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  1. This is all because you didn't get the washing element isn't it? Can we just have "Americans who wanted the ride to fail from the start don't like it now it's open" as a given and the people who have been on it can comment and everyone else can focus on woodies with loops or whatever it is that's passing as innovative over the pond this year?
  2. I hope someone gets a video of that spoof shopping channel video.
  3. The Marmaliser screen video now has a washing machine part. Whoever added that should never need to buy their own drinks again.
  4. Tonight sees the VIP Media Launch of The Smiler. Alton Towers have said they'll be posting a number of photos and other information throughout the course of the event via their Twitter page. Along with plenty of other theming elements the "rainbow stairs", that made their debut appearance in the game, have made it on the finished ride. The staff at the event have obviously already been corrected. The Towers make for quite a venue!
  5. I'm going to miss John Wardley appearing on TV as giddy as a 8 year old on Christmas Day while talking about his latest creation.
  6. All photos courtesy of The Alton Towers Guide on Facebook After a few days of testing, not even its creator can resist being corrected by The Smiler. After months of being a mud-bath, the ride area has a sudden injection of greenery.
  7. Aaaaand we're testing! Some planting has begun around the ride area.
  8. A very brief update... The base of the Marmaliser is beginning to take shape. (Source: Towers Nerd Facebook)
  9. Not strictly an update but this was too awesome not to post.
  10. ...and here is your official off-ride video Happy Friday!
  11. ^^ To add to that... Laura Tobin ‏@Lauratobin1 Will I be the first member of the public to ride #thesmiler @altontowers Watch Daybreak tomorrow from 6am #scream
  12. Couple of rather interesting tweets from a cameraman and field producer on ITV's Daybreak. 11 last night: Filming @Lauratobin1 possibly screaming with fear on a secret new roller coaster tomorrow. Watch this space for pictures 11 this morning In Staffordshire preparing to throw Laura around on a roller coaster. There may be so gopro action. Looks like they're confident enough to put some of the media on the ride and during the park's open hours too.
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