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  1. Yes, we are very proud of you that "I know something you don't know." Thank you very much. Congratulations. You're cool. --Robb LOL Robb. Not trying to be cool (I'd fail at it anyway). There seems to be a lot of Eurfighter love here, thought some would find the potential news of more a good thing. I haven't ridden one yet but they sure look fun! Anyway I went back to edit my post for clarity as I don't have any inside info. Just reiterating what I've read on other sites. Sorry it sounded so "donkey" lol.
  2. The clue mentions it's a USA project. GCI has built 12 coasters in the USA, of which only one operates with a single train: Beech Bend's Kentucky Rumbler.
  3. Revolution will never be rebuilt. I expect the ride'll be sold for scrap.
  4. Del Grosso's? It's been long-rumored that the park has wanted to add a wood coaster to it's ride roster.
  5. Valleyfair, Dorney, and Worlds of Fun have already announced their new-for-2011 news: Planet Snoopy.
  6. Repainting of Xcelerator has been in progress for a few weeks already. You can find pics from the last few weeks at Westcoaster and Screamscape.
  7. You didn't see this coming? Even with the recent news of Funtime's lawsuit? A blind man couldn've seen this coming, LOL!
  8. I suspect that the 301 total height includes the "K" at the top and that riders will be in the 250-275' range (still pretty high). Much like riders on Supreme Scream don't reach that ride's total height (355 feet, if I recall correctly) as the triangular structure at the top of it's tower is included in the total ride height.
  9. Take a closer look. The reason there are a few rows of test dummies missing is that it appears the seats in those rows are missing. I'm pretty sure I spotted two rows (second row and another about 3/4 of the way back) without any seats.
  10. You know what they say: you don't stop riding because you get old; you get old when you stop riding
  11. Rack = nice set of boobs. Pinion - Spanish for "pine nut." Can't say I know any ride that uses both
  12. Not to mention the new ride for 2011 is one of the worst-kept secrets ever. Why does anyone need a formal announcement when the answer is all over the 'net?
  13. Where did you get 75? The press release clearly says 57: The addition of the new attractions brings the Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom experience to an incredible fifty-seven rides
  14. But he's technically right: it was also the name of an Arrow looper (just not at SFGAdv).
  15. There is no news about a Colossus renovation. At this point it's all just rumor and conjecture (much like the other 1,000+ pages in this thread, lol).
  16. Just an FYI, Superman The Escape doesn't use LIM technology for the launch, it uses LSMs.
  17. Really? You actually believed that? The train in your photo is in the normal (i.e. facing forward) position.
  18. Before they add a fourth woodie at Canada's Wonderland how about they hire GCI to do some much-needed track work on the three they already operate?
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