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  1. I'm sure CP's annoucement for 2010 will make a huge splash in the industry. And then the battle begins for who holds the record....
  2. Breaking records is easy. Any marketing department can do it with the right qualifiers. I suspect the records Carowinds' 2010 B&M hyper is making will carry an "...in the Carolinas" or "...in the South" qualifier. Heck, you don't even need a marketing department to break records. I just broke the record for most time sitting in my desk chair typing this response about breaking records.
  3. Yes, they are. I used to be one too. Then I realized that as I was mirco-planning my day, the order I'd ride everything, where I'd eat, when I'd eat, etc...I was planning the fun and spontaneity right out of it. The moment I stopped trying to zigzig my way around a park and instead just let my day unfold as it may, I realized I was enjoying myself more. Occasionally I'd end up having to wait in a long line. Sometimes I'd miss out on something I wanted to ride. But it the end it didn't matter. You have your "best way" to do Cedar Point. I have mine.
  4. Maybe they're just going to move them somewhere else like they did last time?
  5. Enter park. Ride. Eat when hungry. Drink when thirsty. Visit bathroom when necessary. Leave. Anything more than that is overplanning.
  6. From http://www.amusementparkdriveinonline.com/contactus.asp Question or Comments: rlycooke@yahoo.com.
  7. Yes. And the potential name vs. color of the track topic has been been mentioned numerous times in this thread including twice by me, both times I used Silver Bullet as an example. As for the debate over whether I'm a jerk or not, that's settled already. I am one...bigtime!
  8. FYI, the race-car themed kiddie whips at Knotts & CP have Jeff Gordon numbered cars.
  9. Umm....hello? Blackpool anyone? Indiana Beach ring a bell? There is plenty of space on that island!
  10. It's an out-and-back...I doubt the layout will be much of a surprise, lol.
  11. Michgan's Adventure not profitable? Did the person who told you that try to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge too? lol
  12. The hyper may not be confirmed but it's one of the worst-kept secrets for 2010 (along with KD's Giga). And given the shape of the footers (they extend from the construction area inside the park down along the eastern edge of the park to the south entrance in a narrow swath) what else would it be?
  13. Consider this: the park dumps Snake River Falls but keeps the station, queue, and the drop's run-out/splash pond. Then they build an Intamin flume with 10-person boats (like Pilgrims Plunge) with a long flume/rapids section leading to an elevator lift, taking the height record from Holiday World. Because this is a flume/shoot-the-chutes hybrid not only does this ride replace Snake River Falls but it also replaces White Water Landing. Gee...see I(ntamin)?
  14. It's a permanent ride at the fair. I checked their website...it's still listed at $3 a ride. Perhaps it's removed a bit from the main midway?
  15. Did you ride the Old Mill? It's one of the last few left in the US (Kennywood, Rye, Kansas State Fair, and Iowa State Fair are the only others I think).
  16. Agreed. Outside of the USA, Pet Shop Boys are still huge. It's only here in the states, after coming out, that radio has abandonned them. Their newest cd, "Yes," and their previous disc, "Fundamental," were two of their best works ever. Oh, and I love Breakdancers. The one at Astroland/Coney was manually-run and always a great ride.
  17. The park has removed two flumes since 1993. Kinsel stated they would replace Whitewater with another flume. I'm sticking with 2010 not being a coaster.
  18. The latest tease/hint mentiones the manufacturer TOGO. So that GCI, TOGO, and Intamin (Aquatrax) mentioned thus far. Seems to me someone at Cedar Point is having some fun at enthusiasts' expense.
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