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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

News source : http://www.bbc.co.uk/ariel/24533432


CBeebies will come to Alton Towers this spring after Worldwide struck a deal with Merlin Entertainments, the owner of the UK's no. 1 theme park.


The deal means that CBeebies will get a dedicated five acres at the park in 2014 - the first of its kind in the UK - that will bring to life some of the preschool channel's most-loved characters.


CBeebies Land will include rides, immersive play areas, live experiences and character experiences.


The branded space will include seasonal events and be updated frequently so 'that no two visits to CBeebies Land will be the same', according to a BBC Worldwide press release.


It's not yet clear which CBeebies characters will make appearances at the theme park - the BBC doesn't hold exclusive rights to all of them - but it's expected that favourites from In The Night Garden and Postman Pat will be included.


Marcus Arthur, the UK's managing director of Worldwide, says, 'CBeebies Land will be a fun and exciting way for children and adults to immerse themselves in and explore the CBeebies environment and to enjoy their favourite characters.'


Joe Godwin, director of BBC Children's, adds: 'CBeebies has long been the number one TV channel for preschool children and their families, but we also know that these days they want to be able to have days out and happy memories with their favourite characters in the real world as well.'

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Alton Towers has sent us their press release announcing the addition of the CBeebies Land to the park!


Alton Towers Resort is to launch the world’s first ever CBeebies Land, bringing some of the most-loved children’s characters to Britain’s number one theme park. Opening in May 2014, the Land will be home to a unique range of themed rides, attractions and live entertainment and will be a completely immersive and interactive world for children and young families.


The planned 5 acre site within Alton Towers Resort will offer plenty of opportunities for little ones to interact with some of their favourite characters and TV shows. CBeebies Land will include rides, immersive play areas, live experiences, character appearances and will be a safe and fun environment for pre-schoolers to play and learn. CBeebies Land will create experiences that inspire children with bright ideas, provide hands-on learning experiences, encourage pre-schoolers to explore and understand more about themselves and put a smile on the face of everyone who visits.


The area will be updated frequently with new content, while a seasonal programme of events will run alongside the main attractions ensuring that no two visits to CBeebies Land will be the same.


Marcus Arthur, Managing Director UK at BBC Worldwide says, “CBeebies Land will be a fun and exciting way for children and adults to immerse themselves in and explore the CBeebies environment and to enjoy their favourite characters. BBC Worldwide is delighted to be working with Merlin, and this very special development at one of Britain’s best loved theme park resorts is a great beginning.”


Katherine Duckworth, Alton Towers Resort, adds, “Alton Towers Resort is all about providing memorable experiences for our guests. CBeebies Land will be aimed primarily at families with pre-school children and is designed to spark their imaginations, and to get them and their families playing together and really involved with the characters - so is a perfect fit for us. Providing new adventures is at the heart of Alton Towers Resort and we are hugely excited to be the first to work with the BBC as part of this exciting new partnership. I have no doubt that CBeebies Land will add a different and original element to the already fantastic offering we have for young families, making Alton Towers Resort the ideal destination for day trips and short breaks.”


CBeebies Land opens at the Alton Towers Resort in May 2014. Visit http://www.altontowers.com for more information.


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I was at Alton Towers on October 14th and 15th. Its the first time that I have visited this year and therefore the first time I have been on The Smiler.


So, what about the Smiler? Well, its was good, but thats it. Just good. The first inversion after the station was a nice surprise as this was taken faster than I had expected. The inversions after the two lifts were nice but the rest of the ride just felt repetitive. Having said that, it was a good experience, how quick each inversion comes after each other in an almost non-stop fashion.


Air was good, along with Oblivion, Rita and Sonic Spinball. The oustanding ride, still, by far, is Nemesis. Overall, the park is in a good way and the two days spent there were very enjoyable


...and now, some photos...


The photography presented is all my personal work, shot with a Leica M9 and Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux lens. I hope you enjoy


Sonic Spinball


Sonic Spinball


Sonic Spinball. Its an OK ride, but a little bumpy


The Smiler. Unfortunetly, the Smiler was not running on the day I brought my camera


The Smiler


The Smiler


The Smiler


The Smiler


The Smiler


Oblivion, which looks a little upstaged by the Smiler


Rita: Queen of Speed. I don't know if the theming has changed slightly, but I do like the gloomy wood theme over the ride control building


Rita: Queen of Speed






Heading towards the best ride in the park - Nemesis





















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  • 2 weeks later...

Smiler shut as guide wheel hits guest:


A new £18m rollercoaster at Alton Towers has closed after a wheel fell off and hit someone on the ride.


A spokeswoman said some "small guide wheels" came off The Smiler as it was being pulled up an incline.


One "hit a guest on the ride and caused some bruising". The rest of the wheels were caught by safety netting, she added.


The park said an investigation would be carried out into Saturday's incident to decide when the ride could re-open.


The injured person was looked after by park staff and did not need treatment by the ambulance service.


The 14-loop Smiler was shut for four days on 21 July after a piece fell off the track, and 48 people had to be rescued.


It closed again in August for five days due to a "technical issue".


The ride, which opened in May, includes a drop of 30m (98ft).


The spokeswoman said: "We have very stringent safety procedures on all of our rides including CCTV so the ride was stopped immediately by the rides team.


"All of our rides and attractions are expected to meet extremely high standards, technologically, mechanically and in terms of the end experience, and a full investigation is on going before we determine whether to re-open the ride.


"We are sorry for any disappointment the ride's temporary closure caused our visitors but the health and safety of all of our visitors is our absolute priority."


Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-24794468

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Wow this ride cant get a break........ I can't believe Gerstlauer is having all these problems with the ride.....


This could be a problem with maintenance at Alton, too. Isn't it a bit odd that "multiple small guide" wheels would simply fall off all at once?

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I heard about the issues on the Smiler yesterday and apparently it was from some part of the vertical lift. Several small parts landed in the netting above the queueline.


I was also told a that a huge amount of work is ready to be done over the closed season including the breaking up and refilling of some footers to improve how the ride sits. I also hope something happens with the second half of the cobra roll as there is a rather large jolt there. It's practically unnoticeable when looking at the track but when watching trains traverse it and whilst riding you can see and feel the jolt.


I have to say, I rode the Smiler twice just over a week ago in the dark during Scarefest and it ran the best it has done all season. Still not silky smooth and it still has it's vibrations but it seemed to traverse the track much much better resulting in a much quieter ride.


It's a real shame how many issues it has had though but I do expect a lot of work to be done over the closed months which should help the ride have a more stable 2014 operating season.

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I had heard that Smiler was expected to open at mid day today but as it's 14:40 now it doesn't look likely. I guess Alton just have to make an executive decision as they only have 1 week to go but next weekend could be very very busy as it's the Fireworks event to close out the season so i'm unsure what they'll do.

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There's an image on the towertimes facebook page (hope it's ok that i post it here): https://www.facebook.com/towerstimes?fref=ts


Paul Jones has captured this image, revealing that multiple bearings have fallen from the vertical lift hill of The Smiler, less than a week after a bolt came loose over the toilet block on Sunday:



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