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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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I'm very disappointed in the lack of splash...(I'm sure everyone at HW is, too. I'm glad they are looking past that, though.)


I do think it is interesting how the boats just skid across the water at great speed until finally getting riders wet.


Everyone who has ridden it assures me that I will get soaked...but without the giant splash, the ride will just look much less appealing. Oh well, I'll be riding it anyway.

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I was at the media event yesterday. The ride is terrific and you get absolutely soaked. I really think everyone needs to withhold judgement on the ride UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY RIDE IT FOR YOURSELF.


I thought it was really fun! The elevator lift is a little unnerving -- especially the subtle tilt to the side as the elevator passes the other one. At the very top of the lift, a bird has made a nest in the track -- there are little blue eggs in there. Every time a boat got to the top, the poor bird freaked out.


The whole area that has been developed for Pilgrim's Plunge is very nice. They've done a terrific job with the station and you can see the first hints of landscaping, too. The area is quite nice.


The boats are very cool and pretty comfortable. Once dispatched, the boat moves pretty quickly through the course. Watch the big turn, there's quite a wall of water for the front of the boat!


After the quick and unsettling elevator lift, you get a terrific view of the park (and a new one, too!). The drop is best from the front seat -- obviously. The splash down is long and the actual splash is fairly sustained. Those in the front will get a lap full of water once the boat begins to slow a bit. The splash might not look very big from a non-rider's perspective, but it is pretty impressive when you are in the boat surrounded by a huge wall of water!


Overall, I think Holiday World has an absolute winner. Families are going to love this ride. It is going to be one of those big spectator rides that will be almost as fun to watch as to ride. The park really has been so thoughtful and smart in their additions and expansions to the park. Pilgrim's Plunge is another smart and well-placed ride that will create a buzz for the park and hopefully keep those attendance numbers growing.


Thanks to Will, Pat, and Paula for the great hospitality and a great event despite the chilly temps and a few drops of rain. I ate my pizza with Santa -- not bad dinner company at all.


I rode probably 10 times and was absolutely DRENCHED each and every time. Pilgrim's Plunge is great! Enjoy the ride.


-- Dave



Okay... now on to some pics:


No trip to Holiday World would be complete without a couple of slices of their fantastic pizza! Thank you Will, Pat, Paula and all the crew at Holiday World for a terrific media event. Pilgrim's Plunge is gonna be HUGE!


Really... there's no splash? Really? Just wait till you RIDE it!




Santa wants to go again!


It was cloudy, cold, and rainy. But, we didn't care!


They did a terrific job with the station.


Unload area and station approach.


Inside shot of the station. It's capable of loading several boats at a time.


The official first boat gets ready to go. Santa, Will, Pat, and the rest of the gang take the maiden voyage... I mean plunge.


All aboard... or ahoy matey... or party on pilgrim… or something.


I see you Paula!!!


See? Pretty boats in a trough full of Indiana water. What more could you want?


The boats just wanted out for a swim. Honest.


The approach to the station has been beautificationamized.




And here we are! PP is truly a great addition to the park.


Media day realness: We get to go in employee entrances! Wooooooooo!


Oh sure... Santa gets all the attention from the press. It's not like he gives everyone presents or anything. Errr... wait a minute...


Woo Hoo! Made it. I see you hills of thrills!!!


On the road again... boring roads in Indiana.

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another video can be found Here


Even the little girl interviewed states how much SHE DID NOT get wet! She looked very unthrilled lol


She clearly states that, while she did not get very wet on her first two rides that was not the case on her third ride.


Nice job of selectively picking comments that make the ride appear to be a fail.

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To all of you who have made negative comments so far -


Unless your comment starts with something to the tune of "I just rode and here are my thoughts..."


I'm basically ignoring everything you all have to say, and I would reccomend others to do the same.


You can't pass judgement on a ride until you ride it, and I would dismiss all comments from someone who hasn't.


--Robb "Nuff Said..." Alvey

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At the very top of the lift, a bird has made a nest in the track -- there are little blue eggs in there. Every time a boat got to the top, the poor bird freaked out.


So that's where Everest's Bird-On-A-Stick relocated!

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I personally think this ride looks sick! Seriously.. who thinks up these concepts?! lol. It looks like a lot of fun! And way to go Holiday World for not being afraid to add something completely new!!


If I ever get out to HW again.. I'll thank them for the acceptable amount of wetness! Sadly.. I have no reason to go to Indiana!

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I am seeing them cycle boats every few minutes so I can almost guarantee they are working on tweaking the water levels in the lagoon to improve the splashdown as much as they can before opening tomorrow. Remember guys, this park has to be concerned about the splash as much as you guys are, even moreso. Give them some time, this park cares!



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It's not the size of the splash, it's how you use it!



hahaha Seriously though, I don't see why not having a massive splash automatically makes it a failure. Sure it's a little dissapointing visually, but as has been reported you still get drenched. Isn't THAT the whole point of these rides, to cool down during the hot summer months? I don't normally do water rides to often, but the speed of this one makes it a ride at least once when i eventually get back to Holiday World.

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I was at the media event yesterday.


Thanks so much for the pictures, Dave!


I have no idea if this ride is going to be any good. But I'm enough of a Holiday Wold fan boy to give them the benefit of the doubt. And I'm sure Misty will make us go back this year at some point anyway.

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Wow, that is the most insane water ride I've ever seen. The drop seems like it goes on forever, and I'm really impressed with how fast the elevator accepts and releases the boats. (Rides with elevators tend to have a much londer wait time for accept/release of vehicles.)


Congrats Holiday World!!!

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Awesome pictures and video! My sister goes to college nearby, so Holiday World is like my second home park. I can't wait to hopefully visit and ride this at the end of summer - Holiday World is such a nice park.

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I hear the view from the top is fabulous.


I wouldn't know...couldn't budge my eyes open while riding. It's rather humiliating...


Mrs. Koch rode it a bunch and loved it. The two of us were so glam with our mascara smears all over our faces.


Thanks, Paula

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