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  1. I didn't realise knocking down Nemesis was part of this ride's opening.
  2. The only use of 'Fastest Roller Coaster Yet' I could find regarding Rita is a clickbait headline to one newspaper article - in which the headline is explained to be incorrect, going so far as naming the coaster that was currently faster and another still under construction that was going to be faster than both of them. Not sure how your Smiler example proves your point regarding a ride being overblown at the advertising stage, giving that your complaints seem to be with the layout. So this 'long trend' is really just one example nearly 8 years ago - which, as I'm assuming I'm the obnoxious fan
  3. Because we saw a unusual design for a lift hill, the ride's budget and the park's use of new 'coaster tech' and wondered if it could be something different? Don't see anyone claiming they know of any secret element, especially given the park's use of 'groundbreaking development' and 'world class experience' rather than the 'world first' or 'record breaking' mottos of recent additions. If speculation is frowned upon then god help the people discussing what Epcot's Guardians of the Galaxy coaster could be.
  4. I'm not sure what you are trying to say here, but it sounds like you're trying to be insulting, and I'd quit while you're ahead. The year TH13TEEN opened is the highest attended in the park's modern history. The only other years to come even close are the year a ride that claims its station is a multi-millennia old alien that has needed to be pinned down by the track opened and another where the queueline videos claim ride cars have gone missing. Clearly it (dishonesty/hype) works with the general public. They have the attendance figures to prove it.
  5. The highest attendance figures since 1994? That is a heck of a lot of 'fanboys'.
  6. A rather unique view of construction has been posted on Facebook and Flickr. The foundation to the right of the station building is that of the shop. Source: Learn To Fly At Tatenhill Airfield
  7. Scarefest 2017 got underway at the weekend and as well as 'The Welcoming' opening, the SW8 site saw a number of developments. The most obvious was that the scaffolding came down around the main theming element, giving us a glimpse of one of the three head chopper moments. In terms of the coaster itself, it seems like track work has begun on the lift hill and the tunnel back into the station building is beginning to take shape. It'll be interesting to see how the site develops over the next few weeks as daylight hours get shorter and the season draws to a close. It would seem that the main
  8. As expected the logo that was found as part of the European Trademark application, back in August, is associated with SW8. Both the construction fence signage and the screens around the fence have been updated, in preparation for Scarefest which begins at the weekend. The 'Secret Weapon' branding has been replaced with the logo. Source: Towers Times Edit: TowersStreet have uploaded a video of the screens, including some new music. [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  9. Glad you enjoyed AT. Unfortunately I'm assuming you timed your visit outside of the ever shrinking window where the Towers are open prior to them being prepared for Terror of the Towers. It is a crime how rundown the Towers were allowed to get for a variety of reasons but there are still one or two restored parts that show off Augustus Pugin's genius. Katanga Canyon is very much a dead end of the park at the moment as the usual pathway between Mutiny Bay and there is currently closed for site access to SW8, hence the attraction free walk. Your views re: Duel are very much shared by th
  10. Never thought I'd be excited to see a concrete wall being themed.
  11. The park is closed today as per Merlin's cost-cutting exercise of just not bothering to open on the quietest of quiet days now the schools are back open. The latest has been uploaded, filmed yesterday, with a few shots of interest. There is a rumour that the park had the themeing brought onto the site and assembled on Monday-Tuesday, rather than waiting for today when the park will be empty, because they're filming some sort of promotional material today that will use it in some capacity. A shot at the current highest point of the structure, with the workmen giving a sense of the siz
  12. The Skyride is closed today due to work on Secret Weapon 8's construction. Mostly notably additions to the main themeing structure that have been put in place and since covered up again. Source: Towers Street Feel like David Rose's 'The Stripper' should be playing here. Source: Towers Street Source: Towers Street Source: Joshua Eaton
  13. A couple of weeks ago saw the closure of the Courtyard Tavern in Mutiny Bay. In the long term, it is set to get an overhaul and re-open as a smokehouse, probably similar to the one that opened at sister park Chessington World of Adventures last year. In the short term it is home to 'The Welcoming', the newest maze to the Scarefest line-up and tie-in to Secret Weapon 8. As with SW8, the Skyride gives some rather good views of construction. The eagled eyed can just about make out what appear to be either candles of dream catchers in the shape of the runes for 'SW8' on the stage in
  14. It has been a busy week all things SW8. Firstly Alton Towers released the first episode in a series of videos about their Secret Weapon programme. In this first video, they explain the history of the Secret Weapon attractions and promise a first look behind the scenes at construction of SW8 in the next instalment of the series. The 'runes' and 'Be Chosen' theme continues throughout (note the author of the book that falls) and there are a few nice nods to other rides in there too. The choice of production and the hosts (apparently at least one of them is a YouTuber) does make me real
  15. NEW FOR SCAREFEST 2017 - The Welcoming: Be Chosen A mysterious group who worship the woods and the animals that live therein like Gods have been disturbed. Every year they host a festival to celebrate their own interpretation of Halloween - the crossing of the worlds of the living and the dead. For the first time they have allowed outsiders to celebrate with them. But what part will you (‘the outsiders’) play in this ritual? Is this really an initiation?.....
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