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  1. I was at Alton Towers on October 14th and 15th. Its the first time that I have visited this year and therefore the first time I have been on The Smiler. So, what about the Smiler? Well, its was good, but thats it. Just good. The first inversion after the station was a nice surprise as this was taken faster than I had expected. The inversions after the two lifts were nice but the rest of the ride just felt repetitive. Having said that, it was a good experience, how quick each inversion comes after each other in an almost non-stop fashion. Air was good, along with Oblivion, Rita and Sonic Spinball. The oustanding ride, still, by far, is Nemesis. Overall, the park is in a good way and the two days spent there were very enjoyable ...and now, some photos... The photography presented is all my personal work, shot with a Leica M9 and Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux lens. I hope you enjoy Sonic Spinball Sonic Spinball Sonic Spinball. Its an OK ride, but a little bumpy The Smiler. Unfortunetly, the Smiler was not running on the day I brought my camera The Smiler The Smiler The Smiler The Smiler The Smiler Oblivion, which looks a little upstaged by the Smiler Rita: Queen of Speed. I don't know if the theming has changed slightly, but I do like the gloomy wood theme over the ride control building Rita: Queen of Speed Rita Rita Heading towards the best ride in the park - Nemesis Nemesis Nemesis Nemesis Nemesis Nemesis Nemesis Nemesis Nemesis Nemesis Nemesis
  2. Lufthansa is a German airline ... so you could be in Europe Virgin Atlantic flies over ... well ... the Atlantic The curve ball, though, is TAM - a Brazilian airline Googling for Best Buy South America has the first result as: "Best place to buy cocaine" so I am guessing there is no Best Buy in South America. Best Buy have stores in the US (obviously...), Mexico and China. In the UK all 11 stores have closed. At this point, I am guessing your in China. So, here are my guesses: Your flew into Shanghai, got the train to the city or perhaps traveled west to Nanchang or Beitang and visited World Joyland, which is near to these cities or towns Also, World Joyland is mentioned in this CNN Article: http://www.cnngo.com/shanghai/play/100-things-do-shanghai-summer-274423 Edit: the photo of the plant was taken at Shanghai Botanical Garden Another edit: forget the Botanical Gardens ... your at a travel hub, hence the suitcase on wheels in the background -- Matt
  3. OK. Lets get one thing out of the way first: I am not a web designer. A can design GUI's, but when it comes to being artistic, in terms of making posters, websites, ect... I suck. Badly There are a few things I would like to see: --> Keep the dark theme. Its something that actually keeps me coming back and differentiates TPR from others. For example: RCPro is a design that doesn't stick in my head to well --> Having updates span the page horizontally is better, in my opinion. This is because the page design can span the resolution of end users computers, or width of the web browser giving a more professional look --> I think the Nav bar should be at the top of the sight, above the TPR logo, thus: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Log In | Register | Search:[ text box ] | Store Forum | Park Index | Events and Trips | etc... ...and then the TPR logo goes here The reason a horizontal navigation for updates works better than vertical is: --> All previous updates can be displayed in a contiguous way, with the user scrolling across. Don't use buttons: instead use JS, Ajax, etc... --> Vertical updates limits you to how many updates the end user can see without breaking the design due to a stupid long page The logo: Absolutely, definitely, keep the current logo. Its simple, doesn't try to be to clever, and different meaning the end user is more likely to remember it. Again, RCPro's logo might as well be identical to most others - it isn't memorable. However, the "We love theme parks [...] a funny way of showing it!" should be centered against the logo I really hope people understand this post - like I said, I am no graphic designer/web and this is probably the best input I can give Also, thanks to Rob and Elissa for keeping the design the same for so long. I like it, a lot, but it is time for an update Over the coming days I will make a design based on the above comments -- Matt Edit: after previewing the message repeated spaces have been truncated - a good thing. Be aware that I don't mean for no space between Shop and Forum links Edit 2: laughing hard at websitefullofdouchebags. Robb, Elissa: you know exactly who is meant by this! lmfao!
  4. They did four abreast with their standup roller coasters back in the early 1990s. Also, I believe that Eurostar was/is an Intamin inverted roller coaster with 4 abreast seating. For example, Shockwave at Drayton Manor is a 4 abreast standup roller coaster: http://www.rcdb.com/814.htm -- Matty
  5. HI Robb! The two parks that I most go to are Thorpe Park and Alton Towers, and I notice that these are both listed. What are the perks available at these parks? -- Matty
  6. Some pictures of my some of my favourite rollercoasters. Photography by me! Nemesis Inferno - good ride, not as good as Nemesis, but still one of my favourite rides Stealth - love this, just purely for the speed. In that sense, I would probably like Kingda Ka This, however, is the best, most favourite coaster I have riden -- Troy
  7. I like how the telephone is like, tiny, compared to Sonic's big head. Perhaps a circa 1980 mobile phone would of been better suited to his head?
  8. ^ Will the DVD be available for (paid) download, like the other titles of "In the Raw" series? -- Matty
  9. ^ Well, the POV of Zingo I have isn't good quality, but the ride itself looked fun! Particularly the second half, after the turn around. To have a better POV though is obviously... better. So I look foward to the release! -- Matty
  10. The website "Coaster Photos" (URL: http://www.coasterphotos.com) has a on-ride ("point of view") video of Zingo. The quality is certaintly not DVD quality, but non the less, they have an on-ride video. Edit: I do not know (obviously) whether you can use the footage that is hosted there. To make things absolutely clear: I did not make this video -- Matty[/u]
  11. It's beginning to sure look ace! The pretzel loop (like all other pretzel loops) looks very, very cool!
  12. I really like Indiana Jones when it went backwards at Disney Land Paris. Anyhow, back on topic. I thought Xpress was a good, intense ride, but a little head banging towards the end. Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris was very good (for sure, the theming helped) and throws you round in a good way, but by far the best one I have been on is Big Thunder Mountain at DLP. Goudurix has an interesting layout and in that sense, potential to be a really good ride, but its not, because it to rough. The SLC also is a good layout, but its let down by roughness. I didn't like Robin Hood though. No way...
  13. By following the instructions (crossing legs tightly) you will not allow a channel of water to go between your legs, and thus minimize the chance of a painful wedgie. For sure, you get a wedgie, but its not that bad when compared to someone not following the instructions which, from what I have seen, is extremely painful Matty
  14. The biggest water slide I have been on is in Aqualand in Andalucia, Spain which has a (near) vertical section, albeit being very short. Basically, you lower yourself into the slide, let go, and whooosh... you hit the splash pool at the end. It's an awesome slide, but not that high compared to this (well, about half the height of the new proposed slide). If the new slide is similar shape to this, but with longer vertical, or near vertical section, then it must be a cool ride! Matty Kamikaze, a (near) vertical water slide
  15. Eurostar is an inverted coaster built be Intamin/Gionvarla with four abreast seating arrangement. Elements in order: vertical loop, zero-g roll, corkscrew, corkscrew. And its portable. A video of it exists on this site at: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27989&highlight=eurostar Edit: and, according the the BBC: -- Matty Train in/exiting final corkscrew and entering the crazy insane turnaround
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