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  1. Great start to your report, Bill! I really wish that credit at Chiba Zoo would have been open. It was a LONG way to go to stare at a coaster. But, the suspended monorail was pretty cool. And... I want credit!!! It was NOT TPDave leading the group with EB - it was ME!!!!! -- Dave
  2. ^ First off, I agree: March is definitely the time to be there. My best friend lives in KW, so I've been down basically at all times of the year and March is the best. I was there this time for 8 days and ate at all of the restaurants that I mentioned. Michael's is fantastic: steaks and seafood. I try to go there every time I visit. Sarabeth is great - for breakfast or dinner. Blackfin is a new favorite. It is on Duval and has probably the best burger I've ever had. Not too pricey, either. Service is first rate. Martin's is on Duval, upscale, great seafood and martinis. I've been to Latitudes (the restaurant on Sunset Key) before and the food was much better. I might just have had a not great meal this time. They've recently reconfigured the restaurant so that you can see sunset from the restaurant (basically moving the restaurant to the other side of the dock). It is MUCH better than being at Mallory Square (cruise ships often block the view). My advice would be to get a reservation there about an hour before sunset. Folks tend to linger at their tables and if you have a reservation within 30 minutes of sunset, you probably won't get to see it from your table. Oh, and for planning purposes, the boats head out to Sunset Key at 15 minutes and 45 minutes after the hour, so be sure to factor that in to your planning... -- Dave
  3. I was there the same time as you! We lucked out with weather - it was fantastic. As others have talked about, the island is Sunset Key. We took the boat out there for dinner last week. The view as incredible. The food could have been a lot better (especially for the price). There are a lot of great restaurants both on and off Duval. Michael's, Sarabeth, Blackfin, Martin's, etc. The Disney Magic was in KW that day. I geeked out and watched it dock (was on her in early Feb). Regarding beaches, there are a few, but KW isn't really known for them. It is a great town, though. Definitely worth a visit! Thanks for the pics - I want to go back! -- Dave
  4. Really great images. Thanks for sharing! -- Dave
  5. Just think about the Sword of Power on that move! Now we can pass the sword (or the egg) from train to train!! Woo Hoo! -- Dave
  6. Easy: The Bat. Eagle's Fortress is the closest thing to The Bat that is out there. Absolutely insane. Miss that ride. But, The Bat still reigns. Long live The Bat. -- Dave
  7. Great report Martin!!! You guys had a big year. I really liked some of the choices of the images. Hope to travel and coast with you again soon. -- Dave
  8. SCAD TOWER SCAD TOWER SCAD TOWER SCAD TOWER SCAD TOWER And, yes, Cobra was crap. That is all. -- Dave P.S. SCAD TOWER
  9. Yep. On Kanonen at Liseberg this year during the TPR Scandinavia Trip. In fact, they provided a rollback intentionally: they told us before the launch that we were going to get a very special ride. We were thinking that it just meant a double ride, but we did get a rollback. Now, Kanonen isn't nearly as tall as KK or TTD, but it was still fun. -- Dave
  10. I, too, somehow missed the little boat ride. Steve's face in that pic is HILARIOUS. Great update, Chuck! I want to go back. Grona Lund was all kinds of awesome!! -- Dave
  11. Uhhh... Big Mike... love ya, but I gotta keep it real. I think you sat on the seat for the PICTURE and then stood up during the game. I saw it with my own eyes. I believe that is called corroborating evidence! BOOM! Great update, Chuck. LOVE the captions!! -- Dave
  12. Great update, Robb! Grona Lund was amazing. They really rolled out the red carpet for us. They also get MAJOR points for being one of the only parks with merchandise. I could finally get a sweatshirt so Hot Fuzz would shut up! Robb, I loved the last caption in the first part. Yes... I could see it... if I turned my head! -- Dave
  13. Yay! Another great Chuck TR!!! Off to a fantastic start! -- Dave
  14. Great update! Yes, Liseberg was THAT amazing. Balder is my new number one! I've ridden El Toro and T Express and Balder is simply without equal. The haunted house at Liseberg is amazing. Yes, I did crumple in a corner on multiple occasions, thanks so much, fellow Panthers for pointing that out! Liseberg pulled out all the stops for us. It was a truly memorable day. -- Dave
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