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  1. Yes, we are very proud of you that "I know something you don't know." Thank you very much. Congratulations. You're cool. --Robb LOL Robb. Not trying to be cool (I'd fail at it anyway). There seems to be a lot of Eurfighter love here, thought some would find the potential news of more a good thing. I haven't ridden one yet but they sure look fun! Anyway I went back to edit my post for clarity as I don't have any inside info. Just reiterating what I've read on other sites. Sorry it sounded so "donkey" lol.
  2. The clue mentions it's a USA project. GCI has built 12 coasters in the USA, of which only one operates with a single train: Beech Bend's Kentucky Rumbler.
  3. Revolution will never be rebuilt. I expect the ride'll be sold for scrap.
  4. Del Grosso's? It's been long-rumored that the park has wanted to add a wood coaster to it's ride roster.
  5. Valleyfair, Dorney, and Worlds of Fun have already announced their new-for-2011 news: Planet Snoopy.
  6. Repainting of Xcelerator has been in progress for a few weeks already. You can find pics from the last few weeks at Westcoaster and Screamscape.
  7. You didn't see this coming? Even with the recent news of Funtime's lawsuit? A blind man couldn've seen this coming, LOL!
  8. I suspect that the 301 total height includes the "K" at the top and that riders will be in the 250-275' range (still pretty high). Much like riders on Supreme Scream don't reach that ride's total height (355 feet, if I recall correctly) as the triangular structure at the top of it's tower is included in the total ride height.
  9. Take a closer look. The reason there are a few rows of test dummies missing is that it appears the seats in those rows are missing. I'm pretty sure I spotted two rows (second row and another about 3/4 of the way back) without any seats.
  10. You know what they say: you don't stop riding because you get old; you get old when you stop riding
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