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  1. The theatrical atmosphere in the station when the train dispatches is just magical - gave me goosebumps. Nice to hear the dispatch music subtly in the video. Classy indeed - wouldn't expect anything less from Phantasialand.
  2. So where would they put an Avengers E-ticket ride? Looks like there is plenty of room behind Avengers HQ - currently the tram maintenance area and a parking lot.
  3. Great report! Can't wait to visit. Will be interesting to compare the version at Paris next year, and what they do with the Iron Man coaster.
  4. Looks great! Not that it matters too much, but the first drop is a fair amount less steep right? I wonder if this will be the only version of the original Raptor layout that RMC will sell now. The extra rows are definitely needed.
  5. It's also the vast, waterfall like rust staining under the logo at the front of the station for me. Classy!
  6. So what do we make of this? As well as the postponed 'World of David Walliams' featuring 'Gangsta Granny: The Ride' opening this season, Alton Towers have rented three classic fairground rides they are calling 'pop up attractions' from UK showmen. They have been branded 'The Retro Squad' which accompanies some unique marketing... Roller Disco (Waltzers located in Dark Forest) – get ready to slide and swirl round and round, faster and faster in a head-spinning, totally rad experience Mixtape (Smashing Jump located in X-Sector) – you’ll be in for some major retrotastic laughs as you bounce up and down, then down and up Funk’n’Fly (Super Trooper in Forbidden Valley) – reach new retrotastic heights and enjoy a thrillingly funktastic flight With COVID restrictions preventing traveling fairs from taking place for the foreseeable future, I can see this will be beneficial for the showmen. The rides are filling spots where retired flat rides were located, and will hopefully reduce the queue times of the major rides which were long last year. I feel indifferent about it. Bizarre that any park would rent flat rides from the traveling fair circuit, but feel the capacity benefits and how they are being marketed will be advantageous.
  7. The big concrete thing in the middle of the coaster no longer looks like a big concrete thing!
  8. Starting with the big entrance structure - am all for iconic landmarks, but don't think it has aged well! SeaWorld have put in some good investments recently, so hopefully they will continue to pour money in to how the park looks too.
  9. Awesome looking ride to add to an already excellent collection of coasters. Hopefully they will give the station and queue area a bit more love before it opens to match the standard of theming elsewhere in the park.
  10. I have ridden it (my shoulders remember it well), and a fair amount of other rides that have moving platforms and / or trains. Appreciate station stops are activated either manually or automatic from time to time, but the very nature of something continuously moving provides more of a sense of urgency than a static train just sat there. If they didn't, then parks and manufacturers wouldn't bother to install them. Successful examples are Hagrid's, Arthur, Phantom Manor, Rip Ride Rocket and so on...
  11. Yeah I can see that, but Dollywood has stated 'extended' in their blog text, which is clearly a slight error.
  12. Well and truly From Dollywood's blog - https://blog.dollywood.com/index.php/2021/03/09/top-3-dollywood-signs-spring-is-here/ Intrigued to see how they are 'extending' it, unless there's more changes in areas outside of the photos.
  13. That's a really bizarre move - am interested to learn why as that portion of the ride was great.
  14. Looking good, and love the color scheme. Just hope the white can stay white, without looking weathered or rusty eventually. We all know how some B&M's look before a good pressure wash! Great news on the continuously moving station - love how it stresses a sense of urgency for oncoming riders.
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