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  1. Rode Soaring Timbers Thursday and again on Friday... The sensations are cool, but I really am not a fan and think that a lot of people who will ride this season will agree... A couple of things to note to back myself up here. The ride was originally a touring flat, so unlike the other Mondial attractions the park has, this ride was designed specifically for the road and for European fair style operations, where no seat belts and no US/CAN standard "Restraint Checks" would be required. Due to its super compressed seating arrangement to fit on a trailer, the ride ops cannot fit into each
  2. I had the opportunity to ride Thunder Run at Canada's Wonderland during the trial run of the MACK VR Coaster Headsets on the 31st of October. I had very little hope for the concept and was not sure if I was going to get sick or absolutely hate it. Well . . . I was left speechless. Not only did it enhance an otherwise standard coaster, but it was CRAZY FUN. I basically turned into an overgrown child; screaming, laughing and occasionally swearing when it convincingly sent the train barrel rolling through an ice cavern, de-railing and flying on a giant pink dragons back. I had a
  3. it will still be fun, but more crowded. go for the low capacity rides first: fly, thunder run, vortex, guardian: all are conveniently grouped close together. Behemoth and Leviathan lines move fast. Try to ride sledgehammer before it breaks down for the day. You could easily skip the slc headbanger and vekoma boomerang. I have to disagree with Vortex being a low capacity ride. I have never waited more than 30 minutes for a front seat ride with a full queue. I only ever go to the park on weekdays in the summer during peak season. Crowds are usually MUCH lighter through the week. I would
  4. Clowns has had a MASSIVE overhaul. Bloodshed has been brought back and looks very convincing. The show in the theatre is also beautifully done and worth the 25 minutes. The contortion act is STUNNING. Be sure to get there early - the theatre has been filling up quickly even on the slow nights. The skeleton rooms are a really good idea if you have the extra money to boot. Very well done and the scares are super effective and completely different in each maze. I LOVED Terror of Londons Skeleton Room. Also - Zombies 4D is better than Guardian.
  5. I just rode Phantoms Revenge for the first time 2 weekends ago. All I have to say is that it is my #1 steel coaster. Smooth, forceful and FULL of crazy airtime.
  6. Maybe the vest strap snapped (by the shoulder) and he slipped out of the lab bar. These rides look like they put lots of stress on the vest portion of the harness. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that if one point on the vest failed, the weight of the rider being tossed around would be enough to break the other side. Thoughts are with the family. This is very sad.
  7. Same layout as SkyRider at Canada's Wonderland - minus the double down after the second airtime hill. This layout is really solid, and rides fairly well as a standup. Someone mentioned that the helix looks a little rough, and they are correct, although, the sitting trains might improve the head banging. Anyways, lots of airtime in the front row of these coasters, and actually a pretty decent ride!
  8. The update is beautiful! What a great surprise to wake up too!
  9. Cool interactive skyline comparison of Toronto. http://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/before-after/toronto-condos/iframed.html
  10. Saw Evil Dead The Musical tonight and was pleasantly surprised! Thought it was a fantastic show!
  11. Björk. Tonight. Toronto. I have never seen anything like it... This will sum it up: 2 MASSIVE tesla coils suspended in a cage no more than 10 feet above Björks head, fed by a midi controller that turns the electronic music into electrical currents which in turn produce REAL lightning bolts... all-in-all creating the basslines for her tracks. I have seen a lot of shows, and this was HANDS down the craziest, most incredible performance I have ever seen. She sang dry, for just over 2 hours, and didn't miss a note. http://instagram.com/p/b2bE3_QIpS/
  12. AGHHH! You skipped Vortex? Line always looks long, but ends up being a 30 minute wait or less. Definitely one of the top 3 rides at the park!
  13. I am playing now! Josephhinds is my user name!
  14. Had a headshot taken for a show I worked on! Turned out well and I haven't posted on here for a while! BOOM Headshot!
  15. This past september at our annual fair, none of the rides had a no single rider policy. Zipper, Scrambler, Matterhorn and Ferris Wheel... Canada Maybe???
  16. I remember watching the Brady Bunch as a kid. It was one of my favorite shows. I still see it when I am at my parents house (I don't have a television) on the retro channels... and I'm only 19...
  17. Theme Parks all the way. I love variety that they offer in terms of attractions. As much as I love a BIG roller coaster, I do love the smaller, less intense attractions just as much. Also, the amount of detail that is put into each ride greatly increases the overall experience for me.
  18. Ok....I have a few questions here. First, how are we "chincing out" on our sets? We have just re-issued the Scorpion. It has been vastly improved and updated. We have come out with several wooden coaster models that are PRE-BUILT and a Tumblebug ride. All of which are very high end models. We are going to be selling a working Gatekeeper model to Cedar Point for sale at the park. We have Gatekeeper Statix coming too. As far as the Comet (Commet?), what are you talking about? That kit hasnt' changed in 8 years! Contrary to what you seem to think, the sky is not falling here at CD. In fact, we co
  19. I'm attending Bjork July 16th in Toronto!!! I could not be more excited.
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