to this post. Also theming progresses:
  7. It has already been revealed that the new attraction will be one of the most expensive at Europa-Park: 25 million euros. That's about the price of the "Arthur" ride. Source
  8. Well, that came unexpected! Skyline Park just announced "Sky Dragster", the world's strongest motorbike coaster with the possibility to determine the speed yourself! It's going to be built by MAURER. Opening in July 2016. Source: Parkerlebnis
  9. ^As from the story you ride on the back of the Cobra through the desert, the colour sheme makes sense to me. I assume that they wanted to match the colour with future theming so you can barely see anything of the track at all. There's also a POV onride online now:
  10. Inside the station: Quite impressive for this little park!
  11. Book your flights NOW! Kärnan opens on Wednesday! Source: http://www.xn--krnan-gra.de/de/
  12. I have been to Holiday Park at season opening and both trains were in use. It was not crowded at all on this day. I think they use both trains always now.
  13. Final layout leaked: http://www.wolllust-ahr.de/images/wollknaeuel.jpg Sorry I couldn't resist!
  14. This Hi-res image gives a clear look at the towers and the kart circuit (?). Have a look at the turns, what are those grooves supposed to show? Reminds me of Carrera slot car racing... Source
  15. It's gonna have a maximum speed of 127 kilometers per hour.
  16. It could be and I assume it as well, but Hansa Park didn't reveal details on the layout so far. They just spoke about some elements very loose - like "heart-shaped" here and an "inversion in a dark-ride part". Most probably they will reveal more in the next weeks as everyone will be able to see the construction when the park opens on April 1st (no joke ).
  17. There is going to be a heart-shaped element with about 60 metres of height. The "hot" support structure is for that one. It is said that what we can see here is only one third of the final size of the structure. Source
  18. Now it is confirmed what replaces the Condor. Holiday Park gets the third new Gerstlauer Sky Fly in Europe 2015. The ride was announced to open in July. Its theming is going to be something about airplanes, the area around it shall be themed for 2016. (Source)
  19. When visiting theme parks alone, I try to get in conversation with other people. It is not easy for me but I see it as a good opportunity. I won't see them again anyway. With friends, we spend the time talking to each other. In my opinion it is unfriendly to stare at your mobile phone all the time when together with others.
  20. There will be no front row line for Kaernan. Seats are going to be assigned randomly. There will be a queue for single riders though. (Source) What a pity. Hopefully you are able to somehow avoid this on less frequented days.
  21. Edit: Sorry, the video has been posted already. Nevertheless, nice insights. New making of video with some nice timelaps scenes. Also the team visited Heide Park for inspiration.
  22. By "bigger one", do you mean Wildfire? I would call it a giant one.
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