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  1. A video from JackRev on Antares new opening, for an home made version of Mission Space looks like loads of fun, the video is in Italian but if you only want to see the POV, it starts from the min 1.49
  2. Points of view I much preferred the original version
  3. Yep was an Awesome Egyptian themed dark ride called ‘La Valle dei Re’ that was turned into an awful shooting interactive ride few years back. Some of the old ride set pieces were included in this version’s queue line. Very glad they updated it, looks like a dynamic much more fun version of the previous
  4. Jumanji opened at Gardaland a couple of days ago, here’s a POV of the attraction:
  5. Movieland and the whole of Canevaworld are actually worth visiting! Don't let negativity put you off, it's a little unsung gem of a resort, a bit "homemade" in places but they gave birth to some pretty sensational rides, Magma and Kitt on the first place without mentioning the mad crazy slides at the waterpark... You'll love it!
  6. U were warned, disobedient. We white women, gaurd over the gold. And sabotage your descent. Pride goes before a fall. (Source: Command Baron1898 movie TPR) Update Symbolica: Source: @Plaetjesmakers Thank you, much appreciated!
  7. To any Dutch speaking person on the forum.. Could you please translate for me the lyrics of the theme sung by the White ladies on both Baron's pre shows? I thank you in advance cheers
  8. Look forward to see the interactive queue for the coaster, from the renderings it looks cool
  9. The area itself is rather cute, no idea on why a park like Gardaland would go for a Fabbri spinner over a Maurer or a Mack if only for capacity reasons. Oh! Silly me.. Money innit?!
  10. The new colour scheme is fab. Love the acid green on black supports and a very brave investment for a park the size of Cavallino Matto... Well done to them!
  11. Surely an April fools! Quite the opposite I would say...
  12. Looks way better than I expected! Nice pace too can't wait to go and try it - Brava and Happy Birthday Gardaland <3
  13. The pace seems to be better in this vid - really wanna see the inside of the training center n the black hole..
  14. This has to be the funkiest looking helix ever created by B&M! I wonder if you will feel airtime on that banked exit... The station building is just gorge! Really curious to see what kind of effects Efteling will come up with for pre-show, I hope something on the lines of the Flying Dutchman's holograms - if so it would be spectacular. Well done to the Dutch!
  15. Can't wait to ride this! It's funny to see how enthusiast in other forums went from YUCK to WOW when they saw the last pieces of theming added, even within England where the ride is kinda (understandably) hated because of its name. The white is actually not bad - love the contrast between the supports and the green of the grass and of the Cypresses!
  16. Two of the best examples are within the same park.. Katun and Ispeed
  17. Anybody from TPR at the Magic Kingdom today? I will be on a solo visit, be nice to meet somebody from the club
  18. Gardaland's Magic Mountain, my very first looping coaster, actually my very first coaster dot. Honourable mention to Disney Paris Space Mountain, a bit rough but still the best of its kind out there in my opinion; can't wait for the refurb. and the new trains...
  19. I remember the last ride I took on it on that occasion! I was appropriately drunk and it was almost night... Amazing sense of speed and one of the best coaster experiences I can remember...
  20. Be interesting to compare this and Efteling's once they are both finished - both parks are renowned for their top-notch theming, let's see who gets the edge..
  21. If it turns out like the concept (hopefully but I doubt) It will be one awesome ride...
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