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  1. Head over to https://HolidayWorld.com/Clubs for details Have a great visit!
  2. So nice to see all the praise for The Voyage, with all the new track work. How 'bout a vote for the old girl? https://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-roller-coaster/the-voyage-holiday-world/ Thanks!
  3. My advice is to stick to your original plan. Weekdays through May 24 are "School Days": https://www.holidayworld.com/group-discounts/school-groups/school-days/ Whichever you choose - have fun!
  4. We sent you the explanation of what we allow (most don't check the website ahead of time). You're asking for accommodations outside of our Parent Swap procedure, but if it's necessary for you, please just check in with the ride ops at the exit before one of you gets in line to be sure they understand what you're asking to do. >>Also my vacation this year is the first week of July. Am I crazy to hope that the fourth itself will be less busy than the rest of the week? The Fourth is usually the least busy day of 4th of July week. Enjoy your visit!
  5. Aw, thanks. I miss it, too. I haven't heard any updates, sorry.
  6. Yes, the new space will include the area currently taken up by Mrs. Klaus' Kitchen plus the offices that were part of that building.
  7. We had to cut "Pizza on Earth," "Five Onion Rings," and "Wok-in' in a Winter Wonderland," from the first draft, but ... oh well.
  8. Here you go: https://www.holidayworld.com/help-information/rules-services/#rainandstorms
  9. ^ That link went to a blog post from a decade ago (to provide some history); in 2014, the campground was acquired by Sun Communities.
  10. There's some history of the campground here: https://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2008/11/17/campground-next-door/ ... and some cool photos.
  11. Might want to catch up on the happy news about the new control systems in place this season for Raven, Legend, and Voyage: https://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2018/04/20/podcast-controls-freak/ They've made quite a difference! This reminder to those planning to join us for HoliWood Nights - online registration closes at midnight tonight! http://HolidayWorld.com/Clubs (onsite reg include the $15 Dreaded Procrastination Tax.)
  12. There goes the neighborhood! #NextDoorApp used here in town.
  13. ^ Oh, if only I were that clever! Thanks for posting that. #PodcastWorthy
  14. ^ We're in the "under-promise, over-deliver" stage ... hoping for an earlier opening, but not promising till we know for sure.
  15. That's become SOP for HoliWood Nights the past few years - brake-free ERT on Voyage.
  16. ^ I'd suggested that same display a number of years ago! I was voted down, though ... for fear people would recognize their nasty old smashed phone and want to claim it.
  17. ^ Thanks for sharing that story. I had my own odd experience with a cell phone and blogged about it (eek! a decade ago!). It's a good reminder not to take phones on our coasters. Because in addition to being dangerous to yourself and others, this sort of thing happens: Regarding your question about different events, we've experimented with several over the years. The ones that "stuck" so far are Rock the World and HoliWood Nights.
  18. ^ Thank you so much for posting this - I'll be sure to share it with our staff. We'll take very good care of Voyage for you!
  19. And to think I praised TPR's mature and evolved reaction to our "What's New" announcement on our podcast: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] It was lovely while it lasted ... For the record: 1. HoliWood Nights is always the Friday/Saturday after Memorial Day. 2. The event conflicts with CP's dates roughly half the time, as their event is the first weekend of June. 3. We do this primarily to annoy Tony Clark. 4. ERT during HWN the past two years has included brake-free Voyage (well, all except at the end of the 1.2 miles and in the station); we plan to continue this in 2018. 5. For the first time ever, we offer an early-bird discount on registration: https://HolidayWorld.com/Clubs through January 10, 2018.
  20. "The representative"? After all these years, that's what I've been reduced to?!
  21. ^ We sent a note about this to IT recently. Hopefully, it's nothing a healthy re-boot can't fix. Thanks!
  22. ^ If the weather is the same all three days, Sunday will probably be the busiest. But the "insane" days are over for the season. I think.
  23. ^ Thanks so much - we're really glad you enjoyed your first visit! Here's hoping there are plenty more in your future!
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