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  1. According to rcdb there are 91 coasters from Intamin currently operating.
  2. If you consider what the very very first ride was at Cedar Point, a Star Flyer makes perfect sense.
  3. It's not a Beemer. It's not even a coaster. It's a Star Flyer-type ride. Keep hoping if you wish...but I would not suggest holding your breath (you'll pass out before you get that beemer, LOL).
  4. Can't answer how fast it's launched now but it's definitely less than 100mph. A coaster launched to a speed of 100mph will travel up to a height of approximately 377 feet*. The tower is over 400 feet tall. Even when the ride opened and it was operating at it's designed top speed of 100mph it never made it to the top of the tower. If the coaster is only launched to 80mph as your post suggests it should reach about 200 feet up the tower. (*conversely, on a traditional coaster with a lift hill you'd need a drop of approx 377 feet to reach a speed of 100mph at the bottom)
  5. If you're referring to the double inversion on Viper that's right after the mid-course brake run, Arrow calls is a Boomerang element...not a Batwing.
  6. The train looks a lot like the one on the sit-down side of Universal Singapore's Battlestar coaster. RCDB doesn't mention who build the trains. I wonder if Arrow and Vekoma entered an agreement or if there are a new train design from Arrow? Anyone know?
  7. If there was only a weather web site where you could find that info. You'd think Weather Channel would have one. Or the National Weather Service. (yeah, that was sarcasm, lol)
  8. FYI, that's a KMG Move-It. Here's the manufacturer's ride page: http://www.kmg.nl/kmg/factory/moveit32_en.html
  9. Chang track was sent to the Ohio plant to be sandblasted and repainted.
  10. Nope. You can clearly see the ride you linked to has two track rails.
  11. Have you tried Proslide's website to see if they list installations?
  12. I wouldn't hold your breath on that. Six Flags is still in a huge amount of debt. It's like when you ask your parents for an advance on your allowance, they give it to you, you spend it all, and then you want to buy something else but you can't because you owe your parents first.
  13. That article was in reference to Mr Six's Dance Coaster, which was supposed to be new in 2010 but delayed until 2011.
  14. Really? Lots of wood coasters (operating and defunct) had a double-up following the first drop.
  15. No speed to the train? You do realize this ride has almost identical height and track length stats as B&M's inverted Batman The Ride, right?
  16. Just speculatin'...could some of these height restriction changes be insurance company-driven? Perhaps higher heights result in a lower insurance rate or policy? Just thinkin aloud (ignore the smoke) lol.
  17. Kids that can't there unless their parents bring them, which means more park admissions and more in-park spending. So this kiddie coaster could potentially pay the way for the next thriller. I'm with you Robb...good addition, kids'll love it.
  18. Memorial weekend is four montsh away. I think that's a plausible opening weekend.
  19. Wouldn't it be easier just turn your phone 90-degrees when shooting video?
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