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  1. Gary is a suburb of Chicago. They have quite a large population base to pull from. That being said, I agree: this'll never happen.
  2. File this under "stupid question": when the show is running with the stage be visible or remain submerged just under water level? Just curious....
  3. Parks announce opening days far in advance thinking "oh yeah, it'll be done...what can go wrong?" While I would assume that it's most likely I305 will indeed open as-scheduled there is always a chance is will not.
  4. How else does Six Flags "improve" existing rides? Yup...flamethrowers and a soundtrack, lol.
  5. Remember the GCI that was supposed to go to Great America up in Santa Clara? Let's hope Cedar Fair lost the gift receipt, lol!
  6. RCDB lists nothing. Perhaps the park's website has info? I clicked over to the English version and some of the links weren't working (or redirected back to non-English pages).
  7. What is not clearly evident at first, when looking at those two pics, is that the large cement structure is the station, not the footing for the tower. What is being built allows for the water to flow under the loading platform.
  8. That rcdb listing has been there for well over a year and was based on a comment Shapiro made at an ACE event. Perhaps plans have changed since he said that?
  9. Webcam is back up! http://www.intimidator305.com/public/downloads/webcam.cfm
  10. No, no...you're both wrong. It's how people travel to Buffalo, NY. (wait for it...)
  11. I was just reading the press release on page 1...they refer to the ride as a "half-inverted" coaster. WTF?
  12. Is that the only coaster that features a water splash? Is Matterhorn a Dive Machine?
  13. Ah, but an announcement of a coaster with a splashdown ending would make a splash in the coaster world and (temporarily) end the battle for most coasters, giving CP the record.
  14. I'd imagine Roar! has the second slot, with the two being the only ones worth mentioning? lol... I know a lot of people who would rate SCBB's Giant Dipper above Roar.
  15. Easy. It'll be the --est coaster "...in the Carolinas" or "...in the South."
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