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  1. Rob sez: The trains JUST got put on the track, what, yesterday? I would imagine that we may see something in the next day or two. Ah, ok. A recent news article had mentioned testing was to begin Sunday (but obviously that didn't happen). Thanks Rob!
  2. So...with the media day next week I'm surprised we haven't seen any testing video. Anyone....?
  3. She clearly states that, while she did not get very wet on her first two rides that was not the case on her third ride. Nice job of selectively picking comments that make the ride appear to be a fail.
  4. I stand corrected.* (*actually sitting at my desk)
  5. One page 1 Jim S. said "That's ironic that they're replacing trough turns with track." They aren't. Trough in that section is being replaced. What appears to be track is actually supports for trough. Notice the two at the bottom are angled towards the center. See labelled photo here: Also, the plot of land formerlly occupied by HSTC will see a new custom family coaster by Miler later this year. Here is the RCDB listing: http://www.rcdb.com/id4453.htm
  6. Considering the train was only a few rows long and the weather was most likely still pretty cold it looks to me like that little train is hightailing it around Raven. I can only imagine how a full-length train in warmer weather would perform!
  7. On page 130 Xpress said: And is it just me, or is there a banking wobble in the turn on the right in robbs pic? Themeparkman25 followed up with: I noticed that too on the first picture robb posted on this page, to the right of dead mans turn (I think that is what it is called right?) Could just be the picture angle though, but that still wouldn't explain it if it doesnt look smooth. Interesting. The reason for that "wobble" is simple and intentional: at the spot where the track flattens there will be an increase in the lateral forces. It's meant to give riders the sensation that they are being thrown off the curve.
  8. On a previous page EBL said: One question I did ask Tim at WCB was if the heavier weight of the themed Millennium Flyer trains would have an impact on the ride over time, and he gave me a resounding "NO!" Not sure if this is common knowledge but GCI has redesigned their trains to be lighter than the first-gen models.
  9. Ah, yes...thanks. I don't wander out of the Coaster forum much and didn't notice the other (better) place to post. MODS - can you move this?
  10. Thanks to my friend Lisa for sharing this with me...and my apologies if this has already been posted here. The following was a commercial for T-Mobile in the UK but it reminds me of the kinds of stuff they pull over at http://improveverywhere.com/ Enjoy !
  11. My Top 5 Under-rated Wooden Coasters: 1. Leap The Dips 2. Seabreeze Jack Rabbit 3. Joyland Coaster (man, I hope that gets saved!) 4. Rollo Coaster 5. Swamp Fox
  12. Perhaps they count Calico Mine Train? One could easily argue it is a powered coaster (for the record: I don't consider it one).
  13. First park and coaster for me: Holiday World, Voyage (about 2,000 miles from my home in Los Angeles, lol).
  14. Screamscape had a photo of the track in a recent update. You could always click over there and compare to what's been seen on the 710....
  15. The post-lift turn looks to be about 2/3 complete...it should be a lot closer to 180* when finished. Otherwise it's looking good. I especially like the thru-the-lift-structure turn.
  16. Can parks over 300 miles apart from each other be considered competition?
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