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  1. Lots of rides utilize footers. Coasters, flumes, sky rides, even some flat rides.
  2. ^ You're mixing up your history. Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria were the three ships that sailed with Columbus. Not related to Thanksgiving in any way. The Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower. Two unrelated events that happened many years apart. Besides, the clues point to a new ride for Splashin Safari.
  3. Especially if "eye" really means "I" which is the first letter in Intamin. It would tie into their Aquatrax joke from earlier. I saw it somewhere (Screamscape, I think) that a recent ACE News mentioned an Intamin Flume for 2010. With the removal of Whitewater for Maverick a new flume makes sense. Besides I'd rather see a new GCI along the waterfront in homage of the park's old Traver Cyclone.
  4. My guess: look at the photo at the bottom of the post above his...it's Scream. Still unrelated to this topic, of course. lol
  5. The footers stretch all the way along the east side of the park down to the south exit in what appears to be an out-and-back layout.
  6. Its track for the final brake run and storage shed and identical to that found on Diamonback and Behemoth.
  7. It's healthy to admit one's shortcomings (teasing, of course)
  8. I get it...you want a few more turns. Guess what? You ain't gonna get them from Carowinds' 2010 Beemer.
  9. But hypers can do so much more! Just look at Bizarro, Expedition Ge Force, SFOG Goliath, Walibi Goliath etc. That's what I really wanna see B&M do Other than the inclusion of an overbank all those rides do is go up and down and have a helix.
  10. Then prepare to be disappointed. It's a hyper...that's all its gonna do. I've ridden Behemoth and Diamondback and would trade every coaster in So Cal for what you're getting.
  11. The reason why B&M hasn't built a ride over 240 feet is simple: no park has paid them to do so.
  12. Why does the ride need a nickname? I think Kosmo's Curves is actually quite cool as it is. --Robb Oh, it doesn't. But many of us enthusiasts tend to abbreviate ride and park names, especially in discusion forums. With Kingda Ka already taking the double K I thought KoKu would be a good one for Kosmo's Kurves.
  13. The spraypainted markings that indicate footer placement found in the parking lot near the south entrance have a code that match markings found where other B&Ms were built.
  14. By the way, since we tend to abbreviate ride and park names it occured to me that this new ride will have the same initials as Kingda Ka. Of course if you add the park name the initials it gets worse: KKK. So I've come up with a nifty nickname for the ride: KoKu (rhymes with Know You). It would be cool if people would start using it
  15. Last month? Wow, it doesn't look "new" at all. I had assumed it was a photo of you from years ago, taken by one of your parents. Must be the B&W.
  16. I really see no grounds for that statement. In what universe does the color of the track have anything to do with how the ride preforms? In no universe anywhere. I was being sarcastic. Track color is meaningless...that was my point!
  17. CP fanboys are definitely worse than KD fanboys but Disneyanas are by far THE worst.
  18. Well everyone knows if the name and the track color don't match the ride will suck. Look at Silver Bullet...it has red track with a yellow spine. lol
  19. Can I just ditto the "wow!" comments? Great stuff...I'm hella jealous! (yes, I said hella in 2009...deal with it, lol)
  20. I haven't jumped over to the site to see the other photos in the contest but I LOVE this photo! Camden Park, right?
  21. Maybe Six Flags sold Twisted Twins? With a small bit of altering to add a final brake run it could easily run 2 trains on each side. Just saying....
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