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  1. Universal Studios Florida? Looks like part of the Waterworld show set.
  2. At least Dinn's coasters aren't all terrible like ICI (International Coasters, Inc.) - the company that built the Hurler clones. Having ridden the one at Kings Dominion last year, I assume that Carowinds' version is just as bad as it's jackhammering death machine brother up north. Sure, I absolutely hated Mean Streak, but it was nowhere near as bad as Hurler. Don't blame ICI for Hurler's jackhammring, blame the park for poor maintenance. Hurler had none of that when it opened.
  3. As I understand it, Thunder Run wasn't reproifiled to make it smoother but to reduce maintenance costs. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. SFKK's Thunder Run was indeed reprofiled. An entire bunny hop following the far turn was removed. A photo of the original layout was posted in this forum: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=701405
  5. Ah, I see...cool. Thanks for the clarification. What you meant was "...and still ranks amoung the tallest and fastest wood coasters today."
  6. "Mean Streak is a big coaster. It opened as the world's tallest and fastest wooden coaster in 1991, and is still in the top ten today." What top ten list are you referring to? Certainly not Mitch's annual wood poll. Mean Streak isn't near the Top 10 in that poll...heck, I bet it's not even in the Top 40!
  7. Dropped off at the wrong park? Seriously? Do some of you honestly believe that? The track and supports are for KD. Nothing is being moved to Carowinds. No mistakes have been made.
  8. Unless my sources are way off base I'm guessing it isn't Vekoma track (nor B&M).
  9. Considering the ride was built in 1999, before the influx of coaster forum sites, it may be a difficult to find them. Perhaps the park has some? Perhaps email their PR department? Good luck tho!
  10. Umm...hello? If the rules are that the person guessing correctly goes next then that would be me (I correctly guessed Astroworld on the previous page). So could y'all kindly chill until I post my challenge? Thanks : - )
  11. Hmmm...could your username be a hint? Is it Astroworld?
  12. Wood Dragon 1988 said: But there's no way in h*&^ I'm going all the way up there if there are no coasters to ride, and just a handful of worth-while flats. I guess at this point, they may be able to survive with what they have for a while with the local market. But I just can't see anyone traveling far to go here. Ah, but there-in lies the rub: by skipping the park and not spending any money there because Blue Streak isn't open you're actually making it harder for the Blue Streak to open.
  13. That woulda been Vic, Gator, or Mike. I never used Lake Rudolph's shuttle.
  14. Hoops and Yoyo travelled with me to Columbus, Ohio, this weekend to take a trip with some friends to Kings Island, Holiday World, and Indiana Beach. Before leaving for the trip they got a haircut. On the shuttle to the airport. Ordering food at Chili's. Goodbye Los Angeles... ...Hello Mike & Lisa's house! Gator tells a joke; Yoyo laughs...Hoops does not. Eeeek! Ready to roll! H&Y stop for breakfast. Finally, King's Island! H&Y think Stunt Coaster looks lame. The cabin at Lake Rubolph. H&Y's favorite park. Acting crazy with Moosh. Out for a spin with Lisa & Moosh. At the post-ERT campfire. A beach in Indiana? H&Y are confused. Their first coaster! No snapping, Hoops!
  15. As a local Los Angelino who can see the 405 from his office I'll offer this advice: avoid the 405! On my commute to work I could take the 405 but instead I cut through the mountains on a 2-lane road and take Pacific Coast Highway through Santa Monica to the west side of Los Angeles. It's twice the miles as the 405 but half the drive time. I hate the 405!
  16. Looks like SCBB to me. EDIT - I removed the photo I posted as the person above me posted the same. WOW...talk about synchonistic thoughts, lol!
  17. Stuff that never, never, ever gets old: 1. The Macarena 2. Political commercials during election season. 3. Susan Boyle. 4. Complaining about a wooden coaster being themed to Terminator.
  18. Yeah, I know for a fact that was not correct information. Well one thing I know: when it tests we'll see video of it here
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