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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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Just thought I would pass this along as it is something new for 2009.


The lady who took care of the flowers at the park retired. She was still working and driving herself to the park at age 98.


Since 1954, Frieda has graced us with her formidable presence. Whether working the front gate, helping in the kitchen, sewing a new red suit for Santa Claus, or tending to the park's flowers, she's offered a work ethic and kind humor that has inspired generations of young workers.




I hope I still am working at age 98.


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The lift on Pilgrim's Plunge looks like it will be more scary/fun.


We missed getting to ride Perilous Plunge on a few consecutive trips to Knott's because it was always closed when we went. Mind you, each time was in the middle of summer when you'd expect a water ride to be up and running, but whatever... We finally got to ride it this past year. I don't know if I just expected too much after anticipating it for so long, but I walked away from the ride in no big hurry to wait in line for it again any time soon. The drop is great and all that, but the ride is over so fast that it just didn't leave much of an impression on me.


I think the longer, shallower angle drop on Pilgrim's Plunge will actually be more exciting. That, combined with a winding course, and the unique lift, should make it a superior experience.


I've never been to any parks outside of California, save for Expo '86 in Vancouver B.C. (which wasn't really a park, but at least attending resulted in my acquiring a somewhat rare coaster credit). That said, I do look forward to branching out and travelling to more parks in the future. Having been here on TPR for some time now and reading TRs, I find that, behind the various other Disney properties, parks like Holiday World, Dollywood and Knoebel's are right at the top of my list for places I'd like to visit.

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^This ride only has boats of 10 people max, I feel that a coaster train (Unless they continue the recent trend of the short trains ie) Kanonen, Sky Car and especially Speed Monster) would weigh too much and buckle the wheels on the elevator system. The single sided lift would be under a lot of stress from all the weight overall and all the weight on the outside seats.

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