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  1. I totally forgot about the ten letter rule. I guess it won't be called firecracker, bit I still think they will get a spinner or eurofighter.
  2. What about a spinning coaster in the 4th of July section named "Firecracker"?
  3. Lots of ride technologies could be called magic, not just water coasters.
  4. They could build a very nice one for between the 4.3 million they spent on pilgrims plunge and the 6.5 million they spent on voyage. But this is only going on that it will be the second largest ride holiday world has made. Maybe this or a crazy new slide.
  5. I love Twitter. Announcement for Holiday World on either August 12 or 13. You can see it on Holiday World's Twitter account.http://twitter.com/holidayworld
  6. I've heard some of the talk about it on twitter and just wondered what you guys think it will be?
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